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Superior, Slimming Superfoods in
Amounts You Can Actually Feel.

  • Proven Stress Support and Healthy Weight Management
  • 11 Nutritionally-Dense Superfoods to Balance the Body
  • Sweetened Naturally; No Preservatives or Artificial Flavors
“I’m ready for a new me!”

A Clinical Dose of Ashwagandha
in Every Serving Supports

Healthy Weight
Reduced Cortisol
Lower Stress
Reduced Cravings
Improved Energy
Daily Reset

The Right Ingredients In the Right Amounts

Other green juices don’t give you what ours can. In theirs, you’ll find things like: loads of sugar, artificial sweeteners or flavors, and “trace amounts” of superfoods. (Basically microscopic particles of green dust.) Organifi Green Juice has 11 medicinal herbs, rejuvenating roots, and other superfoods in measurements that make a difference!

Sippable Superfoods for Weight Management

Our blend is the perfect counterpart to crush your goals. To experience hormonal harmony, energy elevation, mood moderation, support for your body’s natural defenses and healthy responses to stress...you’ll find it all right here. Getting your body back in balance is the first step to healthy weight management.

Transformation Never Tasted SO Good

Over 3,500 5-Star Reviews and counting!

“Organifi makes me feel amazing and it tastes delicious too
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Christine Hassler
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Customer Reviews

Great Way to Get Your Greens!
“I have been adding Organifi Green to my afternoon shakes for years. I love the taste. I love the canisters at home but the pouches are great too for on the go.”
Emily B.
Great Taste!
“I’m 64 and felt tired all the time & had to limit my activities but I’m feeling so much more energized since starting Green Juice!”
Susan M.
Fantastic Product!
“This is the most impressive green Superfood I have ever tasted. So much easier than juicing and I think healthier because I have it all with no fuss! Wonderful flavor.”
Beth D.

The Science-Backed Strategy for Beating Cortisol,
Stress & Excess Weight

The Stress Hormone Spike:

Cortisol is a powerful hormone that has a huge impact on your energy, appetite, digestion, mood, and sleep. Cortisol naturally spikes in the morning, triggering your body to wake up (that’s a good thing). But with the constant barrage of emails, texts, social media messages - combined with the toxins in our home, our environment, and in our food - cortisol releases are being triggered in our bodies more than ever, and at higher rates (that’s a bad thing).

The Cortisol Crash:

When cortisol is constantly high, it causes fatigue in the body. Ever experience a midday crash? That’s cortisol. Ever crave sweets when you’re stressed? That’s cortisol, too. Ever feel tired, but can’t sleep? Yup...cortisol. Consistently high cortisol creates a perpetual cycle: Exhaustion + Junk Food Cravings + Poor Sleep = the perfect storm for packing on pounds and feeling low.

Breaking the Cycle with Green Juice:

The good news is, it’s not hard to overcome the cortisol chaos - IF you have the right superfood nutrition. Organifi Green Juice contains 600mg of KSM ashwagandha, clinically proven to lower cortisol levels. Taken daily, Organifi Green Juice can actually reset your body, reduce stress, and support healthy weight management. Plus, it’s crazy delicious!

If You’re Ready To...

  • FREE yourself from imbalances that can cause poor weight management
  • Nourish your body with STRESS-REDUCING superfoods, including a CLINICAL DOSE of KSM Ashwagandha
  • Sail through your day with VIBRANT ENERGY, a CLEARER MIND, and PEACEFUL REST at night
  • SMILE back at your reflection, knowing you’ll be able to do it all again the next day
  • Give yourself the gift of healthy weight management, so you can FEEL LIKE YOU again...

Then you're ready for
Organifi Green Juice

Join countless others who experience long-lasting transformation with the world’s best sippable superfoods.

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11 Nutritionally Dense, Whole Food Ingredients

Ashwagandha +
Important Ayurvedic herb and adaptogen shown to decrease cortisol.
Moringa +
Loaded with vitamins, minerals, all essential amino acids and antioxidants.
Matcha Green Tea +
High in polyphenols, chlorophyll, and L-theanine
Chlorella +
A nutrient-rich dried sea vegetable especially high in chlorophyll, vitamins & minerals
Spirulina +
Nutrient dense blue-green algae loaded with antioxidants
Turmeric +
4,000 year old remedy to discomfort, featured here in a potent 4:1 extract
Red Beet +
Provides natural way to increase nitric oxide in the body
Wheatgrass +
Loved by the ancient Egyptians for its beneficial effects on their health and vitality
Lemon +
High in vitamin C and supportive of alkalinity in the body
Coconut Water +
High in electrolytes, especially potassium, and hydrating for the human body
Mint +
Used for thousands of years in aiding indigestion, cramps, whitening teeth, and as a sleep aid.

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