Diets can make you feel trapped. Do you REALLY have to choke down all this salad? That’s when you hear your taste buds screaming: “Give me something sweet or salty!” Sound familiar? In the next few minutes, you’re going to see the strange 5 step process my clients use to pierce through that cycle. They are 5 acts of self-love that will transform your health.

No crazy fitness necessary. So don’t kill yourself in the gym. Don’t crunch your bones to pieces. Just start following the 5 steps my clients use below: These 5 strange steps you’re about to hear are the shortcut you need to feel that explosion in your metabolism, then watch the scale drop like a stone, and keep it that way.

How am I so confident in this system? Well, I’ve heard from hundreds of women and men like you whose lives have been transformed by what I’m offering you here today. So now it’s time to finally crack open this vault, and share these secrets with you.

Are you ready? If you’d like to finally:

  1. Lose that annoying belly fat,
  2. Stop feeling fatigued at work
  3. … and feel proud of yourself once again

...Then look closely at these 5 secret steps that 92 percent of people overlook.

Self-Love Act #1 is called “Reset.”

This is a jumpstart to your system. It’s like a splash of cold water on your face in the morning. Here’s why it works: Ask yourself if you can see these 6 foods in your kitchen right now:

  1. Sugar
  2. Dairy
  3. Wheat
  4. Soy
  5. Non-organic produce
  6. Soft drinks

If the answer is yes: If you do eat any of those foods more than once a week... then a reset will work wonders for you, instantly. Here’s why: Those are all inflammatory compounds. They beat down your metabolism. They rip your hormones into a frenzy. They cause joint pain, fatigue, migraines, and spike your blood sugar. This phase alone can shave pounds off immediately and ignite that teenage energy you used to have. I’ll show you how to do a quick reset at the end of the video. Let’s move on for now.

Self-Love Act #2: “Digestion Restore”

This is all about digestion. Sugar, dairy, wheat, and pesticides build up in your digestive lining over time. This causes leaky gut, which means waste is dripping into your blood. Some people have over 40 pounds of waste stuck in their colon! You need to RESTORE your gut lining, so your body can digest properly. Push that crap out. Literally!

Self-Love Act #3 is Called the “Revv” stage.

By now you’ve done the reset, and restored your digestion. So you’re already seeing great results and feeling good. Now it’s time to Revv things up with a little motion. Don’t kill yourself with cardio. Don’t break your back in the gym. These are safe, simple routines that only take 10 to 15 minutes a day.

They’re extremely effective in small amounts. You can squeeze them in any time of the day, and they won’t even mess up your hair. I’ll show you where to find those in a bit.

Let’s talk about phase #4: “Release”

This is the “release” stage. This is crucial to seeing weight loss. It’s imperative to feeling more energy. You’re now purging your body of stored toxins. See, your environment is loaded with pollutants. 900 million pounds of pesticide is poured on your food every year. They seep into your water and food. They get stored in your skin, organs, your bones, even your heart.

If you’ve ever felt plagued with the infamous “stubborn fat,” here’s the reason: Your body can’t burn some fat because those toxins are buried inside of it. Adipose belly fat is wrapped around those harmful metals and pollutants. Your metabolism won’t touch it.

The solution? Superfoods. Herbs like chlorella, moringa, and spirulina actually suck toxins out of your body. This frees those fat cells for burning!

Self-Love Act #5 is last and it’s called the “Rising phase.”

See, by now your body is awake. Your metabolism is burning. Your digestion is smooth and regular. You have more energy. Your being active, and you’ve even detoxed. So you’ve gained momentum like a giant snowball rolling down a hill. Your fat cells are ripe and being “picked” off every minute for fuel.

Now it’s time to Rise. This is when we drop portions just a “teeny bit.” You start choosing foods that make you feel full for hours. Healthy fats like walnuts, avocados, and coconut oil actually double your fullness, and kill those late-night cravings.

So you see, DIETING doesn’t lead to permanent weight loss. Don’t starve yourself hoping for a thinner tummy. And don’t break your back in the gym trying burn off those buns. That’s what 92% of the population gets wrong, every year. If you want to pierce the cycle, use this 5 stage system.

Since you’ve read this far, I have a special gift for you. See, some people are watching cat videos and celebrity gossip shows on TV right now. You… are… different. You invested your time. You, like me, are serious this time, not just curious. So I have a special gift for you today:

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Organifi Complete Protein

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Organifi Red Juice

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Organifi Gold

No health routine is complete without deep, nourishing rest. If you struggle to fall asleep or you wake up feeling like a zombie, Organifi Gold is here to give you the recovery you need. This soothing “golden tea” reduces inflammation throughout your body with the help of turmeric, cinnamon, and reishi. The turkey tail mushroom boosts your immune system while the lemon balm brings on a gentle calm from head to toe. Organifi Gold is the perfect way to get deeper, more restorative sleep than ever before.

Biotic Balance Probiotic

At Organifi, we’ve seen first hand how gut health can transform someone’s life. If your microbiome is a mess, it can lead to weight gain, indigestion, skin problems, and depression. That’s why we formulated a probiotic with 10 super strains of healthy bacteria to nourish and restore your microbiome. These 50 billion “good bugs” (in each capsule) work together to boost your immune system, reduce bloating and gas, improve your mood, and help you absorb more nutrients from the food you eat. One capsule a can do wonders for your microbiome.

Organifi Complete Detox Guide

We’ve laid out a simple step-by-step process that you can follow and start seeing immediate (and lasting) results. No more second guessing or trying to “figure it out” on your own. This guide is filled with meal plans, recipes, health tips, and a handful of simple (yet energizing) exercises that anyone can follow. We did the research, we did the planning, and we combined it all into one detox guide that will lead you into a fresh start in the new year.

This six-in-one bundle is everything you need to step into 2018 with a renewed sense of purpose and empowerment.

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