MCTs • essential minerals • aloe

  • electrolytes to replenish & rehydrate
  • bioavailable minerals & MCTS
  • low-glycemic coconut sugar
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re-imagine your coffee

Love coffee but loathe the excess sugar in most creamers?  This functional and dairy free blend is lightly-sweetened with low-glycemic coconut sugar. Designed to boost hydration and replenish minerals to start your day feeling balanced.

hydration - coconut water containing high potassium and nutrient-dense aloe vera.

remineralization- essential minerals & electrolytes including magnesium, calcium, & more.

healthy fat & low sugar - MCTs and low-glycemic coconut sugar for sustained energy.

functional ingredients for daily hydration

“I feel confident I’m nourishing my body first thing in the morning & love the subtle coconut taste” - Jess C., Verified Buyer

A creamy blend intentionally crafted with coconut milk, coconut water, sea salt and other superfoods containing bioavailable minerals for morning wellness made easy and enjoyable.

Coconut milk The “Healthy Fat”

Good source of fat which contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs).

Coconut oil Energizing MCTs

Provides a clean boost of energy with natural MCTs

Aquamin Essential Minerals

Sourced from marine algae with organic, bioavailable minerals, rich in plant-based calcium & more.

Aloe Vera Hydration Support

Nutrient-dense and hydrating, often great for skin and digestion.

Sea Salt Replenishing Mineral

Hydration support and high in several trace minerals.

replenish & hydrate your body back to balance

Includes bioavailable minerals, hydrating electrolytes, energizing MCTs, and only 3 grams of sugar.

why is it important to hydrate & replenish?

Rehydration and replenishing your body first thing in the morning supports energy levels throughout the day.  This coconut-fueled blend uses lightly sweetened low-glycemic sugar, along with essential minerals and energizing electrolytes to balance your body for all-day hydration.
for best results, pair with other adaptogenic blends

your all-day ritual kit

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