Melissa Labak

Melissa LaBak is an organic health enthusiast, certified Nutritionist and a truth seeker. Originally from Massachusetts, Melissa has worked as a professional model from coast to coast. After combating health issues for several years, she dug deep to uncover the hidden truth about our food and medical system. She started living an organic and non-GMO lifestyle and became passionate about breathing new life into people through diet and exercise.

Together with her husband, Justin (celebrity trainer and fitness competitor) they’ve created the sustainable fitness & organic nutrition company, Real Fit Body.


"I love Organifi Green Juice! It's the only way I can make sure I get my full servings of greens in for the day. The to-go packets make it super convenient for travel, and I know I can have green juice wherever I go! My favorite part about Organifi is it contains the adaptogen Ashwagandha - an herb that helps your body to adapt with stress or a changing environment. It helps combat not only external stresses but internal stresses as well - something everyone can benefit from!"



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