Red Juice

red beet • cordyceps • rhodiola

Formulated by in-house herbalists with adaptogenic herbs, balancing mushrooms and antioxidant-rich berries. Crafted to support all-day sustained energy with low-sugar and no caffeine to recharge when you need it most.

curated for daily energy

Fatigue, lethargy, and tiredness can ruin a good day.  A fresh, delicious red juice in the afternoon can assist with:

sustained energy - fueled by potent adaptogens like reishi, cordyceps, rhodiola and siberian ginseng.
the afternoon “pick-me-up” - low sugar, with red beets to support your body’s natural energy sources.
antioxidant levels - loaded with antioxidant-rich berries, that are craveable and refreshing.

delicious nutrition

“tastes like a berry punch” - Marion C.  Verified Buyer

The delicious taste of this berry blend is the result of a unique combination of six different fruits and other adaptogens containing vitamins and minerals for low sugar, daily energy support made quick, easy & enjoyable.

Red Beet antioxidant powerhouse

Containing essential nutrients, minerals, & nitrates and often used for exercise or endurance support.

Cordyceps ancient mushroom

An adaptogenic mushroom containing nutrients & antioxidants to support energy and balance within the body.

Rhodiola Energizing Adaptogen

A cold-climate plant used to help the body adapt to physical, emotional, or environmental stress.

Reishi Mushroom Queen of Mushrooms

An adaptogen and also known as the “grounding mushroom” because it supports balance and energy levels.

siberian ginseng Potent Antioxidant

Also known as Eleuthero used in traditional Chinese Medicine to support energy, stamina and overall health.

berries, mushrooms & adaptogens for energy support

low sugar, antioxidant-rich fruits with energizing mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs

your berry afternoon boost

You can enjoy all of organifi’s superior superfoods and incredible adaptogens at any time of day; but most customers prefer red juice in the afternoon. That’s because the ingredients work to revitalize the body, support natural energy levels, and provide a great low sugar source of antioxidants.

How can adaptogens support health?

Adaptogens are unique herbal ingredients that support balance and physiological homeostasis within the body. Many medicinal mushrooms function as adaptogens and have been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries for their unique ability to “adapt” their function according to your body’s specific needs. They support all facets of the body’s fundamental processes like healthy cortisol levels to reduce afternoon crashes, stabilize energy, and improve mood. 

Think of an adaptogen as being sort of like a thermostat.  When the thermostat senses that the room temperature is too low, it brings the temperature back up, conversely when the temperature is too high, the thermostat cools the room back down. The beautiful thing about an adaptogen is that it can commonly calm you down while increasing energy. 
for best results pair with adaptogenic blends

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