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Wake up feeling amazing thanks to superfoods and adaptogens like reishi mushrooms, lemon balm, & turmeric crafted for a creamy, delicious flavor.

promote restful sleep
support immune system health
support relaxation

gold pumpkin spice

Ground yourself with reishi mushroom, lemon balm, and relaxing herbs & spices crafted for a delicious flavor and perfect evening wind down.

promote restful sleep
support immune system health
support relaxation
turmeric Restoring Herb

An ancient restorative root containing the active ingredient Curcumin, supports a healthy immune system and exercise-induced muscle soreness.  

lemon balm The “Calming Herb”

 Known as the calming herb, it promotes relaxation, quality of sleep, and helps to improve a healthy response to stressors.

reishi mushroom The “Queen of Mushrooms”

An adaptogen known as the grounding mushroom supports balance, energy, and longevity while promoting recovery and repair.

turkey tail Immune-Supporting Mushroom

A potent and immune-boosting adaptogen used in ancient China, it's known for its antiviral properties and recovery support.

ginger soothing herb

A soothing herb with a vast array of therapeutic compounds & adaptogen-like properties and widely known to aid in digestion and immunity support.