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Blissful Hormone Balance Doesn't Happen Overnight...

It takes time to experience lasting change. Lucky for you - we made it easy. Subscribe to Organifi Harmony and get hormone supporting superfoods all month long, every month (or whenever you want!)

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Key Tips

Rid yourself of PMS symptoms and return to harmony. Harmony was created to help women’s hormone levels go from a depleted state to nourished, and to ease the stress of the worst days of the monthly cycle- month after month. Your body is unique and may take up to 30 days to start seeing change.

Your Go-To Drink!

When life gets a little hectic, it is hard to put your health first (especially your hormonal health). When subscribing to Harmony we take the work out of it. No stress - your monthly blend of delicious cacao, maca, chaste berry and shatavari are at your doorstep waiting for you!


Is Harmony Organic? Does it use natural flavors?

Harmony is certified USDA Organic and Glyphosate Residue Free! Harmony does not contain any natural flavors, but gets its decadent chocolate flavor through Organic Cacao.

So Harmony helps PMS, but what about Menopause symptoms?

Harmony can be used for women going through menopause as well! The ingredients will help to balance hormone levels. Just like women who experience symptoms with their cycle, balancing hormones can decrease those symptoms. Same goes for women going through menopause. When hormone levels are in balance, women will experience less menopausal symptoms.

Should I take Harmony while pregnant or planning to become pregnant?

Organifi Harmony is a great addition to add to a woman's regular routine when struggling with symptoms of hormonal imbalances such as bloating, headaches, cramping etc. However, Organifi Harmony is not recommended to be taken while pregnant in order to allow the body's natural hormonal fluctuations that occur during pregnancy to take place.

Is Harmony safe to take while I am taking birth control?

If on birth control, we recommend that you consult with your health care practitioner before taking Organifi Harmony consistently.

*If your health goal is achieving hormonal balance naturally, we strongly suggest talking with any natural health care practitioner to determine the best plan for a safe and natural alternative.

Can men use Harmony too?

While Organifi Harmony will not be harmful for men, it was specifically formulated and intended to help support women's hormonal and cycle health. We are looking to formulate a men's health blend in the future.

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