Bump Metabolism AND Reverse The Signs Of Aging All With One Superfood Punch!

A Tasty Blend With Skin Firming And Fat-Melting* Superfoods In One Sweet Glass

Feel The HEAT! “Bump” Metabolism All Day Long With One Big Sip! Slow Aging At The Same Time With Exotic Antioxidants!1, 12

At Last: Nature’s Youth Drink! Increase Fat Loss & PREVENT Aging Skin With A Delicious Mix Of 11 Revitalizing Ingredients: Finally All Together In One Delicious Red Glass!

It’s never been done! We picked the best organic superfoods for a RAPID metabolism. Then we sourced all the antioxidants for stronger, firmer skin. (Everything’s Organic!) Finally, we squeezed them all into one delicious red superfood punch! Take a look what you get in each glass:

Fat Loss Antioxidants

Bumping up metabolism is key. It’s that feeling you get after walking up a flight of stairs. Your blood is flowing. You feel a warmth come over your body. That’s your fat burning furnace igniting! This recipe contains special antioxidants which can help you feel that way naturally, even while sitting at work!12, 13

Anti-Aging Nutrients

Anti-Aging Nutrients - Free radicals age us faster. They cause wrinkled, drooping skin. Good news: Antioxidants come to the rescue! They STOP free radicals. This slows the aging, before our cells are hurt. The serum of RED and dark ingredients us see below can help. They’re loaded with the precise antioxidants us need to STOP aging skin. They also help rebuild our collagen from sun damage and other aging signs.14

Nootropic Effects

Think sharper. Improve memory. Those are two of many bonuses from these unbelievable antioxidants. Years of free radical attack doesn’t just age skin. It can slow down thinking. Antioxidants can help. Never forget a friend’s name. Remember where you put your keys. Finally, impress your coworkers with your quick wit. It’s a welcomed side-effect to the superfood ingredients you’ll see below. 15

Low Sugar

No spike in blood sugar! That’s why we use a hot new superfood: monk fruit. It’s a natural, organic fruit sweetener used in eastern medicine for centuries. Scientists are baffled because it has ZERO calories. Taste testers say it’s 150 times sweeter than sugar. That’s why just 1 tiny drop goes a long way. 16 An entire serving of this superfood punch has only 1 gram of sugar.

Sweet Fruity Flavor

We made it easy! It MUST be tasty, right? You’ll fall in love with this juice. We pride ourselves on making organic superfoods really taste delicious. Red Juice is a fragrant, delicious recipe thanks to the fresh taste of coconut, monk fruit, and ripe-picked berries. It’s easy to drink every day. You’ll feel yourself looking forward to a refreshing glass of nutritious Red Juice every morning.

Save Your Time

It takes just 10 seconds. Easily drop a scoop in a glass, stir, and sip. You’ll never find as many rare, exotic herbs in one drink. It’s so simple. Our gentle-drying process preserves the medicinal power of each herb. Grab a bright red scoop quickly before work. Watch it dissolve smoothly. Drink it down. Get ready to feel the explosion in your metabolism! Perfect if you want to lose some extra weight, quickly. Even better if you also want to stop the signs of aging. (Or in some cases, even reverse them.)

Featuring An All Star Cast Of 11 Beautifying
Superfood Ingredients In One Recipe:

The First 6 Are Sweet Medicinal Superfoods You Might Have Seen Before…

Hint: When you see RED pigmented plants:
Think metabolism & SKIN health!


This berry is legendary. According to myth, acai was so nutritious, it fed an entire civilization for years. Today, researchers are scrambling to investigate it. If you work long hours, you’ll love this benefit: Studies show this berry lowers muscle stress and improves effort tolerance. Plus, acai has an ORAC value of 103,000. That means it has about 10 times the antioxidants of most fruits you see in your produce aisle! No wonder it’s a superfood. These anti-oxidants stop free radicals from aging your skin. They also play a major role in raising your metabolism, essential for fat loss!1


Beets are rich in magnesium and folate. These minerals both help boost your metabolism. They’re also very rich in nitric oxide. A serving of beet juice can increase oxygen in your cells by 16 percent! In fact, a study was done on triathlete women and men. After drinking beet juice, volunteers ran faster that same day. They also ran faster the following day! They even experienced less muscle damage and less fatigue after exercise! Imagine the impact it could have on your energy levels at work or around the house!2


Don’t bite into this bumpy-skinned fruit. The sweet “tart” seeds inside are holding the real magic. See, pomegranate was a symbol of youth for millennia. Good reason for that. They’re packed with age-defying nutrients. Even the walls of Egyptian pyramids from 3,000 years ago are still adorned with pomegranate drawings. These seeds also improve cardiovascular health. In a lab: Volunteers saw lowered signs of inflammation3 after just 12 weeks of drinking pomegranate juice! 3


Naturally, they taste very sour. Don’t let that stop you from feeling their benefits. For centuries, Native Americans used cranberries as medicine. It was a calming potion for young scouts on long voyages. Today: Research shows us they were right. Cranberries lower oxidative stress, provide urinary tract support, improve gum health and even dental hygiene! (As long as run from the sugary, store-bought juice variety!)4


It’s not just for topping a cheesecake. The raspberry is packed with 5 skin strengthening minerals: Vitamin C, manganese, folic acid, copper, and iron. Millions of people even use it as a face mask every morning. It’s surprisingly low in sugar and super high fiber.5


These are fickle fruits. For a hundred years, blueberries were too wild to farm. Then in 1911, a scientist named Frederick Coville discovered the secret: Blueberry bushes need soil extremely rich in phosphates, iron, and magnesium to grow! Those same three micronutrients play an important role in raising your metabolism. Blueberry’s have more than earned their spot on this list. Plus they add a deep, rich flavor.6


America’s favorite fruit! Strawberries pack a punch with collagen firming compounds. Flavonoids, phenolic phytonutrients, and phenol antioxidants in strawberries all help strengthen your skin cells. They’re low in sugar. They've even been shown to help improve cardiovascular health! 16 They're a delicious companion to this tasty, superfood punch.

Now The Next 4 SuperStars Are The Most Powerful, Rare, Medicinal Herbs From Around The Globe: Carefully Picked As Extra Strength Metabolism Boosting Adaptogens:


These are potent medicinal mushrooms from the Himalayas. The first cordyceps were spotted by Tibetan shepherds 2,000 years ago. They’re still revered around the world as a mysterious “cure-all.” Cordyceps work in your body as “adaptogens.” That means: they have the magical ability to regulate your energy. If you’re metabolism is too slow, cordyceps can help you speed you up. Essential for anyone looking to burn extra fat, WITHOUT going wild in the gym.7

Siberian Ginseng

Move over Ginseng. Your northern big-sister is here. The fever for this prickly root is catching wind. Siberian ginseng is hailed as a calming tea in times of stress and pressure. (It’s great news when you’re recovering from a long week.) This unique root has also been shown to miraculously lower blood sugar! That’s one of the first steps to weight loss. It’s another reason you’ll be hearing a lot about this plant as the secret gets out.8

Reishi Mushroom

It’s called “the king of mushrooms.” Ancient Japanese women brewed this into a tea for immortal youth. Modern studies support reishi mushrooms as a life-span increaser4. It’s also got powerful detoxifying powers. See, certain polysaccharides in reishi mushrooms help regenerate liver cells. If your liver functions better, you detox better. Detoxing is an important step to speeding up fat loss!10


This “golden root” is another adaptogen. In Sweden and Norway, it’s used in a popular energy drink. Rumor has it, Russian athletes used this herb as a secret weapon during the olympic games for over 40 years. Nowadays: tens of millions of women and men in Europe take it every morning. Rhodiola also has the strange effect of increasing ATP production. That means your resting metabolism. So even if you had no time to exercise, you can still increase your metabolism and burn fat.11

"I love red juice! It's a fresh, fruity powerhouse of nutrients. I can feel my cells waking up as soon as it hits my tongue. I definitely enjoy the clarity and energy that come from it. It's something I look forward to everyday." Individual results may vary.

- Austin Beals

"Organifi Red Juice has a crisp and delicious taste that caught me by surprise! I love the natural feeling of alertness and clarity that it gives me throughout my day!" Individual results may vary.

– Marcus Bradley

Organifi Red has become my go to drink every single day!It is super light, crisp, and ultra refreshing. My favorite way to drink it is before a workout. I can’t imagine going back to my previous “pre-workout” supplement now that I have this super-energizing all organic, natural, superfood blend to boost my workouts and make me feel incredible. I am absolutely hooked! Individual results may vary.

– Amy Rose

Organifi Red Juice is delicious. It was fruity but not overwhelmingly sweet! I could easily drink this every day for pure pleasure without feeling the task of making sure I consume my vitamins. I am LOVING the energy and mental clarity! Individual results may vary.

– Zach Mencik

The above testimonials are from our Organifi Customer experience team members during our final product taste testing

As you can see: Organifi Red Juice is a miracle. I’m extremely proud. It’s loaded with organic, premium fat-loss nutrients. It’s overflowing with skin strengthening antioxidants from faraway lands. It’s tailor made. See, women and men much like YOU gave me the idea! So, by popular demand, I squeezed 11 ingredients for anti-aging AND fat loss into one glass. Are you ready to try it?

Yes, red Juice tastes like a fruity punch. It might remind you of the punchbowl your mom used to make at parties. While you taste it: it will be hard to believe you’re sipping down millions of antioxidants from the world’s most-desired superfoods. These are the same exotic superfoods most people are missing. (Many skin care companies are also clawing to get their hands on these ingredients. We’ve also got other fat-burner companies on our tail too! That’s why they sell out pretty frequently. If you can still see this page, that means we have a fresh batch ready to ship. You’re pretty lucky!)

So here it is. This ruby-colored punch is super easy to remember. It’s the simplest way to bump up your metabolism AND even strengthen your skin in one swoop. Just make one tiny change: Drop a bright red scoop of this mix into some water, and take a few sips each morning.

It’s just $1.98 per day. That’s less than the cost of a coffee shop stop. Plus, it’s 10 times more nutritious than coffee! Now imagine this: What if you drank 11 metabolism-burning, anti-aging superfoods each day?! Think how different would you feel and look in just a short time! Come join the rest of us. Start seeing the results today!

As always, Every Single Morsel Of Organifi Red Juice Is:

The 100% No-Risk Promise

Order right now with confidence!

Try it out for 30 days and if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back!
There’s absolute no-risk in giving it a try.
Even if you just don’t like the flavor, you can get your money back!

Breathe deep. You don’t have to rush into a decision now.

Just try the Red Juice first. Put me to the test. See if you like the tart, sweet flavor. Wait till you feel the “warming bump” in your metabolism. Order today, and you’ve still got four weeks to think about it. Decide when you’re ready. I’ll still give you a full 100% refund of every single penny.

You might think: “What if some people guzzle the whole jar, and still ask for a refund?” Yes, you're right. I’m sure that happens. It’s okay with me. I give a full refund to any woman or man who asks. All feedback means a lot to me. It helps me make better juice for you next time.

So, if you care about your time: I’ve already done the dirty work. I’ve met with doctors. I’ve met with clients. I’ve screened nutritionists, farmers, and even medicine men (and women) from distant countries. I researched the superfood herbs from Asia which “bump up” your metabolism. I located exotic roots and wild-berries from South America that heal and strengthen human skin tissue.

Then I bargained. I struck deals with farmers and planters. It wasn’t easy. 100% USDA Organic was a must-have for every premium morsel. I believe you deserve the best. Finally, we mixed in some sweet monk fruit juice (just one crystal-clear drop.) We squeezed it all into a small jar that you can place in your kitchen cupboard at home.

So you be the judge. Drink it in the morning for a while. Use it for a few weeks if you like. If you decide you don’t like it, I’ll give you ALL your money back. Every last penny… even if you drank it all. No questions asked. It’s absolutely risk free. You’ve got nothing to lose. That’s my 100% guaranteed risk-free trial. Click below. Try it today.

Drew Canole
Organifi Founder

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