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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take each product?

Green Juice: Reset. We recommend taking your Green Juice first thing in the morning. It’s designed to reduce your cortisol levels, curb your cravings, and gently detox anything in your system that isn’t supporting your health and happiness.

Complete Protein: Replenish. To fight mid-morning cravings, we recommend our Complete Protein. It’s a simple way to get a blend of multivitamins, digestive enzymes, healthy fat, prebiotic fiber, and plant-based protein. Enjoy this delicious, all-in-one shake any time of the day.

Red Juice: Rejuvenate. This fruity, refreshing superfood blend is designed to re-energize your body and mind with a wave of nourishing antioxidants. These fruits, herbs, and medicinal mushrooms work together to replenish your energy, lift your mood, and clear up your skin. We recommend drinking Red Juice in the morning or in the afternoon to recharge your body with this anti-aging fruit punch.

Gold: Restore. Get ready for deep sleep and full-body relaxation with this delicious golden tea latte. These superfoods are specifically designed to reduce inflammation, improve immune function, balance blood sugar, and calm your mind. Make yourself a warm cup each evening.

Biotic Balance: Rebalance. Lastly, before going to sleep (or first thing in the morning), take our Biotic Balance to nourish your microbiome with healthy bacteria and improve your digestion of every meal.

How do you sweeten and flavor your products?

We mostly call upon the all-natural, zero-calorie power of monk fruit to sweeten our products. But we also use natural lemon, coconut water, mint and other whole-food ingredients. Red Juice has real dehydrated berries, and Gold uses real cinnamon and ginger - so it depends on the product. Our Organifi Complete Protein contains some organic enzyme-treated stevia in addition to monk fruit and a hint of coconut palm sugar. Every ingredient - whether we use it for nutritional benefit or flavor - is certified organic.

Can I take Organifi while pregnant?

    Many women and new mothers in our community enjoy our products throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding and they do so with the recommendation of their doctor. We always suggest checking with your medical practitioner before adding a new supplement to your diet while pregnant or nursing.

    Do you have a loyalty program?

    We absolutely do! You can learn more by visiting the Rewards page and creating your own account.

    Are your products keto-friendly?

      Most people would consider Organifi products "keto friendly," though it depends on your specific goals. Every single one of our products contains 2 grams of sugar or less. Our protein shake contains 7 grams of total carbs and 3 grams of fiber. So while you will need to make the decision for yourself, we have many long-time customers who enjoy a ketogenic diet using our superfoods.

      Where can I learn more about the Green Juice clinical trial?

      Right here:

      How should I store my products?

      Unopened Organifi products enjoy a 2-year shelf life. Once you have opened our products, they should be stored in a cool, dry place and should usually be consumed within 90 days. You are welcome to keep them in the refrigerator, but it's not needed. Organifi products are gently dehydrated so their nutrients last a long time outside the fridge.

      Are import fees and taxes included in shipping and handling?

      They are not. Shipping and handling covers the packaging of your order and its safe and guaranteed delivery to your door. When shipping internationally, the receiving country may add their own import fees or taxes. At this point, we aren’t able to predict how much each country will charge for your order to cross its borders. The fees vary quite a bit. But if you run into any problems, remember that every order is backed by the Organifi money-back guarantee. Our mission is to get you the right nutrients to supercharge your body, wherever you are on planet Earth!

      I can't find a scoop in my bottle. What do I do?

      First, it's very common for a scoop to find its way to the bottom of your bottle. So we definitely recommend grabbing a fork or butter knife and going on a quick scavenger hunt for the scoop buried beneath. But if you truly cannot find a scoop, you've got two options: use your own measuring spoon or request a replacement.

      If you've got a measuring spoon handy, here are the recommended doses:

      • Green / Red / Gold: a rounded 1/2 tablespoon (technically about 0.7 tbsp)
      • Protein: 2.75 tablespoons

      If you'd like to send your order back and get a replacement, we can definitely help you with that! Give our customer support team a call at 760-487-8587.

      When will my order ship?

      Your purchase will be delivered within 7-10 business days* once the order is placed. An email confirmation with tracking info will be sent to your inbox once your order leaves our warehouse. If you have not received your shipping confirmation, please check your Spam and Junk folders for the email. Still not seeing your email confirmation? Contact us at, and we'll take care of you!

      *10-30 day delivery time for international orders.

      Why isn’t my container full?

      We use the same size plant based, earth friendly biodegradable container so everything is uniform for shipping & aesthetic purposes! You’ll notice the scoop for the gold (serving size) is slightly smaller than the green & even more so than the red.

      All of our containers; as other packaged products, are packed & sold by weight, not volume because settling occurs. To ensure you’re getting the correct serving size you want to use a loose (unpacked) level scoop. Only use the scoop that came with each product as the serving sizes & consistency of each powder vary. The scoop is specific to each product & should not be interchanged.

      • For reference - each container contains 30 servings:
      • The Green Juice is 9.5 ounces (270 grams) & the serving size is 9 grams in the provided scoop.
      • The Red Juice is 9.5 ounces (270 grams) & the serving size is 9 grams in the provided scoop.
      • The Gold is 6.3 ounces (180 grams) & the serving size is 6 grams in the provided scoop.

      You'll notice that the volume & scoop size of the red & green differ though they are the same weight & serving size. This is due to the volume difference of each product.

      Why does the powder sometimes spike or cling to the scoop?

      We hear this a lot from our customers: why is my green juice powder spiking/clinging to the scoop? This happens to us once in a while too, and luckily it is nothing to worry about. It happens because of static electricity. Dry powder will sometimes experience static electricity depending on the amount of humidity/moister in the air.

      For a more scientific explanation, see here.

      What is the Prop 65 warning about?

      Nothing to be afraid of! Prop 65 is a law that requires all California-based companies to add a notice on their label that the product may contain a "chemical known to the state of CA to cause cancer, birth defect, or other reproductive harm." It sounds extreme, but all it means is that our ingredients come from the ground - and California wants to make it clear that it's impossible to control every chemical and mineral in the soil. It doesn't apply specifically to Organifi, it's simply California law for natural supplements.

      If we were headquartered in another state, we wouldn't need to put it on our labels. All of our products go through rigorous third-party testing. They are certified organic and the only ingredients we use are the ones listed on the label. We created products that we wanted to take ourselves. We give these products to our children and our loved ones. Prop 65 is a state law, not a warning about our specific products. You are in good hands!

      I remember getting a free eBook once, but I can't find it in my inbox. Where can I get that?

      We've created a handful of free resources to help you along your journey. You can find most of them here on our Free Resources page. If you're looking for one that you don't see here, simply reach out to customer support and we'll do our best to track it down for you! Simply email

      What is the main difference between the Green Juice and the Red Juice?

        Green Juice is all about resetting your system, reducing stress, and curbing cravings. Powered by ingredients like spirulina, moringa, chlorella, ashwagandha, mint, lemon and more, we made this product to help detox your cells and aid in weight loss. It’s also the first step to retraining your taste buds so you can replace the sugary processed foods in your diet with real, revitalizing nutrients.

        Red Juice is all about boosting your energy, elevating your mood, and clearing up your skin. This superfood blend is a mix of antioxidant-rich berries and brain-boosting mushrooms and herbs. With a sweet flavor (but only 1 gram of sugar from fruit), this antioxidant cocktail gives you natural energy that lasts all day. Say goodbye to the afternoon slump, and say hello to boundless clean energy.

        Both products are designed to supercharge your life, so it's hard to go wrong!

        How can I return my order?

        We are sorry to hear that you wish to return your products. Don't sweat it, even if you've used some, you may still send it back to us (as long as it is within 60 days).

        Please send your products to ONE of the following addresses. Preferably the one closest to you for efficiency & cost purposes. Be sure to include your order number.

        ATTN: Organifi
        ORDER #
        2351 S Decker Lake Blvd.
        West Valley City, UT 84119


        ATTN: Organifi
        ORDER #:
        2100 Watterson Trail
        Louisville, KY 40299


        Please allow upwards of 7-10 business days (depending on your financial institution) for the refund to reflect back into your account.
        You may find more information regarding our refund policy here.

        What if I still have questions?

        We are here to support you! Reach out and get your question answered...

        • Give us a call at 760-487-8587
        • Send an email to
        • Contact us through online chat at