Fast-Acting Immune Defense*

Critical Immune

andographis • astragalus • elderberry

convenient immune support

“I definitely find myself bouncing back faster with critical immune.”  - Jonathan P., Verified Buyer

The critical immune capsules are easy to take any time of day, at home or while traveling.

Andographis The “King of Bitters”

Traditionally used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to treat all types of illness including respiratory health.

Astragalus Immune-Enhancing Adaptogen

A potent adaptogenic root used in Chinese medicine for its immune-enhancing properties.

Olive Leaf The Immune Herbal Extract

A polyphenol rich herb and potent antioxidant first used in ancient Egypt, where it served as a symbol of “heavenly power”.

Elderberry The “Healing Plant”

The elder tree historically was considered the “medicine chest” by Hippocrates. Known to promote immune health.

adaptogens to strengthen immunity

Historically used herbs like elderberry + 3 other protective superfoods

for best results pair with adaptogenic blends

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