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Black “Jelly Of Youth”
People Are Turning To For Energy, Stamina & Peak Performance


Everyone you know believes that athletes, trainers, and gym-goers are usually healthier than the average American, right?

Here's the problem most of them don't know: without supporting cellular respiration, your body will quickly run out of energy, vitality, stamina, and endurance, whether you exercise or not.

Based on the newest research, supporting cellular respiration is crucial for energy, vitality, stamina, and endurance. 1

Mitochondria are often referred to as the "powerhouses" of cells.

They play a central role in generating energy that powers cellular functions we all need to look and feel amazing.

That's why we've scoured the globe for the most nutrient dense, bioactive, all organic compounds shown to support "the powerhouse" of the cell via increased mitochondrial respiration.

For example, would you be shocked to hear that one of the most beneficial substances for human health...

...resides deep within the Earth's ancient crust and is the product of millions of years of natural alchemy?

You see, everyone reading this right now knows their body's fatigue, inflammation, and aging are all directly related to what they put into their body, with a little influence from genetics.

But what surprises most people is just how enormous of a difference the addition of just one daily miracle substance can make to your energy, vitality, and even cellular age reduction… (like your cells aging in reverse!)

Believe it or not, the compound I'm talking about isn't some vegetable or fruit, or even a drug...

Adding this one substance in the morning could be one of the key steps to a shocking transformation in your energy and motivation levels.

For instance:



You’ll discover what this “Earth’s Crust” substance is in a moment...

I’m also going to demonstrate what this strange “black goo” is and why you should take it to support over a hundred documented health benefits like:

Increased skeletal muscle, higher T levels, anti-aging, energy support, defense against inflammation and cellular oxidation, reducing fatigue, skin and hair health, vitality, and even fertility. (4) (5) (6) (7) (9) (10)

This “black goo” or “black jelly” is used incessantly in Himalayan villages and could be the reason why these amazing people can age so gracefully with incredible energy, even at high altitudes and in harsh climates where most of us probably wouldn’t survive.

Keep reading and I'm going to reveal 8 different types of compounds found in the most harsh corners of the Earth’s crust with the BIGGEST impact on cellular respiration.

But before we dive in, you might want to open a note app on your phone, since there’s a quiz at the bottom of this page.

Just kidding, there’s no quiz, but I AM going to share a lot of valuable information that could change your life forever, like it has for many people you’ll see below. So feel free to take screenshots or notes.

We may be forced to take this page down soon due to how severely it will impact the health supplement and even “Big Pharma” industries...

But first, what is cellular respiration?

Cellular respiration is an absolutely crucial biological process that converts nutrients into energy.

It’s fundamental for sustaining life in your cells because it’s what provides them energy to perform their life-giving functions.

Think of your cells like a string of Christmas lights. If one light goes bad, the rest don’t turn on right?

Your body is very similar. Cellular respiration occurs inside your mitochondria, where NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is produced. This compound passes electrons on from one cell to the next, like a superconductor, producing ATP.

And we can think of ATP like trillions of little batteries filled with energy. Your cells then transfer ATP to each other to perform thousands of miracle processes that keep your body alive!

But if your ATP aren’t supported, nourished, and taken care of, this can lead to severe cellular impairment, like all of your batteries dying at once, resulting in muscle weakness, neurological disorders, heart problems, and other systemic issues. 14

So to keep those “Christmas lights” in your body shining bright and transfering power to each other, there are some very necessary compounds that are required for peak cellular respiration.

So just what are these unique compounds?

Let’s begin with this compound you saw earlier, the “Earth’s Crust” chemical.

To begin to fathom just how powerful this is for nutrient absorption, detoxification, immunity, fighting inflammation, and promoting energy, vitality, and stamina...

... I first have to ask you a question...

Why is boosting energy so hard for most people? In theory shouldn’t it be simple?

But if you’ve tried drinking coffee until your teeth turned yellow...

If you’ve pounded energy drinks or pre workouts until your whole body shook with the jitters and anxiety...

If you’ve tried going to bed early or doing yoga or exercise... like a lot of my clients have...

You know there’s one force almost always more domineering than human willpower... fatigue!

It’s completely natural too. See, fatigue is very useful. It tells our brain that we need to slow down, rest, and recover.

Sometimes fatigue strikes when you’re not even tired. You could have a full day of errands or a ton of work to do at your job. You go to bed early, praying that you’ll have energy to “seize the day” but what happens?

When you get to work, you just slump into your chair and start fantasizing about being in bed, asleep!

And if you’ve ever ended up skipping your exercise plan to sit on the couch and stare at your phone, or sat in your car for 10 minutes outside the gym, not wanting to go in, then you probably know what I’m talking about...

But hey, don’t get angry at your body for this. It’s only trying to keep you alive!

When early humans engaged in physically demanding activities, such as hunting or gathering, they would expend a significant amount of energy... probably running from sabertooth tigers or hunting wooly mammoths.

Fatigue would signal to their brain the need to rest and recover, preventing overexertion and potential injuries.

These days however, most of us don’t have to hunt big game for food, or even experience physically dangerous demands.

So why do we feel even more fatigued than our ancestors did?

Many reasons... Because our bodies have been tricked by decades of toxins in our water and food supply, stressful jobs, even ionizing radiation and psychologically traumatizing media... which has made our brain think we’re constantly in a state of war or injury!

This leads to constant feelings of tiredness, lack of focus, physical exhaustion, lack of motivation, and just a perpetual feeling of ‘bleh.’

This is also why unexplained health issues like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, and neuropathy have seemingly come out of nowhere in the last few decades.

If you’ve ever tried to add a new fitness goal or new year’s resolution to your lifestyle, only to crash miserably from weariness, aches and pains, stiffness, lack of motivation, and then feel even worse...

Let me tell you something... it doesn’t have to be that way!

Many times, in fact, MOST times fatigue, lethargy, and lack of focus are just scrambled messages in the brain. Instead of feeling tired all the time, you should feel MORE energy after exercise, more motivation and more youth and vitality... not less!

So how do we quiet this “scrambled message” of fatigue?!

How do we return to those days of springboarding out of bed feeling amazing, youthful, vibrant, ready to hit the gym, crush our personal records, shock our family and coworkers with our newfound zeal for life and even career performance?!

Well it’s not about sleeping more or getting more coffee or even getting a tough personal trainer!

We believe in increasing energy, stamina, endurance, and vitality by naturally healing and supporting cellular respiration.

Why is cellular respiration so crucial to your health?

As you know mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. The primary role of mitochondria is to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the energy currency of the cell.

Enhanced cellular respiration increases ATP production, leading to more energy available for cells and thus the entire body.

Your stamina and endurance are directly dependent on the efficiency of energy produced by the mitochondria.

Better mitochondrial function means: during prolonged physical activity, your cells can produce ATP more efficiently as well, which stops fatigue in its tracks.

Now what about focus and mental clarity?

Well the brain is an energy-intensive organ, and cognitive processes such as focus, memory, and problem-solving are dependent on adequate ATP supply.

Improved cellular respiration can enhance cognitive function by providing the brain with a steady stream of more efficient power!

So what compounds enhance cellular respiration?

Fulvic acid

Fulvic acid has an enormous impact on stabilizing the inner mitochondrial membrane, improving the mitochondria's efficiency in energy production.

It also controls the electron transport chain, a critical phase of aerobic respiration, by donating and accepting electrons, which can facilitate the more efficient production of ATP.

Our bodies are flowing with electricity, and fulvic acid can be thought of as a great conductor!

The problem is, fulvic acid is practically impossible to find. It’s a product of decomposing plant material. So think compost piles and 6 month old spinach...

The most popular source of fulvic acid, until this himalayan breakthrough you’ll hear about in a minute, is peat moss baths...

Bathing in peat moss seems to be the most common way people absorb fulvic acid for its shocking energy and stamina benefits through mitochondrial support...

Until now... but before I tell you about this breakthrough new method of getting a turbo-boost of fulvic acid, naturally...

Let’s talk about a sister-acid that’s just as necessary if you want boundless energy, vitality, focus, and peak performance both in and out of the gym.

Humic acid

One of the main culprits in shutting down mitochondria, inevitably causing unexplainable fatigue and endless tiredness, is HEAVY METAL TOXICITY.

Heavy metal is everywhere, and I’m not talking about Iron Maiden.

Our water supply, food supply, even our soaps, moisturizers, shampoos, are all drowning in toxic, mitochondria-clogging heavy metals. These are micro-particles of metal that practically clog our cells up like a wrench in the gears.

It’s only gotten worse in recent decades.

The good news, humic acid has an almost magical ability to CHELATE heavy metals. That means it binds to foreign metals and removes them from the body!

It’s almost like God and nature gave us the solution to our own self inflicted problems!

Humic acid can also support the electron transport chain, stabilize mitochondrial membranes, and even enhance gene expression, making your mitochondria powerhouses work even more efficiently at energy production!



By now you might be scratching your head thinking “how can i get more fulvic and humic acid, by bathing in decomposing peat moss?”

I’ll answer that question in just a second, but before you run outside to roll around in your compost pile like a dog, let’s talk about America’s favorite guilty pleasure:

How much coffee or caffeine do you consume?

All the studies done on the benefits of coffee or caffeine focus on SHORT TERM use.

Long term use of coffee and caffeine can lead to increased cortisol and adrenaline, which can all but shut down your mitochondria. (16)

They can also cause oxidative stress, which damages cellular structures like mitochondrial DNA, and obviously disrupt sleep.

Plus nobody likes coffee teeth.

So for the real benefits of coffee and caffeine, without the negative side effects, you’ll need to cycle off and only use it when you need it.

If you want all the benefits of coffee and caffeine, like the energy and focus, but longer lasting and without the crash or long-term side effects, you’ll need a permanent solution to mitochondrial support, not just something that blocks sleepiness.

Trace minerals such as zinc, copper, iron, and manganese can support the cellular processes responsible for energy production in the body, but they need to be built up over time and they need to be taken in an absorbable form.

Now we’ve talked about the amazing benefits of fulvic acid, humic acid, and trace minerals responsible for enhanced energy, vitality, focus, and stamina in the body.

I also promised to show you even MORE compounds that can radically improve your energy levels for the rest of your life.

But first, let me introduce myself.

I'm Drew Canole, the guy who started ORGANIFI and CEO of FitlifeTV.

You might have seen me as the "juicing enthusiast" in media outlets like Reader’s Digest, The Los Angeles Times, or NBC.

But to be honest, I'm not too fussed about being on the news.

My real passion? It's all about amazing fruits, veggies, medicinal mushrooms, exotic plants, and herbs that keep you healthy. I love sharing these superfoods with health-conscious folks like you.

Why? So you can look and FEEL amazing, every hour of every day for the rest of your life!

My own health journey wasn't always smooth. Picture this: me, 35 pounds heavier and always feeling like I needed a nap. I was stuck in a finance job, glued to a computer all day.

Drew Canole

Drew Canole

I was so tired all the time, making healthy meals just didn't happen. Instead, I'd grab quick eats like fries, chips, and ice cream.

The result? Extra weight that just wouldn't budge, no matter what I tried. Low-fat foods, fewer calories, more exercise – nothing worked.

Even worse, I FELT like I was 80 years old. Lazy, lethargic, negative thoughts and anxiety swirling around in my head, and absolutely no energy to do anything.

I was writing off my hopes and dreams of business and family, because I thought I just didn’t have the energy to work towards them anymore.

I felt stuck. I thought, "Maybe this is just what happens when you get older."

I was hopeless and I felt like I was out of options.

Then one day everything changed when my guardian angel handed me this “black goo”

It was a dark, black tar-like substance that looked like it was from another planet.

He told me ‘mix this with water and drink it. It will change your life.’

So I did. It tasted like charcoal. It took every ounce of energy I could muster up to choke this stuff down.

I said “well I’m never doing that again” and I went on with my day.

Within a few hours, something amazing happened. It was like a veil was lifted off of my face. I saw everything more clearly. I was in an amazing mood. My energy was skyrocketing and it was already 4pm in the afternoon!

So I made a commitment to choke down this black goo every day for 90 days. I thought “I’ve never felt this way in my life and maybe this could be the miracle that I needed!”

Within a few months, everything turned around for me. I shed those extra pounds, regained my zest for life, and I felt vibrant and alert once more.

My fatigue was gone. My anxiety and fear and hopelessness about the future had vanished. I felt younger, and younger every day, and the extra 35 pounds I had carried were now history.

Even after a demanding day at work, I was still brimming with energy. I was ready at the drop of a hat for a gym session, hanging out with friends, or running my errands.

In short, I was truly experiencing life for the first time. Instead of collapsing on my couch for another evening of Netflix, I was active and engaged post-work.

Above all, I felt healthy, joyful, and rejuvenated. My friends saw it too and often remarked on my newfound confidence.

This led to a realization that I still hold dear, and it's a belief shared by all our 2.2 million followers.

Feel proud of your body, your mind, and your energy with a daily habit that will change your life

Fueling your cellular respiration is just so important, and without it, everything else falls apart. You literally can’t become the person you were meant to be.

So, following that experience, I dedicated myself to helping as many people as possible achieve a complete transformation in their lives.

Now, my goal is to revolutionize the world through community engagement, nutritional guidance, and changing daily habits.

With our presence on platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram, we've amassed roughly 2.2 million followers.

As evident, we have a long journey ahead... and that's incredibly motivating for me!

I'm passionate about witnessing the joy in individuals when they undergo a transformation after receiving the essential bioactive compounds they need.

It's not just about their outward looks, but also their mental sharpness, resilience, endurance, and drive.

They exhibit more vibrant energy, broader grins, and a newfound enthusiasm for life that had been missing for ages.

If you've struggled with weight loss or maintaining consistent energy for your goals, whether in health, relationships, or career...

Know that you're not in this alone.

Balancing a draining job, preparing meals for your family, and maintaining a tidy home is tough enough...

And then there's societal pressure to stay in shape, be financially successful, and support your partner.

With all these expectations, who would want to force themselves to consume some charcoal-tasting, thick, black goo daily?

That's why today, I'm excited to share something with you that’s not about pleasing society, your partner, your parents, or your children...

It's something exclusively for YOU.



Introducing Organifi Shilajit Gummies!

From black goo to sweet chew:
the world’s most healthy bioactive compounds are now tucked safely inside a delicious treat!



My goal in formulating this was simple...

Shilajit is the result of thousands of years of superfoods, practically fermented and compressed into tiny, bioactive molecules, so dense, you can barely eat it without it sticking to the roof of your mouth.

I wanted my research team to actually find a way to take that substance through a special patent-pending process...

And produce a delicious chewable gummy.

And they did it!

So for those of you who remember being kids when Hulk Hogan told us to ‘say your prayers and take your vitamins’ well, this is the grown up version of that...

Shilajit gummies bring together 8 different categories of enzymes, bioactive compounds, acids and other building blocks that your mitochondria need to act like a superconductor and create ATP!

You’ve already heard about two of these compounds:

Fulvic acid, which can enhance energy levels by improving nutrient absorption, increasing cellular energy production, and supporting mitochondrial function.

Humic acid, which aids in detoxification, and supporting overall metabolic function.

Both of these, as well as the remaining 6 different compounds I’m about to show you...

...Are the result of thousands of years of compressed superfoods, packed into this best-selling, GLYPHOSATE-RESIDUE FREE, Organifi Shilajit Gummy.

Just pop two gummies in your mouth each day and you’ve got 250mg of Primavie Shilajit!

No foul taste, no sticking to the roof of your mouth, or choking down black tar necessary.



Prove Them All Wrong & Win Back The Body & Energy You Miss By Adding This To Your Daily Routine

Just imagine the look on your friends’ faces when they begin to notice changes in your physique, your mental focus, and your performance at work and in the gym!

Diet and exercise can make a difference in how we look and feel, but it can only take us so far...

Especially when the main trigger for diet and exercise is... ENERGY!

But what if we could add something to our morning routine that skyrockets our energy, our motivation, and our zeal for greater achievement...

Something that builds up in our system over time, like a giant snowball rolling down a hill...

Just imagine what you could achieve in the gym or in your career, turning back the clock on your cellular age and boosting your cellular respiration...

... Just by adding this ‘himalayan edge’ to your morning routine!

It’s the ultimate proof that something healthy can taste amazing

Are you curious what Organifi Shilajit Gummies taste like?

Just click the button here to grab your supply now.


Because of how rare and high quality Primavie Shilajit is, a month’s supply is normally pretty pricey...

Plus we’ve gone out of stock already several times...

But for today only, I’ve negotiated a special deal for you from our harvesters.

Even though shilajit harvesting is a time-consuming, pain-staking process, our farmers and formulators have allowed us to create some special bundle deals for you!

You may be surprised when you find out just how big the bonus is... more on that in just a minute.

When your Shilajit gummies arrive on your doorstep in just a couple days, go ahead and pop one in your mouth and begin to chew.

Here’s what you can expect...

In the next 20 minutes, you'll notice a surge of natural energy coupled with a sense of fulfillment and positivity. This is due to your body absorbing a rich blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

You'll experience an energy boost similar to what you'd get from drinking several cups of coffee, but with a crucial distinction...

... you won't encounter any jitteriness or anxiety. Plus, this newfound energy will sustain you throughout the entire day.

You can thank the thousands of years of compressed superfoods and bioactive compounds for that.

Before long, you'll find yourself smiling as you notice the energy and motivation increasing.

Making this healthy decision first thing in the morning sets the tone for easier health-conscious choices all day long.

Opting for nutritious foods becomes more effortless, engaging in physical activity feels more instinctive, and a positive mindset takes hold naturally.

You might even observe changes in your appearance when you look in the mirror - your skin and hair will start to appear smoother, more vibrant, and rejuvenated.

But Organifi Shilajit gummies aren't just about that.

This is about transforming every single cell inside your body!

That’s why we have to learn about all the other miraculous phytonutrients and bioactive comounds found in shilajit.

Trace minerals are minerals that are 100% crucial for biological processes. Without them, you’d wither away.

In just one serving of shilajit, you can find all of these trace minerals:

Here Are 5 More Amazing Compounds Found In Shilajit


These are a class of organic compounds that are very rare but very useful in the human body.

They’ve been researched for their incredible antioxidant effects.

They’re also thought to play a role in energy metabolism and have therapeutic potential due to their physiological effects.

Fulvic Minerals:

Remember how we learned earlier that fulvic acid had a ‘chelating’ effect? It could bind to heavy metals and REMOVE them from the body...

Well fulvic minerals are essentially minerals that are BOUND to fulvic acid. What that means is as they come into your body...

... they’re packaged up and ready to be absorbed in the most efficient way possible.

Many vitamins and minerals that Americans buy go right down the toilet, literally. They’re not bound to anything. They just get ingested and many times not even used!

This is not the case with fulvic minerals. They’re easily absorbed and put to use almost instantly thanks to their ‘carrier,’ fulvic acid.

Amino Acids:

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins necessary for muscle growth and repair.

Common amino acids found in shilajit include glycine, alanine, serine, histidine, threonine, aspartic acid, and glutamic acid.

These unique building blocks are involved in protein synthesis, serve as neurotransmitter precursors, and play roles in metabolism and energy production.

All of these processes are necessary for enhancing physical performance and recovery, supporting the immune system, and improving cognitive functions.


Let’s take a look at some of the vitamins found in shilajit for a second.

  • Vitamin A is essential for vision, immune function, and skin health.

  • B vitamins are involved in energy metabolism and nervous system health.

  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant that supports immune function and collagen production.

And keep in mind, vitamins and minerals COMBINED with fulvic acid are exponentially more absorbable and useful in the body!

Bioactive Plant-Based Compounds:

Bioactive compounds are substances that have an effect on living organisms, tissues, or cells. Three most beneficial bioactive plant-based compounds are polyphenols, terpenoids, and lignins.

  • Polyphenols are well-known for their antioxidant properties, meaning they can neutralize harmful free radicals in the body. This property is linked to a reduced risk of several chronic diseases, including heart crisis, diabetes, and certain growths. Polyphenols also have anti-inflammatory effects and can impact gut microbiota positively.

  • Terpenoids have been studied for their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-oncological properties.

  • Lignins can support cardiovascular health and have antioxidant properties. They’re also a dietary fiber, and have been shown to support a healthy microbiome (that’s the good bacteria living in your gut, helping you digest and absorb nutrients properly).

My top 5 favorite science-backed benefits of shilajit

Enhanced Muscle Growth

Enhanced Muscle Growth

A study performed at the University Of Nebraska concluded that high-dose Shilajit supplementation positively influenced muscle and connective tissue. Specifically, it promoted the retention of maximal muscular strength following fatigue and positively impacted connective tissue health, as evidenced by changes in HYP levels. 13

Increased T levels

A study from The West Bengal University of Health Sciences suggests that Shilajit supplementation of 500 mg per day can positively affect male androgenic hormones, particularly by increasing T levels in men aged between 45 and 55 years. 5

Boosted Energy

A study from the Journal Of Ethnopharmacology suggested that shilajit can mitigate the effect of chronic fatigue syndrome, possibly through preservation of mitochondrial function and integrity. (9)

Promoted Anti-Aging

A study performed at Ohio State University showed that 8 weeks of Shilajit supplementation at doses of 500 mg and 1000 mg per day can increase Type 1 collagen synthesis, which is great for skin, bone, ligament, joint, and muscle health. 10

Reduced Obesity

A study done in Pakistan suggested that 200 mg of Shilajit may be effective for reducing body weight in the context of hyperlipidemia-induced obesity.15

All those benefits are produced by nature herself, from natural superfoods that have been compressing and fermenting since the time those wooly mammoths walked the earth!

This is as close to a “Gummy Of Youth” as you can get!

Fulvic acid, humic acid, trace minerals, Dibenzo-αlpha-Pyrones, fulvic minerals, amino acids, vitamins, bioactive plant enzymes, and compounds like polyphenols, terpenoids, and lignins...

These are the building blocks of life on earth!

All inside one delicious gummy that you’ll look forward to enjoying. No more choking down charcoal-tasting capsules or tar-like black goo for the same benefits!

It’s not enough just to teach people how to be healthy:

We have to make it easy and delicious.

That’s why we have so many messages of people saying things like:



Without a doubt, this is the best shilajit product on the market, not only because you’ll have a blast, and even enjoy chewing a tasty, gummy treat every morning...

But because the himalayan people who harvest this shilajit work hard, and are paid very well, to ensure the highest quality, premium, extra-strength, unaltered raw material is chosen for us.

So as you can imagine, it’s not cheap for us.

If you were to try and source all of these individually from your local health food store, here’s what that might look like:

Fulvic Acid is most commonly consumed through the skin in peat moss baths, but some companies have found a way to dry this material and sell it for $34.99.

Humic Acid in its most bioavailable form goes for $55.99

Trace Minerals in their most absorbable form will go for $34.99 for specific trace mineral drops.

Fulvic Minerals can cost up to $69.99 for a highly concentrated source.

Amino Acids like those found in shilajit can cost up to $55.00 per container.

A month's supply of multivitamins can cost between $10 to $25.

Polyphenol supplements are priced around $32.99.

That’s about $308.95 for premium supplements of similar value to shilajit, NOT even including the Dibenzo-αlpha-Pyrones, bioactive plant enzymes, terpenoids, and lignins that scientists are still struggling to understand!

Fortunately, thousands of years of natural fermentation and decomposition has combined all of these amazing, life-building compounds for us, without a laboratory, into one miracle substance...

So you won’t be paying $308...

Because you’ve followed me along in this exposé this far, I know that you’re a health enthusiast like me...

You, like me, want the biggest ‘bang’ for your buck. If you’re going to try a new health breakthrough, you want the best product at the best price, or you’ll go somewhere else.

I’m the same way.

That’s why I’m not going to offer you Organifi Shilajit Gummies today for $150 a bag, or even $120...

You’ll be getting a month supply of all the miraculous, energy-supporting, powerhouse-of-the-cell-enhancing shilajit... for just $79.95

That’s a month’s supply for $1.98, cheaper than a coffee, or even the donut your neighbor eats for breakfast... with 1,000 times the health benefits!

And that doesn’t include the FIRST TIME CUSTOMER discounts you’ll see in just a second, which can save you almost 50% off!

I’m so confident that Organifi Shilajit is going to skyrocket you to new levels, that if you’re not completely, utterly, and totally over the moon for this product after 60 days...

Your order of Organifi Shilajit Gummy is protected by a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee

If you don’t start seeing, feeling, and noticing improvements in the mirror, your energy, focus, motivation, and become a younger looking and feeling version of yourself...

And if you don’t absolutely love the taste when you chew these up every single morning as a part of your new routine...

Then I’ll write you a check for the full amount!

Even if you eat them all and THEN decide you aren’t satisfied for any reason, even the color of the bag...

I’ll give you a 100% refund.

I just want you to understand as you read this all right now, there’s ZERO RISK.


Click the button below to begin your transformation and finally start feeling like the person you were meant to be today!


Due to demand, we have a very difficult time keeping this product in stock. If the benefits above resonate with you, and you see the active buy button below, we recommend buying a bulk order to save big and so you don’t miss out.

Remember: you can always return it for a full refund if you don't absolutely love it!

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Remember: you have MY promise that Organifi Shilajit Gummies have been harvested with the utmost quality.

Like most of our customers, you probably already know we hold ourselves to the highest standard and have all of our products third party tested.

So you know that what’s on the label is what you’re getting.

Not only is this the highest quality Primavie Shilajit on the market...

It’s now also the best tasting, thanks to our breakthrough process of preserving all the benefits while formulating as a delicious gummy, like when we were kids!

When you invest in your health today, you’ll be joining over 4 million followers in the Organifi and Fitlife family on our quest to become superhuman through nutrition and natural science!

So while the rest of the world, unfortunately, are becoming more tired and sick every day... allowing themselves to be poisoned with preservatives, sugars, and processed chemicals in their foods...

You will be joining us to slim down, increase energy, vitality, stamina, endurance, focus, and energy.

Plus I’m so excited to be a part of your health transformation that if you act today, I’ll give you 13% off of one unit just for spending time here with me today.

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So click this button below to order your supply of Organifi Shilajit Gummies today!


Click the button below to begin your transformation and finally start feeling like the person you were meant to be today!


Due to demand, we have a very difficult time keeping this product in stock. If the benefits above resonate with you, and you see the active buy button below, we recommend buying a bulk order to save big and so you don’t miss out.

Remember: you can always return it for a full refund if you don't absolutely love it!

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Don't be shocked if you find yourself waking up with a newfound positive attitude and energy.

If you're taking on the day without trudging through the morning, it's because your body is flooded with trace minerals, acids, and bioactive compounds to recharge your mitochondria and enhance cellular respiration in your body!

It's because your brain's getting all the right nutrients it needs to think sharp and fast.

Just think how awesome it'll feel to slip into those clothes you haven't worn since your college days, thanks to all the additional activities you participate in with your newfound energy!

An Instant Boost In Stamina, Energy, Vitality, Endurance, All Just By Supporting Cellular Respiration & Mitochondrial Health!

You can feel every aspect of your health improve, from benefits to immune system, performance, concentration, and more!

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You deserve it!

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We're committed to making your health investment absolutely risk-free and straightforward.

But, while you have that safety net...

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Once you experience its incredible impact on your well-being, you'll see what we mean!

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