Finally! A Natural Choice For Unleashing Your Mind’s TRUE Potential.

“Sharp. Motivated. On Fire. Happy. Super Productive!”
-Just Some Of The Sayings With The 8 Greatest Superfoods For The Brain...

Dear Friend,

What’s the #1 way to laser thinking, alertness, and feeling like smiling every day… without needing a time machine to go back to your 20’s?

Here’s a hint: We all have two brains, and they’re deeply connected.

Experts have discovered that our “other” brain has a LOT to say about how youthful we feel, think, move, and operate. I’ll tell you what the latest breakthrough is, and how it will…

Finally Do The One Thing Countless ‘Smart Drugs’ Fail To Do.2 3 4 5

Hi I’m Drew Canole, and I’m going to share with you what this superb and natural brain food recipe is... that turns back the clock on the mind and gut.

I’ll also share with you the one superfood ingredient inside this recipe… that anyone can add into their diet to be more razor sharp and uplifted every day. (Not to mention help slow down #2 problems in the bathroom!)

But first, tell me if any of the below sounds familiar…

Things Preventing Us From Burning Through A Crossword Puzzle With Lightning Speed:

Faced with all this people may resort to things such as Adderall, Modafinil, ginko, and ‘nootropics’... with often unwanted, long-term pitfalls. (Or with no permanent and healthy change in their lifestyle and habits!)

And I can relate...

As A Recovering Coffee Slave I Was Once In Your Shoes...

It’s been quite a journey, but today I’m a best-selling author on health & nutrition, and the Founder & CIO (Chief Inspiration Officer) at Organifi!

After experiencing my own body & health transformation, I dedicated my career to helping millions of others lose weight and reach optimal health… all through the power of superfoods.

And through our amazing nutritional products, our blog, and also through our YouTube channel, we’ve helped touch millions of people’s lives with their mind, body, and health.

In order to reach this point, however, it was imperative that I operated at my absolute best...

Mental sharpness, focus, and drive were paramount to me and my company’s success. Especially with such a big mission to transform millions of people’s lives with our superfood products!

It wasn’t until I began juicing (and helped start the ‘green juice revolution’ that’s taken over the world now) where I was able to consistently and on command have all those things in the most natural and healthiest way.

Every. Single. Day.

However, before I discovered this clean nutrition for the brain that had me on fire, I was often...

Tired. Mentally Dragging. Craving Junk. In A Cranky Mood. Until I Realized The Undeniable Link Between Our ‘Gut Brain’ and Head Brain That Changed Everything...

I was working a job I didn’t enjoy, so I felt very little motivation. Needless to say I wasn’t living a very inspired life at all.

I was working a job I didn’t enjoy, primarily because I felt like I wasn’t at my best.

I felt like slow and sluggish in the office, (specially come mid-afternoon and all the caffeine from the coffee wore off!

My co-workers always seemed to be doing better than me. They were faster, produced better quality work, and landed more clients.

I felt like a joke in the office, like no one took me seriously. I could even hear faint snickers in the break room, especially when I walked by. Even my boss didn’t take me seriously.

In meetings it seemed like he disregarded everything I had to see (which honestly, wasn’t all that much.)

Honestly, I had my share of anxiety about going to work every day. I was always worried about what details I would miss, or what mistakes I would make. I would forget important tasks regularly, and I could tell that my co-workers were frustrated by my performance.

I felt like i just couldn’t work fast enough, and have the kind of sustained focus that would could mountains! And I could tell some of my co-workers and even boss were getting frustrated with me.

My boss was taking responsibility away from me, making excuses as to why...because he didn’t want to embarrass me any more by pointing out my incompetence.

Frankly… I was just waiting until the day they fired me.

So I did what I could to help me through it. I did what I could to avoid brain fog, mental exhaustion, not feeling the drive to do more in my life, and just have the mental clarity I once enjoyed before all the daily life-work-stress kicked in.

My only answer for all this was to do exactly what Americans do: I would drink coffee after coffee to try to keep focused, awake, alert, and not be in such a crappy mood through my work day.

However… there came a whole other problem. And it’s the same problem that so many people face when they rely on coffee for energy.

Caffeine Was Such A Temporary Fix...That Lead To A Crashing Regret Later.

I was always looking forward to my next cup. I constantly needed the next caffeine ‘hit’. I was NOT enjoying the crashes and headaches I’d face later from it. And it’s because I had no other answer.

I was in the dark like most people about what else was out there.

That is until one fateful day something VERY unexpected happened...

And it lead to an unstoppable domino-effect and life-changing realization, and that will give YOU an enormous light bulb moment as well - one that could make your mental clarity and ideal digestive journey easier than you could have imagined.

I realized that it wasn’t just the coffee bean itself that tremendously impacted my brain, but the very thing that contains the coffee bean in the first place!

I’ll tell you exactly what it is in a little bit. However, first...

It’s important you click ‘play’ on this short video we made for you that explains what we discovered regarding the brain and gut, and how you and I can have a whole different experience each day:

A Super Formula That Unleashes Your Limitless Potential

What I discovered were super ingredients for the brain and gut that give one heck of a ‘memory and focus workout6 7’... with one delicious drink recipe! And that provides for both of your brains (yes, you have two!).

Can you say ‘double the smarts’?

This incredible ‘superfood for the brain’ concoction is for you if you desire fantastic:

Creative Thinking.

… Using only the power of 100% organic superfoods!

And it's the same exact superfoods I'll be sharing with you today, to finally give your mind a REAL chance for supreme mental performance8 9 10 11! I'll share all the specifics with you in just a moment.

FIRST, however… It’s important you realize what’s robbing us from achieving our fullest potential with our minds in the first place. Let me debunk some falsities:

Big Lie #1: Your Only Hope Are Things Like Adderall. (Especially as you get older.)

Look, you can blame the current work and school environments putting enormous pressure on people to perform well… motivating them to resort to unnatural drugs ‘just to keep up’. And making those remedies quite popular (and often dangerous)...

… while keeping people blind to a more natural, more desirable alternative.

The TRUTH is that big pharmaceutical industries would rather you and I NOT find way more favorable and natural answers for our brains and mental performance. (Which absolutely exist in organic superfoods!)

Big Lie #2: You Only Have And Need One Brain. (Wrong!)

Here’s the truth: researchers and experts are a little late to the party. They’re finally starting to refer to the gut as the ‘second brain’12 13 14 15.

The term ‘gut instinct’ is not just a figure of speech. It’s literally true!

Our gut is where a lot of our intelligence in the form of ‘intuition’ comes from. It’s where our emotions are felt, telling us “yes” or “no” to things, if we just pay attention. That’s why it’s imperative we keep our digestion and gut in tip-top shape… not just to avoid bathroom issues, but to also think, feel, and operate amazingly!

When I finally made this connection and addressed both brains with natural, organic foods… everything took off and allowed me to be the person I am today. It’s what I credit so much of my success to.

Big Lie #3: Focus, Good Mood, Creativity, Intelligence… Can Only Be Handled Between The Ears. (Your head brain is only part of the battle!)

Have a look at the real villain that perpetuated this falsehood: countless nootropics and ‘smart drugs’ on the market that address only the brain inside your head. When in fact you should address both your ‘gut brain’ and your actual brain for peak results.

The truth and fact of the matter is…

The connection between your gut brain and your head brain is now being well-documented by scientists and researchers.

Want to be razor sharp and feel more optimistic and happy in life? Deal with your gut health AND your mind together16 - with excellent nutrition that your brains will love. (Keep reading and you’ll see exactly how, with very specific nutrients…)

You’re About To See A Natural & Organic Superfood Solution That’s Made For Both “Brains”...

Read very carefully. Because I’m going to share useful tips anyone can start applying today to change the way they think, feel, and function.

And here’s the most important tip of all (and one of our biggest discoveries):

Brain-Loving Tip #1:.

Rescue the ‘BDNF’ for Stellar Memory

At Organifi, we believe that ‘aging’ and ‘mental decline’ are NOT synonymous. One does not have to come with the territory with the other… because nature has given you and I a choice

And that goes for memory as well.

Here’s how anyone can greatly help with recalling things like they used to... naturally... at the cellular level:

Save your BDNF! (Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor). It’s a fancy-sounding protein our brain makes that’s essential to proper-functioning brain cells. Our brain can stop making BDNF as we age.17 18 19

BDNF is enormously important. It’s absolutely critical to cell survival, nerve growth, and nervous system functioning. Without it, brain cells’ chances of living are NOT good.

When BDNF is low, dopamine, (the stuff that makes you happy) learning capability, and memory take a big hit! Anxiety, depression, and mood disorders become a threat. And the risk for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s starts lurking around big time.20 21 22 23

All of this can lead to feeling slow, foggy, emotionally down, unmotivated, and just downright awful.

That’s why you should absolutely include BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor) -friendly foods into your diet!

Our favorite way to do this is by consuming coffee berries (the actual berry that contains coffee beans).It is flat out superb. Clinical trials on coffee berry show that BDNF can increase up to 143%.

Forgetting names, birthdays, where you left the keys, and getting lost - all in the rear view mirror! Instead, we can look forward to:

Feeling alive.
Proud of our daily accomplishments.
Having fun conversations with people again.
Remembering and sharing happy and funny stories.
Being called the ‘ageless wonder’ by our peers!

Now defying your age with impeccable memory is one thing. Having unbreakable focus is another! For laser-like focus… here’s my next powerful tip:

Brain-Loving Tip #2:.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom for Incredible Focus24 25 26

I mentioned earlier that our mission at Organifi is to changed the health of millions of people through superb nutrition. That’s why it’s my duty to show you how to naturally get the kind of focus you desire to kick ass at work, school, or anywhere.

Remember, we believe that natural, organic superfoods are more than just extraordinary for your mind and body.They’re a key to an extraordinary LIFE! That’s why it’s absolutely worth helping you focus through whatever superfoods necessary.

Better focus can unlock your potential in life - to achieve extraordinary things. And there’s one ‘super’ ingredient for focus that’s our favorite of all...

Tim Ferriss (famous best-selling author and uber successful entrepreneur), in a blog post titled ‘My Favorite Smart Drugs’, talked about how lion’s mane mushroom is an ingredient that can ‘light you up like a Christmas Tree’.

“This will extremely impact your cognitive and mental state.” -Tim Ferriss.

We 100% agree!

Lion’s mane mushroom is one he takes for helping with way better cognitive function. And what he suggests may be a safer alternative to other ‘smart drugs’. So get your hands on some and consume it daily.

Here’s why we love taking it ourselves:

Lion’s mane mushroom contains compounds that can help break down amyloid beta. (That’s the plaque buildup in the brain that’s linked to alzheimer's.)27 28 29 Brain cells may function better, and thinking can happen quicker, with less of this amyloid plaque clumped up in the brain.

So just imagine performing at a whole other level with your focus, without needing questionable nootropics that aren’t 100% natural and organic. Including:

Getting things done faster and better.
Impressing the boss.
Growing a business to new heights.
Winning at games and puzzles.
Enjoying productivity like a boss!

And now for my final tip: how to feel the moods that make you smile every single day… naturally... on command.

Brain-Loving Tip #3:.

Feed the Probiotics In The ‘Second Brain’ for A Better Mood30 31

Get this: Recreational drugs are not the only way to make us ‘feel good’. The right types of superfood ingredients can do that every day, in the healthiest way.

The best way to do this? Increase nutrient absorption by cleaning up your gut (aka your other brain!). After all, the gut is where we feel things. Here’s how to make your digestion ‘nice and shiny’:

Feed the probiotics in your stomach.

Our emotions, feelings and ‘instincts’ (aka ‘gut instincts’) largely reside inside our gut32 33 34. The “gut-brain axis” is the connection between our digestion and our brain. And the Vagus nerve connects our brain to our gut.

So digestion can have quite an impact on our hormones, our thinking, and our mood.

Taking probiotics daily is a great way to do this and support mood and feelings. Because it supports healthy communication between our stomach and our brain. (This is a big reason people love our Biotic Balance Probiotic supplement!)

And it’s totally worth doing...

When we feel good, we’re likely to put more of our hearts into everything we do. We become a beacon of sunshine for all those around us, and start inspiring them to be better also. People and opportunities we desire are starting to showing up… and we’re in LOVE with life again.

Now for a bonus tip, let me share with you...

The ‘Great 8’ Ingredients:
An Ultimate Superfood Combo For A Mind & Gut Revolution!

We’re all about taking things to the NEXT LEVEL to give you something unbeatable for the mind and gut. And lion’s mane mushroom and coffee berries are not the only superfoods to consider.

Here are 8 superfood ingredients we challenge other ‘brain supplements’ on the market with, to give the best chance at having an excellent mind:

Lion’s Mane Mushroom:

This strange-looking fungus has a long history in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. They used it to nourish the five internal organs - heart, lung, liver, spleen, and kidney.

Lion’s Mane is shown to stimulate Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the brain.35 36 37NGF is a neuropeptide that helps transmit information between cells. Think of the nerves attaching your gut to your brain as a sort of futuristic superhighway, and imagine thousands of tiny lights rocketing back and forth between these two systems.

Each one of those lights is an important signal... a vital piece of instruction... a special message that needs to get to the other side as quickly as possible. That highway can get clogged up with heavy traffic (like the amyloid-beta plaques that cause Alzheimer’s disease.)

It’s just like the kind you experience on your way to work. Now imagine if you could clear that traffic out and speed up transportation. Imagine how much better your brain would be without any obstructions!

Baobab Fruit:

These legendary trees only grow in certain parts of the world, and are under constant threat from global warming and industrialized agriculture. Luckily, the citrus fruit that grows on these stout, element-weathering trees are now being recognized as a potent and impactful superfood!

The sun-ripened baobab fruit contains a jaw-dropping number of vitamins and minerals which offer improved digestion, hydration, antioxidant support, and even helps protect and repair cell health. It’s known to enhance the natural, youthful glow in our appearance, too.38 Feel confident in every first impression you send out!

Aloe Vera:

Aloe offers a host of life-enhancing benefits, including: cleansing and toxin removal, blood sugar regulation, improved digestion, and it contains zinc to help boost immunity.39 49 41

Aloe vera contains more than 75 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, naturally-occurring enzymes, and nutrients to help the body thrive.

It’s so much more than just a topical skin gel for sunburns or rashes! Originating somewhere near Sudan, aloe vera’s power quickly spread to the four corners of the world thousands of years ago. It may be one of the original “medicinal” plants - surely one of the first to be recorded in history.

Ginger Root:

You probably already know the amazing taste of ginger, and you may have already heard about it’s extraordinary health effects. This highly versatile root is known the world over for providing antioxidants, and for its anti-inflammatory properties42.

However, here’s what you might not know: It aids in proper digestion, regulates blood sugar, offers protection against stomach ulcers, and improves mental function43 44 45. Plus, it adds a deliciously unique flavor.


Don’t overlook the mighty lemon! Just because it’s a popular summer drink doesn’t mean it isn’t a superfood. This low calorie, high-fiber fruit aids in digestion, and helps to cool and alkalize the body 46.

There are also a surprising amount of phytonutrients packed into lemons, like: vitamin c, vitamin b6, iron, and potassium. Lemon helps support a healthy response to inflammation, increases immunity, suppresses appetite, and adds a delicious tart-sweet flavor47 48 49 50.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

‘ACV’ has grown in popularity over the past few years, and for great reasons. It balances your ph levels, adds shine to your hair and skin, helps to support optimal blood pressure levels, increases weight loss, offers digestive support and provides a sweet flavor.51 52 53

It’s a great tool for keeping the pathways between mind and gut clear. Tip: make sure you use 100% organic apple cider vinegar whose full potency is kept intact, and that’s made via a gentle process of drying rather than cooking!

Coconut Water:

This is Mother Nature’s Sports Drink - amplified to the MAX! It’s amazingly refreshing and hydrating, with an overwhelming amount of potassium.

What we love most is that it helps increase absorption of other healthy nutrients.54 That means it helps these other ingredients transport all over your body, spreading the wealth of benefits from head to toe.

It also helps to provide energy, support weight loss, and enhanced athletic performance.55 56 57


When we consume plant-based fibers, it also serves as a prebiotic – helping to nurture the culture of healthy gut bacteria living in your system. That healthy gut culture speaks directly to the brain, and vice-versa60 61.

These days, most people are only consuming about 1/3 of the recommended daily fiber intake. That means the body has a much harder time performing some of its most important functions.

How and Where To Save Your Time & Money On These Brain-Boosting Ingredients...

At this point you may be feeling a tad overwhelmed, and that's perfectly okay. Where the heck can you find all these brain and gut-loving superfoods to add to your diet? And ensure you get the best of the best quality?

You have 2 simple choices to make right now:

Choice #1

Choice #1: You can take all the tips and info I just gave you and try to put the puzzle pieces together on your own, without assistance.

And who knows?

You may get lucky and stumble upon a very high quality and trustworthy source of each of these 8 ingredients. You’ll pay for them separately, take dosage after dosage individually, and keep restocking your kitchen each time one runs out.

You’d probably need a spreadsheet (or grocery reminder stuck to your fridge) to make you remember to order more! Not to mention have quite a budget to keep on buying.

Or, there's a smarter choice…

Choice #2

Simply save your dollars and your time, by letting us take care of all the ingredients for you. And in turn, speed up your progress toward brain-gut victory.

Allow me to introduce a supreme way to experience the brain and gut success you desire and deserve. It's called:

Organifi Pure

The ultimate superfood drink that brings enormous love to the brain and gut... making us think & feel youthful and sharp!62 63

Here’s why Organifi Pure Is Mother Nature’s unbeatable ‘smart drug’, compared to other brain supplements and nootropics out there...

It’s the only formulation that we know of that helps support the brain health in THREE ways:

Organifi Pure is our latest masterpiece for overall health and well-being. It contains each of the eight superfood ingredients highlighted above. And they are:

You’ll absolutely love this ‘brain food’ formula, EVEN IF:

You fear Alzheimer’s.

You’ve tried Adderall.

You think you’re too old or it’s too late to have youthful mental performance.

You’re hooked on caffeine and can’t imagine leaving it.

You’ve had numerous ‘senior moments’ such as forgetting names and directions.

You think you might have ADHD.

Your gut is such a total mess, it sticks out!

What Organifi Pure Is NOT…

  • This is NOT some ‘limitless’ drug you read about in stories or see in movies, but that are a total fantasy.
  • This is NOT just another pill or powder that doesn’t really do anything. And you don’t feel anything.
  • This is NOT something that claims to make you a genius rocket scientist overnight.
  • And it’s NOT something that makes you an addict, with unwanted long-term effects.

This formula is the result of years of study as part of my life’s work, analyzing the most powerful body, mind, and health-altering superfoods on the planet. And discovering which of Earth’s best nutrients truly have anti-aging benefits on our body, mind, and overall health!

So if you want to:

Take your brain from ‘slow and dreaming of junk food’...
… to ‘sports car engine-like on premium fuel’.

No longer resort to things like Adderall or be a slave to caffeine…
… and enjoy a natural and cleaner experience.

Bring back the ‘youth’ to both of your brains…
… and have them work together in your favor.


Enjoy the kind of focus, clarity, and concentration you’ve been craving.

Shine brightly with new ideas at work.

Recall names, information and details that were once foggy.

Not have to stand by the bathroom after you eat a meal.

Then see for yourself how much others just like you are loving the experience:

testimonial-3 testimonialm3

"I can't believe how focused I felt after drinking Pure. I'll definitely be using this for an afternoon boost in my productivity.”

Shel P.

testimonial-1 testimonialm1

"I love Pure! It's super refreshing. Every time I drink it, it feels like someone turned on the lights in my brain. My clarity and energy have definitely gone up.”

Austin B.

testimonial-2 testimonialm2

"It tastes like a fresh, clean lemon-lime drink... but without the sugar!"

Chase R.

testimonial-4 testimonialm4

"I love the smooth texture, and that it's not super sweet like most sports drinks.”

Taylor P.

Exactly What’s Inside Organifi Pure:

Organifi Pure gives you 3 superb cognition-helping superfood ingredients, and 5 superb digestion-loving herbs. Including...

1. Lion’s Mane Mushroom - An undisputed king when it comes to helping stimulate Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) in the brain!67 68

2. Apple Cider Vinegar- An amazing superfood to help keep the pathway between your gut and brain good as ever.69 70

3. Baobab Fruit- The superfood packed with calcium and magnesium, essential minerals shown to strengthen collagen in the brain (as well as bones and teeth.)71 72

4. Aloe Vera- Powerful naturally-occurring enzymes for improved digestion.73

5. Ginger Root- A wonderful food for aiding digestion even further, and fighting against stomach ulcers.74 75

6. Lemon- Want a great way to help with hunger and cravings, along with digestion-helping fiber? This is your answer.76

7. Coconut Water- One of the very best ways to aid with better absorption of nutrients. We love adding this to our formulas, in order to further enhance the goodness in your body!77

8. VitaFiber- A plant-based fiber mixture that tremendously helps to nurture the culture of healthy gut bacteria living in your system78 79

And that’s not all...

We Went The Extra Mile By Adding These Additional Brain & Gut Powerhouses:


For centuries, only the coffee bean itself held any interest to humans. Recently, a new discovery was made. See, the coffee bean actually grows inside a natural casing called Coffee Berry.

Usually discarded, the Coffee Berry now has been shown to contain incredibly potent phytonutrients with powerful effects on the human body.

As we age, BDNF starts to drop significantly. Coffee Berry and its derivative, NeuroFactor, actually increase BDNF!80

Clinical trials have shown that supplementation with NeuroFactor actually increased BDNF by an outstanding 143%. To date, NeuroFactor is the ONLY supplement in the known world with that kind of power.81


This multi-enzyme complex aids digestion with a specific combination: amylase, protease, lipase, cellulase, and lactase. With this, the body experiences less bloating, easier and more regular digestion, and a gut-microbiome powered by proper nutrition.

Enzymes are proteins found in every one of our living cells. As we age, our ability to produce these enzymes naturally begins to fade. This leads to problems with digestion and absorption of proper nutrition.

Remember, your gut controls your brain’s nourishment - make sure it’s getting to your brain!

“Ew?” Or “Yum?”

How Good Does Organifi Pure Taste?

This may be our favorite part of discussing our products with people: the taste!

We love challenging folks to find better and more delicious tasting health supplements anywhere in the world. And we’ve yet to be defeated.

Simply put, we’ve mastered the art of creating dessert-like supplements without any of the harmful sugar or artificial sweeteners.

We add the naturally sweet Monk Fruit to our formulas, which itself is a superfood! And with Organifi Pure, we’ve also included the citrus Baobab fruit, coconut water, and apple cider vinegar to give it an even better taste.

About Monk Fruit (Nature’s Greatest Sweetener?):

This mysterious vine-grown fruit is 300-400 times sweeter than cane sugar. Yet, there are no calories, and no effect on blood sugar. That’s because Monk Fruit contains antioxidants known as mogrosides, which are processed differently by the body than glucose.82 83

That means we can enjoy its super-sweet flavor without concern.

Monk Fruit is extremely rare in the wild, and is named for the Buddhist Monks that cultivated it since the 13th century. Now, you can finally taste it’s exotic sweetness without traveling thousands of miles.

See what people are saying:

So now you may be wondering… how much will you have to invest to get this brain, gut, and mood-lifting mix?

Well we’re willing to ‘put our money where our mouth is’ by letting you try out Organifi Pure completely risk-free… so you don’t lose a dime if it’s not everything we’re saying that it is.

Get All The Brain-Gut Loving Super Ingredients In A Single Serving... For Less Than $2 A Day!

Getting your hands on these ingredients yourself can be quite a challenge. You’d have to search high and low for the best and purest quality. And you you probably wouldn’t be able to get them all for anywhere near $2!

So why go through all that trouble when you can get all the benefits for a fraction of the cost? And in just mere seconds a day, by simply mixing and drinking? And in a ready-made recipe that tastes absolutely delicious?

If you order a 30-day supply you save $10.00 today off the normal retail price.

If you order a 90-day supply, you save $69.90 today.

If you order 180-day supply, you save $199.80 today.

So go ahead. Decide how much you want to keep in your pocket, and place your order below:

Choose Your Package
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(This is a one time payment)

60 days money back guarantee USDA Organic
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Due to high demand, shipping may take up to 14 days, all delayed orders receive Free Shipping.

Plus, We’ve Removed ALL the Risk...

Why All Organifi Products Come With A 60-Day,
100% Money-Back Guarantee…
Even If You Empty The Container!


At Organifi, we put all the risk on our shoulders. Try Organifi Pure for a full 60 days.

If you’re not more than satisfied with the results, I DEMAND that you ask for a refund. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. So, what happens if you try a scoop and decide you hate the taste, or you don’t feel the BEST you’ve felt in years?

You get your money back. What if you go through the entire package and THEN decide you don’t like it? You get your money back. So if you’re not satisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, just get in touch for a prompt refund.

To Get Organifi Pure Risk-Free…

Simply choose which package you want to order. And immediately after you select how much you want to save on our discounted packages, you’ll fill out your order and shipping details on the next page.

We’ll have a fresh new container of Organifi Pure ready to ship out in a nicely sealed package. We’ll then ship it out, and it’ll arrive right right to your doorstep in a matter of days.

Once it arrives, you’ll open the container and take a whiff of it, and KNOW right away from the delicious smell that this thing tastes mouth-wateringly good!

You’ll then pour a scoop into water and mix… and make your tastebuds jump with joy as you devour every sip. Moments later, you’ll love the feeling in your mind and tummy… and let the pure, organic, super nutrients go to work for you.

And then watch and be wowed…

As you love how you think, feel, and function daily… like you’re brand new again. Things will turn amazing in the most delicious way.

Click to place your order below:

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Regular Price: $239.85

Today You Save: $69.90


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60 days money back guarantee USDA Organic
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Due to high demand, shipping may take up to 14 days, all delayed orders receive Free Shipping.

Why The Amazing Discount?

Simply put, we love bribing our customers to try out our products. We know you’re going to love them and be hooked on how amazing they are.

We’re also in the early phases of our launch.

And we want to get this into the hands of as many people as possible and get raving reviews. That way we can potentially take it to outlet stores nationwide and have them agree to put it on their shelves.

Your positive feedback and experience is far more important to us at this point, than you paying full price for it.

You’ll Be Doing More Than Just Ordering A Life-Changing Product...

Through our blog, Youtube channel, books, Facebook community, and even personal coaching, we’ve already helped tens of thousands of people fall in love with superfoods, and transformed their bodies and minds.

It’s a cause I call The SuperFood Revolution!

So when you order, you’ll be doing more than just making a massive difference for your mind and health...

You’ll be joining in on our cause to help at least 1 million men and women reach the health, mind, and body of their dreams with the power of superfoods…

… while making healthy, organic foods a permanent part of their lives!

Place Your Order Now To Lock In Your Discounted Pricing, And Start Your Brain-Gut Health Journey Today:

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Regular Price: $239.85

Today You Save: $69.90


(This is a one time payment)

60 days money back guarantee USDA Organic
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Due to high demand, shipping may take up to 14 days, all delayed orders receive Free Shipping.

  79. [

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