How One Woman Used Green Juice to Lose 60lbs and Change Her Life


Angela had the goal and mindset of almost every individual in the world right now – to lose weight as quickly as possible.

She is a healthcare worker but when she started having her own health issues, she decided that there must be a change in order for her to bust through her condition and achieve the optimum health that she has been wanting all her life.

She was ready for a change

Many of her friends and loved ones told her that it would be impossible for her to make it happen – but, she was committed to prove them wrong and show them that it’s NOT too late to reset your body and - most especially - yourself.

Thanks to juicing at home and using Organifi Green Juice, Angela lost 60 pounds and is now more energetic, healthier, and happier than ever!

It's Your Turn

We LOVE hearing stories of transformation, like Angela's. That's why we're here!

If you have a transformation story of your own, tell us about it! Send an email to or post on our Facebook page.

If you haven't seen the results you're looking for, we would love to help get you there.

Next Steps:

  • Go through some of my past emails and make sure to apply the advice inside. Talk is cheap, but action creates change.
  • Try Green Juice for yourself. It could be the "extra advantage" you've been looking for on your journey.
  • Keep an eye out for my next few emails. Each one has a handful of insights to inspire and equip you toward your goals.

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