Complete Health System

Green • Complete Protein • Red • Gold • Balance

Treat your body and mind to the complete superfood kit for all day energy and restful rejuvenation.

System Includes:
green juice: reset your morning
complete protein: curb cravings
red juice: energize your afternoon
gold: promote restful sleep
balance: improve digestion

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Certified USDA Organic Certified Gluten Free Glyphosate Residue Free Non-GMO Project Verified Dairy Free Vegan Soy Free Plant Based non gmo

Your Five Phase System

Phase One: green juice Reset your AM, reduce stress and support healthy cortisol levels.

Phase Two: complete protein Replenish, curb cravings and restore balance and digestion.

Phase Three: red juice rejuvenate and energize your body and mind.

Phase Four: gold restore and relax. Support restful sleep and a healthy immune response.

Phase Five: balanceRebalance your microbiome and improve digestion overnight.
Reset. Energize. Relax

A curated system of functional superfoods & ingredients used throughout history in ancient remedies to balance stress, replenish nutrients, support energy, and deep relaxation.

  • Green Juice

  • Gold

  • Red Juice

The Complete Plant-Rich Superfood System

“It has been our secret to life. Just one scoop of green juice in the morning and two scoops of vanilla protein throughout the day and I feel revitalized!” - Cammie D., verified buyer

A Focus On Food

Along with the complete health system, you’ll need to eat the right kind of foods to boost your metabolism and nourish your body. To start, follow the tips below as a good baseline.

1. Always select fresh foods over processed foods.
2. Avoid foods with ingredients you can’t read or understand. 
3. Prepare your own food as much as possible.
4. Meal prep on the weekends to help save time.

Movement for Your Mind, Body and Soul.

Daily movement is a beautiful way to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. Exercise can  increase your well-being, happiness, and lust for life. The benefits are endless.

1. Aids in weight management

2. Supports heart health

3. Improves mental health and mood

4. Strengthens bones and muscles