How to Cancel

How do you cancel?

Please read this entire page slowly.  You’ll see a form at the bottom.  Please enter ALL of your information very carefully.  Then just click “submit” and you’ll be done.

Important:  You MUST use the exact same email which you used during your purchase.  *Note*  You might not remember which email you used.  That’s totally alright.  Try it first with your favorite email address.  Click “submit.”  If that doesn’t work, you can come back and try it with another.  Or if you prefer, you can chat LIVE with a friendly team member by clicking here.

Important Message From Organifi Founder, Drew Canole:

Thank you.  Thanks for trusting us.  Thanks for tasting Organifi Green Juice.  Over 50,000 women and men have tried it.  I’m happy to report, most of them love it.  However…

I know you want to cancel.  That’s why you’re looking at this page.  I do have to admit:  I’m sad to see you leave.  It means you gave me a chance, but I failed.  I feel bad about that.  

Maybe you didn’t like the taste.  Or maybe you didn’t like having a subscription.  Maybe you just felt like you couldn’t afford it.  Before you go, can I grab your ear for just a minute?

If you didn’t like the taste:  

I feel you.  My mom raised me on midwest comfort food.  I washed every meal down with a sweet, bubbly soda pop.  My favorite was mountain dew.  We didn’t know any better back then.  You might think: “Drew, soda tastes just a bit different than wheatgrass!”  

You’re right.  That’s why I appreciate you.  You took a risk on a dark green juice.  Let’s be honest... I know it looks like swamp water!  I’m sure you were skeptical.  BUT, you knew it was healthy.  That’s why you tried it.  You care about your health.  Great job.  So, if you really can’t stomach the taste, I understand.  Before you decide to say “goodbye, Drew” and walk out of my life forever, I have a few ideas that might help you with the taste:

    1. Download this FREE Organifi recipe book.  - These are tasty juices, smoothies, brownies, and desserts made with our Green Juice!  They only take a few minutes to make.  You can easily sneak your nutrient-packed juice into these delicious treats.  

    2. Try nut milks!  - Coconut milk, almond milk, even cashew milk are all creamy and delicious.  I see hundreds of pictures of Green Juice mixed into these milks.  It tastes amazing!  Healthy people like YOU figured it out and shared it with me!  Try it!  You’ll LOVE the taste.

    3. Mix it with other juices or teas.  - your Green Juice is packed with flexible flavors.  It already has green tea and monk fruit. Hundreds of our customers love it mixed with other juices.  Some people make a fresh apple & ginger juice.  Then they add in the Organifi.  Others make a sweet tea and mix it in.  My dad does this sometimes!

So think about it.  You’re still looking at this because you SEE the value of this superfood juice.  If you cancel today, where are you going to get your daily greens?  Your antioxidants?  Where else can you find superfoods and herbs like this.  They’re all in one place.  You don’t have to shop, chop, or beg the health food hippies for help finding each ingredient separately.  

Listen, can you give me another chance?  This time, download the free recipe book.  Grab some almond milk.  Pick up some low sugar sweet tea.  Drop your juice in one of those for a while.  You might like it… You’re right.  It won’t taste like mountain dew.  But considering it’s packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and superfoods that are changing people's lives, I’d say it turns out pretty good.  What do you think?

If you felt “trapped” by the subscription:

I totally understand.  Believe it or not, the subscription actually helps you.  How?  Well, as you’ve heard, premium, organic ingredients are really expensive.  Even organic apples can cost three times more than the GMO, pesticide-ridden apples you see at the corner store!  So with some of the rare herbs like ashwagandha, moringa, and wheatgrass, the price hike is even more enormous.  For that reason…

I negotiated a deal.  See, small town, organic farmers don’t use big machines.  They don’t fly around in crop dusters, and gas masks killing weeds with poisons.  They’re a little more old fashioned.  They use their hands.  So the subscription makes their job easier.  It shows them how much food to harvest in advance.  

They really like this.  It really takes a load off of their backs.  In return, they give us a 20% savings… and we pass the savings onto you, every month.  

In addition:  the subscription protects you when we are sold out.  Finally, the world is catching the “health bug.”  Every day, millions of people become more interested in superfoods.  That’s great!  Unfortunately, it also means we sell out quick.  BUT, not for our subscribers.  As a subscriber…

Your batch is earmarked.  The 1st of every month we set aside just enough for our subscribers.  It’s protected.  We won’t sell it.  Not for any price.  It’s RSVP’D, just like a reservation at a fancy restaurant.  

So I hope you understand.  The subscription was a special request.  It’s the best way to give you premium, organic ingredients, at a discount, WHILE protecting your batch when we sell out from RABID interest.  

So, I hope that helps.  I trust you feel a bit better about the subscription and you decide to give me another chance.  

If you felt you just couldn’t afford it:  

I’m sorry.  It means I just didn’t do a good job.  I didn’t explain how valuable these ingredients are.  I failed at showing you how many thousands of women and men literally changed their lives… JUST by using this elixir every morning.  

Our Green Juice was created to make rare, organic, herbs and superfoods affordable.  Did we achieve that goal?  You can do the math in your head now:  If you drink a glass every day, well that’s $1.90 per day.  That’s only 1/5th the cost of a juice from a juice bar.  That’s even less than some daily sodas.  

Consider this.  If you think about the sheer number of potent nutrients you are putting in your body, there really is no comparison.  There’s no other way to consume this caliber of superfoods and healing herbs for less.  It’s an incredibly low investment for an organic superfood juice.  

Then there’s time.  How much is your time worth?  Do you really have time to wake up 20 minutes early every day?  To fire up the juicer, or blender… and wake up the whole neighborhood.  Then you have to chop, and blend, or juice.  Still, you need to clean the darn machine when you’re.  All that so you can have some greens in a drink?

Organifi Green Juice saves all that time.  It takes 10 seconds.  It tastes just as good as a fresh juice, if not better.  It’s effortless.  So you can be on with your day, without all the multi-tasking.  

How much is that worth?

Phew!  Did you read it all?  I really wish you could see how much I care.  See how much I BELIEVE that this is what everyone needs in their body.  Please do me a tiny favor, and think long and hard before just saying goodbye.  Consider your health, and your future health.  And of course, please give me another chance.  I promise that in time, you’ll see the results.  You’ll feel the difference, and the impact of these amazing gifts from mother nature will be undeniable.  I hope you stay...

But, If I can’t change your mind at all, click here to chat with a LIVE team member, or fill out the cancellation form below.

Thanks for reading.  I appreciate our time together.  Thank you for giving us a chance, and as always...

Remember, we’re in this together