Feeling Sluggish? 10 Superfoods that Will Put the Spring In Your Step

Can green juice put a spring in your step?

If winter had your energy levels go down, you felt hit by Seasonal Affective Disorder, or fell prey to an early-spring cold - it just might:

  • Chronic fatigue has been recognized as a disease in the US since 2015. Labeled as “systemic exertion intolerance disease” it is believed to affect between 860,000 and 2.5 million Americans.
  • According to the US Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, three-quarters of the US population has a low vegetables, fruit, dairy, and oils eating pattern.
  • When the body is nutrient-starved of nutrient it can’t function properly leading to feeling fatigued and low-energy levels.
  • Green juice, green juice powder, and other natural nutrient-dense foods and beverages improve energy levels supporting sleep, improving immunity, and providing critical vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Spring is all about renovations, new chances, and blooming into the best version of you. If you’re feeling sleepy, resent Daily Time Savings changes, or just haven’t felt like shedding the winter cocoon, you’re not alone.

Approximately 40% of the US workforce is affected by chronic fatigue, and between 860,000 and 2.5 million Americans report feeling tired all the time.

We feel you. Want to get that proverbial spring in your step back? It might be simpler than you think:

Nutrition may be the key to unlocking unlimited energy, great sleep, and thriving health.

The solution to low energy levels may be as simple as drinking more Green Juice! Now that may sound like a cop out and our favorite go-to, but the numbers don’t lie:

Americans are simply not getting the proper nutrients in their diets every day.

A whopping three-quarter of the US population - that’s about 75% or over 324 million people- do not get the proper nutrients in their daily diet; we’re eating too many calories, at times too many proteins, and not enough fruits and vegetables.

The body works in a simple way: what you eat fuels your life!

Get more energy-supporting nutrients in your diet and you’ll soon start to see an uptick in energy levels. Fight sluggishness, poor immunity (a cold will never feel high energy!), and sour moods with a green juice of your choice leveraging these superfoods:

About Green Juice and Energy:

A green juice a day (or more!) helps condense multiple servings of important and nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, and other superfoods (like wheatgrass or spirulina) into an individual, simple, and easy-to-consume beverage.

Why would a green juice help with your energy levels?

Simple: your body’s energy levels are directly proportional to the nutrients or “fuel” you have in your body. If most of that fuel is sugar, fats, or worse - little to no food at all (raise your hand if you’ve skipped at least one meal due to work or stress, say I!) then your body will for sure be lacking key vitamins, minerals, and amino acids necessary to produce energy.

Green juice is a quick and easy remedy that power-packs one drink with nutrient-dense foods that help you recover, regain necessary nutrients, and fight energy-depleting illnesses.

No time for juicing? No problem.

Green juice powder is a wonderful alternative to natural green juice. If it is made out of carefully dehydrated ingredients, green juice powder retains all the healthy - and energy-boosting - nutrients of its blended counterpart. Simply add to water and chug a healthy portion of fruits and vegetables.

Energizing Superfoods that Will Put a Spring in Your Step

#1 Ginger:

Is there an end to the health benefits of ginger? It’s believed to be a natural antibiotic, immune-boosting root, supports liver detox, and also provides you with a blessed energy kick due to its ability to help lower blood sugar levels and improved blood circulation.

It’s also rich in antioxidants and a great way to start your morning: ginger tea, lime, and honey tea is a delicious alternative to coffee, it’s also a great addition to any green juice and even a spicy base for green juice powder. You can also add it to lemon water for weight loss goals as well. You can find the health benefits of ginger in our Organifi Immunity extract.

#2 Matcha Green Tea:

It is estimated that two grams of matcha green tea powder contains approximately the same amount of caffeine than espresso. Matcha green tea has many antioxidants, including the antioxidant EGCG that may help reduce stress, regulate hormones (hello energy levels!), and even reduce appetite (helping you eliminate those energy-sucking sugar cravings and habits!)

Matcha green tea also has L-Theanine, a relaxing amino-acid believed to work in synchronicity with the caffeine for a calm and focused energy boost, instead of the manic high associated with pure caffeine. Try it in tea form! It’s also found in our green juice powder ;)

#3 Oranges:

Excellent source of Vitamin C (as much as 106% of the RDI for vitamin C) and antioxidants and we just don’t get enough of it. Oxidative stress has been linked to fatigue, you can get that spring in your step and strengthen the immune system by increasing your orange intake.

No time for peeling or juicing oranges? Try our immunity drink.

#4 Berries:

Another great source of antioxidants and vitamins, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries do not just taste delicious but may also give you an energy boost by helping lower or fight inflammation, helping you lower processed sugar intake (still sweet but in a good way), and reducing oxidative stress. Blueberries and strawberries make our Organifi Red Juice a perfect afternoon pick-me-up, tart-sweet, with no guilt.

#5 Cocoa:

Cocoa benefits are widely known (it’s recognized as an antioxidant, rejuvenating, and cognitive function booster) but did you know raw cacao is the secret to more energy? Cacao benefits blood circulation, helping the blood flow to the brain, provides a healthy dose of magnesium for better rest, and helps release endorphins and neurotransmitters that fuel positive emotions - depression is usually linked to low energy levels.

You can get cocoa benefits in really pure 80% or more dark chocolate bars, or in pure extract form in our Organifi Gold Chocolate Infusion.  

#6 Coconut Water:

Coconut water contains potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, sugar, iron, some protein, and other nutrient-rich elements. Interestingly, coconut water has these elements in the same proportion as the human body, which is why in some places it was used instead of a blood transfusion, as plasma replacement, during World War II.

Coconut water is extremely hydrating, one 8OZ glass has as much potassium as a banana, it’s great to replenish electrolytes (nature’s Gatorade without the food colorant)and helps boost energy levels by keeping blood pressure levels stable, and the body hydrated. Organifi’s green juice powder has coconut water in it.

#7 Triphala and Triphala Powder:

We covered the Triphala benefits, uses, and side-effects in a separate post, but this amazing three-fruit powder juice might just be what you need to get that spring energy. It’s made out of three India-native fruits that have been used for millennia in Ayurvedic medicine and has potent antioxidant properties in each fruit that are energizing on their own, but that combined become a  veritable powerhouse.

It may also support liver detox and thus provide an even more powerful energy boost. Try Triphala or Triphala powder in extract form, or in our mighty liver detox blend.

#8 Reishi Mushrooms:

One of the many reasons energy levels go down or get depleted is lack of proper quality sleep. You may be sleeping nine to ten hours and not get as much rest as if you got seven hours of deep sleep if you spend most of those nine hours tossing and turning. One of the many reishi mushroom benefits is just that: improved sleep quality!

It is a heavily studied adaptogenic mushroom which may help lower cortisol levels, lower blood sugar levels (thus helping prevent insulin and energy spikes), and can even improve liver detox. An overtaxed liver may also contribute to fatigue and low energy levels.

You may find these reishi mushrooms benefits in our Red Juice and Organifi Gold Tea.

#9 Milk Thistle:

One of the silent energy killers is poor liver detox. The liver is constantly and naturally detoxifying your body. It’s working non-stop 24X7, however, you don’t have to suffer from Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, hepatitis or cirrhosis to need a little liver detox help. With the large number of process foods, excess protein, sugar, fat and environmental toxins that we are exposed today it is easy for the liver to become overtaxed.

Milk thistle has been safely used for centuries and research shows it may be very useful in aiding liver detox. Try adding milk thistle to your routine and see if your energy levels go up, fatigue might be just your liver asking for help!

Milk thistle benefits can be found in our Organifi liver detox vegan superfood blend.

#10 Lucuma or Lucuma Powder:

One little known Peruvian secret, Lucuma is a delicious and naturally sweet fruit that is being studied for its anti-hyperglycemic and anti-hypertension properties. Research shows promising in-vitro test results, which is slowly bringing Lucuma powder into the light in the US and other developed nations.

However Peruvian people have long known this natural sweetener replacement has enormous health benefits. It may help regulate blood sugar levels which is essential for optimum energy levels throughout the day. Try having some Lucuma as a sweet treat or in powder form if you can’t find it at your local health food store. It’s also a great addition to green juice!

Bottom Line:

Low energy levels are often related to less-than-functional nutrition. Green juices are the nearly perfect remedy, providing a palpable lift in energy levels as soon as the nutrients kick in. Unlike caffeine or synthetic stimulants, you won’t experience the dreaded “crash” mid-afternoon after you had one.

Have fun creating your own concoction with these 10 energy-boosting ingredients, or cut the middle man and get some green juice powder to go. Either way, making healthier nutrition choices will provide a steady energy boost, and more importantly, stabilize those levels in the long run.

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