Don't Miss Out! Get A Peaceful Night's Sleep & Rejuvenate Your Body Each Day With This “Golden Milk” Tea

Great sleep can lead to better mornings. It’s why we created Mother Nature’s organic “golden tea” with ingredients that can help you relax, rejuvenate, and reset!

Soothing Herbs

Bumping up metabolism is key. It’s that feeling you get after walking up a flight of stairs. Your blood is flowing.

Antioxidants For Colds & Flus

Feel incredible energy and better focus. PLUS Boost your brain power.

Deep Sleep-Enhancing Phytonutrients

Think sharper. Improve your memory. Those are two of many bonuses from these unbelievable antioxidants

Nootropic Properties For Mental Function

No spike in blood sugar! An entire serving of this superfood punch has only 1 gram of sugar.

Save Your Money

You’ll fall in love with this juice. We pride ourselves on making organic superfoods really taste delicious.

Save Your Time

It takes just 10 seconds. Easily drop a scoop in a glass, stir, and sip. You’ll never find as many rare, exotic herbs in one drink. It’s so simple..

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So What’s The Recipe For Organifi Gold?
Presenting 3 Of Nature’s Powerful Soothing Organics:

Black Pepper Piperine!

PPiperine is a powerful phytochemical found within black pepper. Yup, the stuff you probably use frequently on your food.

The fascinating part is in how it affects our bodies. When we ingest a plant with restorative properties, something interesting happens. Our enzymes break it down and limit the potency. Piperine naturally interrupts those enzymes before that potency is lost!

This can allow the powerful restorative qualities to impact the whole body more effectively - sometimes 20 times stronger.

Maximum Strength Turmeric

It’s been used for over 4,000 years. Ancient India and even China recognized turmeric as a powerful restorative root. Today, over 2,000 peer reviewed studies suggest turmeric’s power. Here, we’ve included a full clinically tested dose. Plus, our unique, harvesting method makes each dose 4 times BETTER!


Ginger is called the “Swiss Army Knife” of superfoods. It’s revered as the #1 alternative restorative plant in hundreds of countries. It’s used the world over for digestion7, flus, colds8, achy muscles9 and other illnesses. It’s also another tool in the toolbox for a healthy response to discomfort. 110

Lemon Balm

It’s known as “The Calming Herb.” In the 1600s, nuns near Mt. Carmel created a “relaxation tea” with these fragrant smelling leaves11. The recipe has spread all through Europe since. Nowadays, lemon balm is a major ingredient in natural sleep supporting drinks and essential oils.

testimonial-1 testimonialm1

"To see an almost immediate difference in how I felt, my energy levels, and my mood… every day is a gift. I love the Organifi Gold tea!”

Becky R.

testimonial-2 testimonialm2

"If you’re sore and fatigued, your muscles won’t do what they’re supposed to. So I love Organifi Gold. The sleep quality you get from it and the medicinal values of ginger…detoxifying, being good on your joints. You wake up in a lot better state. You only get one body!"

Ron V.

testimonial-3 testimonialm3

"These products from Organifi give me the energy I need when I start my day. I don’t get that slumped, fatigued, tired feeling. All the superfoods magnify my ability to work throughout the whole day.”

Tina V.

By now we know we need these superfoods in our diet every single day for weight loss... and if you don’t have the time, money or patience to shop, chop, and drink lots of juice every day, than Organifi Green Juice is the perfect superfood solution.

The 100% No-Risk Promise

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There’s absolute no-risk in giving it a try.
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