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Revive And Repair Bundle


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100% VEGAN

Revive And Repair Bundle

For your everyday needs... Superfoods that can help everyone have a better day – and a better life! Our classic detoxifying Green Juice, paired with our soothing Gold... the perfect combination to keep your body protected, energized, and ready for whatever may come!

Revive And Repair Bundle:

  • 1 bottle Organifi Classic Green Juice
  • 1 bottle Organifi Gold

Yours today for just $125.92 (normally $159.90).

  • To keep your energy levels soaring high...
  • To keep safe from incoming flus and colds...
  • To make sure your joints don’t get stiff and your muscles stay loose and strong…
  • And for the peace-of-mind in knowing you’re getting your superfood greens every day...
  • Just remember: Green and Gold. Simple as can be.

    Behind the scenes...

    Behind the scenes of your action-filled day, the inner parts of your body are working hard to keep you safe, healthy, and standing on your feet. These are the unsung heroes of your life – the systems that work subconsciously. It’s like breathing: you don’t even have to think about it, your body just does it.

    Take care of all those hard-working inner systems you may not think about very often – and keep it so you don’t HAVE to think about them! Treat them to a luxurious bath of superfood nutrition. Your body will reward you by working even harder.

    Back to Basics...

    For the essential nutrition your body has been starving for, I present to you this exclusive superfood collection. With the detoxifying, energizing power of our Classic Green Juice, you’ll be a step ahead of the crowd. And with the relaxing and revitalizing ingredients in Organifi Gold, your body will continue to work it’s hardest – even while you sleep!

    The superfoods for everyone... every day!

    Even athletes at the peak of their physical fitness could benefit from the exotic ingredients in this superfood combo. And these healthy juices are absolutely perfect for the average, everyday person. That’s why I started making my juice blends in the first place.

    I wanted to give everyone the chance to experience the pleasures of a juicing lifestyle, without the hassle or headaches. I put in the time and effort to make sure you get the right ingredients and the best flavor – guaranteed. This is juicing made simple.

    And now, you can get my 2 most-essential juices together in one bundle for one low price!

    Revive And Repair Bundle

    Here’s what you’re going to get:

    A Bottle of Organifi Classic Green Juice

    The one that started it all! 11 of the world’s most perfect superfoods in one ultra-powerful blend. You’ll find ingredients like Spirulina, Moringa, Ashwagandha, Matcha Green Tea... ingredients that help you detox, boost immunity, burn fat, lower stress, and sharpen your mind. And with the natural flavors of lemon and mint, this is the tastiest green juice you’ll ever try.

    A Bottle of Organifi Gold

    When your body is sore, it’s hard to get comfortable. When you’re uncomfortable, it’s hard to rest. When you can’t rest, well, your whole day gets messed up! With the soothing superfood power of our all-new Organifi Gold, sleep will come easily. In fact, you’ll be getting the deepest, most rejuvenating sleep of your life! Imagine ending your day with a warm, relaxing mug of sweet golden tea. Your whole body will feel light and stress-free – so you can get the rest you deserve.

    Individually, these juices are amazing. Together, they’re life-changing!

    The most fascinating aspect of superfoods is their ability to work together and make each other stronger. We’ve carefully selected each ingredient in our juices, using tested dosages that achieve the specific effects you’re asking for. When they’re all put together, they do everything you could hope for... and so much more!

    It’s my belief that innovations in food and health should be available to EVERYONE. That’s why I’m offering these juices bundled together... and knocking 21% off.

    Take this opportunity to find out what the juicing lifestyle can really do for YOU.

    Thanks for reading, and remember: we’re in this together.


    Revive And Repair Bundle

    • 1 bottle Organifi Green Juice
    • 1 bottle Organifi Gold

    Get it now for just $125.92 (normally $159.90 - a massive 21% total savings!)

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    Martha H.
    United States United States

    Revive and Repair bundle

    Great Product! I really enjoy the Gold tea at night before bedtime. The best tasting! I sometimes add a little cloves in with it. What a nice way to chill and unwind before sleep! I am thoroughly pleased with Organifi Products.

    Suzanne S.
    United States United States


    Great products

    Kate F.
    US US

    Love the taste!

    Love the taste!

    Kimberly B.
    US US

    I love the gold with

    I love the gold with a little coconut milk at nite.

    Sabreen S.
    US US

    Revive and repair

    I've been using both the green and gold for 2 weeks and I can definitely feel the difference. Both my roommate and I have been falling asleep more easily after using the gold tea and waking up feeling rested. The green juice has been helping with both my caffeine and sugar cravings at work. I work a 9-12 hours a day so I need the energy. Because of the other changes both my skin and digestion have improved. Not too mention both formulas are pretty tasty. I'm looking forward to ordering more and I've already sent a few orders to friends and family. Great products !

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