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Organifi Workout Upgrade Bundle

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The Workout Upgrade Bundle by Organifi

Increase strength... workout longer with less effort... and recover FASTER! Whether you’re in training for a competition, or just trying to get a little light exercise...

Announcing the all-new Workout Upgrade Bundle by Organifi!

  • Take your performance to the next level!
  • Show your peers what endurance REALLY means!
  • Outlast the competition – master your workout!

Here’s what you’ll receive:

1 Bottle Organifi Complete Protein

1 Bottle Organifi Red Juice

1 Bottle Organifi Gold

PLUS the all-new book, “7 Superfoods For An Effective Workout” - absolutely FREE!

Yours today for just $186.87 normally $249.85


Sometimes, getting to the end of your workout is the hardest thing in the world. Time stretches out... minutes last for hours... and your body just wants to quit. Sure, you can usually force yourself to power through... but, after a while of this, you start to dread your workouts.

What if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you could increase your energy and strength, with stamina that lasts all day? That’s the idea behind this specialized assortment of superfoods. This bundle is designed to increase your performance abilities.


By using nutrition that targets your needs. And it’s easier than you think! You don’t need to resort to man-made chemicals, weak supplements, or drugs manufactured in a lab. Give your body the power of natural, organic superfoods instead!

Make EVERY workout count.

The Workout Upgrade Bundle by Organifi

Only $186.87, a savings of $62.98


Let me tell you about what’s inside:

Organifi Complete Protein

This is much more than just a protein shake! Made from the world’s finest sources of plant protein, with none of the risks that come from whey or soy, and no bloating or stomach discomfort... Make no mistake – this is POWERFUL protein! It helps develop and build lean muscle, which in turn provides you with even more energy. It’s also made with coconut milk, which contains MCTs to help provide further energy – so you don’t burn out halfway through your workout. There are enough vitamins and minerals here to completely replace your daily multivitamin as well!

Organifi Red Juice

Our Red Juice pumps up your metabolism! It’s got beet juice to help increase oxygen in the blood for stamina, endurance, and energy. And check this out: Olympic champions from Russia and China have long used superfood ingredients like Cordyceps, Rhodiola, and Siberian Ginseng to pump up their performance. Even though Red Juice is caffeine free, it will give you a kick of energy you feel right away!

Organifi Gold

What’s the most important part of your workout? Recovery. People often don’t think about everything they’ve lost during a workout, or how to replenish it. Every warm mug of Organifi Gold contains turmeric, ginger, reishi mushroom, and a whole lot more. These ingredients have been shown to help ease the soreness from muscles and keep joints loose and free. And while you sleep, your body will continue to repair and rebuild - maximizing your gains!

Together, these three superfood powerhouses will have you working out harder, stronger, and better than ever before. Your body will feel the changes immediately, and your results will show.

Just hit Add to Cart, and in a few days you’ll receive your package. By the next day, you’ll already be enjoying the immediate results. And after a couple weeks, you’ll be feeling truly AMAZING.

Take your workout to the next level... the ULTIMATE level!

Thanks for reading, and remember: we’re in this together.


The Workout Upgrade Bundle by Organifi

1 Bottle Organifi Complete Protein

1 Bottle Organifi Red Juice

1 Bottle Organifi Gold

PLUS the all-new book, “7 Superfoods For An Effective Workout” - absolutely FREE!

Yours today for just $186.87 (normally $249.85)

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