optimal digestion begins before your next meal

optimal digestion begins before your next meal

Digestive wellness affects the entire body

Digestive wellness affects the entire body, and believe it or not, the digestive process begins before you even take that first bite.  The entire digestive process involves a complicated interaction of hormones, digestive enzymes, as well as key bacteria and yeasts, which make up part of our microbiome.  

The microbiome is essential for digestive wellness.  Everyday life has a way of depleting the microbiome, as pesticides, antibiotics, chronic stress, and microplastics often wipe out the microorganisms you need for a vibrant life.  It is essential that your gut is thriving with good bacteria and yeasts, and that these microorganisms are nourished with prebiotic fibers, in order to achieve optimal nutrient absorption and utilization.  

Having a healthy microbiome is also essential for the synthesis of certain vitamins and important neurotransmitters such as serotonin and GABA.  It is therefore crucial to the body’s health to replenish the quantity and variety of the symbiotic community in your gut.  

Cortisol and the microbiome

High cortisol levels from chronic stress also affects digestion and nutrient absorption.  During the stress response, blood is redirected to the brain and large muscles, and away from digestion.  Chronic high cortisol levels trigger the sympathetic nervous system, meaning increased digestive difficulty, decreased absorption of nutrients, and imbalance bowel movements.  Stress, and high cortisol levels may also lead to imbalances in our microbiome, which can lead to overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria and suppression of the good friendly bacteria necessary for proper nutrient absorption, as well as vitamin and neurotransmitter synthesis.  

Balancing cortisol with the effective amount of ashwagandha is an easy way to help shift your body from “fight or flight” to the parasympathetic state of “rest and digest.”  Because the gut is the second brain, and is closely connected to our Central Nervous System through the Vagus nerve, the gut is very much affected by stress signals from the brain.  Stress signals are sent both directions, which makes it essential to nourish the gut and brain for a healthy functioning digestive system.  

Balanced digestive systems supports the whole body

Digestive enzymes, aloe vera and apple cider vinegar give our digestive system one leg up, as chronic stress and toxins can also deplete our hydrochloric acid levels and intrinsic digestive enzymes.  Adequate hydrochloric acid is absolutely essential to begin the digestion process of proteins in the stomach.  Having adequate hydrochloric acid is also essential to keeping pathogenic microbes out of the system as well as stimulating digestive enzymes that will be needed in the small intestine for proper digestion and absorption. 

Apple cider vinegar helps stimulate the release of hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes also help take some of the burden, while aloe vera, a soothing prebiotic, improves nutrient absorption. When the gut is functioning properly, we see an array of other benefits in the body. There is a very crucial two-way communication system between the gut and the brain which when both are functioning at optimal levels can help support mental clarity. 


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