Transformation Pack - 1 Month Supply (Save $64)

Save $64 On Energy & Digestion Super Bundle! Double Nutrient Absorption With Probiotics, PLUS “Pop” A Green Juice Anywhere!

It’s the perfect “combo” for energy. Maybe you’ve heard: The infamous Organifi Green Juice is loaded with 11 superfoods. These were carefully picked to:

  • Detox your body
  • “Bump” up your energy
  • and Soothe away stress

Alone, it works wonders. That’s why thousands of women and men are raving. They LOVE how they feel while they’re “on it.” Funny, because it’s not a drug.

It’s all organic.  It’s a potent recipe of rare antioxidants and super herbs. These are organic superfoods from hidden nooks and crannies around the globe. It took months to find the organic farms. Then I spent 2 YEARS on the flavor.

It was a hit. Everybody loved it. I saw letters pouring in: “How did you make something so medicinal, taste so good?” See, this “easy juice” brings wild, exotic, medicinal herbs to YOU. You don’t need to shop, chop, or clean a darn thing. (You don’t need to travel to Asia or South America like I did either!) Just drop a scoop in water, then stir and taste.

I was proud. This green juice was boosting people’s energy. It was improving sleep for others. It was calming stress for hardworking women and men on the job everywhere. Then I thought:

How can I make it EVEN EASIER for people?

I looked at the comments. I saw the reviews. I didn’t even have to think. The people had spoken: They wanted something more portable.

  • Women wanted “a quick juice” for their purse or their desk at work.
  • Men wanted a portable juice for their gym bag or glove compartment.

That’s why we created: Organifi Go. It’s the same original Green Juice recipe that cranked heads in the beginning… only now, in single-serving packs.

Now you can have a “quick energy bump” anywhere. Drop one in your:

  1. Purse
  2. Pocket
  3. Desk
  4. Gym Bag
  5. Glove Compartment
  6. … or Anywhere!

They were eaten up. Organifi Go was flying off the shelves like hot pancakes (is that the saying?) We were on a roll. So then I thought: What else do people want? What health “pains” do you feel?

I polled the audience. I texted my close friends and family. I called my past clients. What did I hear?

Digestion. Women and men today have SERIOUS digestion issues. So I hit the books. You’ll never guess what I saw:

Some people have over 40 pounds of waste STUCK in their colon! (How much do you think is stuck in yours?)

People need digestive help. If I could create a digestive enzyme or a natural “gut healer,” then thousands of them could clear their colons out.

They would feel 10 times better. PLUS…

It would DOUBLE the results of Organifi Green Juice!

That’s true. In fact, most nutrients you eat pass right through you. Literally, it’s flushing your healthy (read: expensive) food down the toilet! For that reason, I spent another year making something REALLY special:

Biotic Balance Probiotics!

Balance your belly. Soothe away indigestion. FINALLY, begin absorbing the nutrients you eat (and drink!) Plus, get ready for smooth, regular bowel movements. (Nobody talks about it, but it’s HUGE!) Wave goodbye to painful bloating, gas, and even fatigue and tiredness.

So now you might be thinking:

“How can I save money on all this?”

For that reason, I made this super bundle. See, if you want:

  1. An organic energy boost, without the crash
  2. To soothe away feelings of stress at work
  3. Deeper, more restful sleep
  4. All the benefits of a cup of super antioxidants
  5. Healthy, smooth digestion
  6. And Less feelings of tiredness and fatigue

… then do this:

Take a look at the bundle image to the left.  Here’s what I recommend:

Take one scoop of Organifi Green Juice Each morning.

Then take one capsule of Biotic Balance Probiotics to guarantee healthy digestion all day.

Finally, bring a go pack with you for your afternoon “energy bump”

Today, you can save over $64 dollars and grab the bundle. It’s a HUGE savings, because so many people have asked me for it.

Take one last glance at the bundle picture to the left, then just click the “add to cart button.”

*How to save another 10 percent: Now if you’re serious about your health, you want to make sure the “subscribe and save” is selected. That way, each month you see this perfect combo on your doorstep.

(We all procrastinate. I always forget to subscribe. Next thing I know, 4 months has gone by, and I watched my healthy routine go down the drain.)

So if you’re serious about FINALLY feeling great, and keeping it up, select “subscribe & save” and then click “add to cart” today.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for investing in your health and spending this time with me today.

Remember, we’re in this together


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