Organifi Complete Detox Phase 3 Bundle - 2 Green Juice, 1 Probiotic, 1 Protein

See Results In The Mirror TWICE As Fast! Refill Your Bundle! This is the bundle pack for phase 3 of the infamous Organifi Complete Detox Plan. Here’s what you get:

2 Bottles of Organifi Green Juice (2 scoops daily)
Keep detoxin’.
It “frees” your stubborn fat areas for burning. Now, imagine seeing that stubborn waist finally shrinking. See, metals and pollution are in your food and water. They get absorbed. Where do they hide? Inside your fat cells. The good news: herbs and superfoods can actually pull toxins out! Now your body can FINALLY burn those “free” fat cells!

1 bottle of Biotic Balance Probiotic (30 day supply)
Keep things movin’.
Stop feeling bloated. Soothe away indegestion, cramps, and gas. Digestion is crucial. You don’t want waste getting stuck in your colon. You’re trying to drop weight, not gain it! You also don’t want the precious superfoods from above slipping right through. You want to absorb them! That’s why probiotics are essential. They help in the natural cleansing of your digestive tract. They even help you absorb more nutrients. You’ll feel better, AND see the changes in your body shape faster.

1 Bottle of Organifi Complete Protein (30 day supply)
Start sippin’.
It’s like magic. Imagine how easy it would be to slim down: if a delicious, filling meal was only 175 calories. Just 175 calories could fill you up for 4-5 hours or more! Plus, it has multivitamins, digestive enzymes, and 20 grams of protein! It’s everything you need in a nutritious organic meal! Swap one meal for a filling, low calorie protein shake. It’s a delicious, creamy shake that tastes like dessert. If you’re ready to see some serious changes in your figure, quickly, then this shake will make a world of difference.

*As always, you're protected by a 30 day money back guarantee.  Feel free to consider this a trial.  You have 4 weeks to try the product.  If you decide want your money back for any reason, no problem.  I'll reimburse you the full amount.  

Remember, we're in this together

Drew Canole, Founder of Organifi

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