More wellness. Less waste.
With the premium glass water bottle

Premium Glass Water Bottle

19oz bottle silicone
padded bottom
bamboo lid

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Stylish things come in cylindrical packages. Enjoy your favorite organifi beverage in a stylish glass vessel. Topped with a bamboo lid and hugged by a silicone non-slip grip pad, this bottle touts organifi’s core values. Woo. Nourish. Abundance. As a daily reminder of our gratitude for you, our loyal customers. 

This beautiful bottle holds up to 19 fluid ounces (550ml), perfect for mixing and sipping juice and or smoothies. And with the wide-mouth opening, you’ll have no trouble scooping powder inside. 

Plastic water bottles not only contribute to pollution in the streets, landfills, and oceans, they can actually leak plastic particles and chemicals into the fluids we drink. This bottle is made from the finest borosilicate glass… and it will last for years to come. (How many plastic water bottles do you think the average person could use in just ONE year? And how much would that cost?)

Add style to your water, juice, or smoothie.

Keep your fluids safe from toxins and plastic particles.

Save money, while creating less waste.

It’s a win for you - and the world.

Clink Clink. Cheers to health and wellness. 

*Hand-wash recommended to preserve the quality of materials

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