And how to pick the BEST ONES for stress support & weight management.

  • WASTING time and money on the WRONG superfoods...
  • Being FOOLED by fancy labels, FAKE promises, and FAUX testimonials...
  • Or WONDERING WHY that bag of green powder you bought a month ago isn't making you feel any better...

SPOT THE SCAMS and pick the RIGHT superfoods to help you achieve your health GOALS, especially if you're seeking:

  • Natural Elevations in Energy
  • Healthier Responses to Stress
  • Hormonal Harmony
  • Weight Management


3 Reasons Why Your
Superfoods Aren't Working

LESS IS MORE when it comes to superfood labels. Whenever you see a TON of separate ingredients - even if they are all natural - be wary. Think about it: how can ALL of those things fit into one serving, scoop, or sip? Well, one way is that some superfood companies only include “TRACE AMOUNTS” of nutrients, meaning the measurement is so low it cannot be accurately determined or is almost undetectable. You’re better off skipping superfoods with more than 20. In a moment, you’ll see the best example of a superfood blend that contains the right amounts...

Be CAUTIOUS of superfoods claiming to be the “best-tasting”, but aren’t naturally-sweetened. Many green juices and superfood smoothies contain so much sugar, you might as well be drinking an ice cream milkshake! This is a common tactic to TRICK YOU into feeling good about using a “healthy” product. But IN REALITY, those truckloads of sugar (or additives or preservatives or weird ingredients that don’t naturally occur on Earth) aren’t doing you any favors.

You’ll also see HOW TO SPOT a naturally-sweetened superfood below.

The ONLY THING WORSE than too much sugar is feeling like you’re drinking something that came from the bottom of your shoe. GRASS CLIPPINGS ARE NOT going to keep you coming back for more, and superfoods that taste like lawn clippings will only end up in the TRASH. (Along with your hopes and dreams and all the money you spent on that nasty-tasting brew.)

NOW that you've seen the reasons most
superfoods don't work,

On the right is a superfood blend that has a delicious NATURAL SWEETNESS without added sugar and contains only 11 SUPERFOOD INGREDIENTS, including a CLINICAL DOSE of one of the most highly-regarded medicinal herbs on the planet.

On the left is, well...the other stuff.

Not all green juices are created equal...
Make sure you’re getting the right superfoods - in the right amounts!

As you can see, it’s really important to distinguish between similar-looking green powders and imperative to look at superfood labels before you buy!

Organifi Green Juice makes all of that easier.

We made sure to pick only the 11 BEST superfood ingredients, including Ashwagandha.

A Clinical Dose of Ashwagandha
in Every Serving Supports

Healthy Weight
Reduced Cortisol
Lower Stress
Reduced Cravings
Improved Energy
Daily Reset
1. The STRESS HORMONE known as cortisol can spike, causing DISRUPTIONS in energy, appetite, mood, and sleep.
2. Consistently HIGH CORTISOL can lead to tons of issues, which can result in the body PACKING on the pounds.
3. ASHWAGANDHA contains certain bio-active molecular compounds (glycosides) that give the plant medicinal properties. These compounds DIRECTLY IMPACT the systems of the body that produce cortisol, effectively reducing it.

As you can see, Ashwagandha is the perfect way to end a seemingly endless stress cycle.

If you’re SICK of spending money on “magical” powders that don’t deliver on their promises…

Or TIRED of trying different things with no tangible results…

And YOU'RE READY to make a difference in your own life by getting daily support for lower stress and higher energy from 11 nutritionally-dense superfoods…

to lasting transformation with
superfoods that spark change.

There’s no comparison.
Organifi Green Juice is the SUPERfood
you’ve been seeking:

Microscopic Nutrients
Sugar Or Artificial Flavors
Bad Taste & Doesn't Mix Well
Amounts you can FEEL
Smooth, Refreshing Minty Flavor
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