11 Ancient Beauty Secrets to Slow the Hands of Time


Do you ever look at your skin and think… “where has time gone?”

Do you scour the grocery store aisles and websites online looking for the “magic potion” to stop time and take you back to the days of amazing, lively, glowing skin?

What if I told you that the secrets to reclaiming your youthful appearance could be found in your very own home? That you could actually help yourself turn back the hands of time and improve your complexion with a few tips and tricks?

Well, my friend. You can… and I’m going to show you how!

When you’re shopping for products to put on your skin, I want to remind you of something so simple yet SO important

If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.

Remember, your skin is the largest organ of your entire body. You absorb everything you come into contact with, including your beauty products!

By now, you’ve likely adopted the habit of paying attention to the ingredients in the food you eat, but what about the ingredients in all of the stuff you put on your body – lotions, makeup, body wash, etc.?

Your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it. This means that what you put ON your body is going straight into your bloodstream and being pumped to every cell in your body!

Studies have linked many chemicals in cosmetics to headaches, mood swings, hormone imbalance, immune system damage and even certain deadly diseases.

In a previous video we talked about how your digestive system plays a role in your skin health. As I always say, we don’t work in pieces – everything is connected.

Some of the products in your medicine cabinets contain toxic ingredients, such as Alcohol, Benzoyl Peroxide, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (“SLS”), Parabens.

Chlorella is an amazing superfood that actually helps to detoxify the body from these nasty chemicals and toxins.

Our Organifi Greens Powder is loaded with phytonutrients, adaptogens and superfoods to leave your body glowing from within – including chlorella!  

When it comes to beauty, there’s no doubt that the concept of what beauty means has evolved over the centuries.

In ancient times, the most important aspect in the choice of partner was health. In a time when the sick had little chance of survival, beauty was a healthy body, one that was able to meet vital needs.

Before painting and sculpture, to develop massive beauty was attributed to other virtues such as truth, loyalty and harmony.

Beauty continues to evolve, but there are some pretty incredible beauty secrets that we can take away from our ancestors even today that are WAY better for our skin than the modern day, toxic-laden options.

Here are 11 of my personal favorites…

#1 Frankincense

A little history for you…

You may have heard that Frankincense was one of the three gifts brought to the baby Jesus by the three wise men, according to The Gospel of Matthew. But what is it?

Frankincense is the dried sap of trees in the Boswellia genus, particularly Boswellia sacra.

These trees grow in Oman, Yemen and the Horn of Africa, including Somalia and Ethiopia. When dried, the sap is burned as incense and thought to have several medicinal properties.

Frankincense producers wound the tree using a traditional chisel-like tool, after which a milky white sap leeches out of the hole, forming “tears.”

The first sap is not collected, and is thought to cleanse the wood of impurities. Once this dries, the hole is enlarged and deepened until sap comes out, dries and is collected about two weeks later.  

This tapping process is repeated several times at several points throughout the year, depending upon the region. After the stonelike gobs are gathered, they are put out to dry.

In Oman, the best stuff is reserved for the sultan, Qaboos bin Said Al Said and is hard to get outside the country.

Used since biblical times for damaged skin and to help get rid of blemishes, stretch marks, wrinkles, acne and wounds. In the time of Jesus, Frankincense was actually more valuable than gold because of its antibacterial properties.  

Containing boswellic acid, Frankincense has been shown to help the body build collagen and reduce scarring.   

#2 Saffron

It is said that Cleopatra used this in her milk baths, while Indian women have long used saffron oil as a form of makeup to help improve their complexion and balance hormones.

According to a study in 2010, because saffron contains antioxidants and glycans, it has proven to be a natural sunscreen. It’s also shown to be good for sunspots, wrinkles, sagging and damaged skin.

#3 Bergamot 

Used in Ayurvedic centers and spas, Bergamot contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, aiding with skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, acne and blemishes.  

#4 Lavender

I personally love lavender. I use this regularly before bed to help me relax and fall asleep peacefully. It’s also great in baths! This amazing oil contains antiseptic, analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

It also helps to relieve sunburns and reduce acne and has been shown to be good for your hair, potentially aiding in the prevention of hair loss.  

#5 Marigold (Calendula)

Loaded with anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties. And it works wonders on bug bites!  

Calendula is high in antioxidants to protect skin from free radical damage and may be beneficial in alleviating acne.

#6 Raw Honey

One of the best all-natural skin care ingredients and natural moisturizers, honey is full of antioxidants for aging or wrinkled skin. It also has antibacterial properties to help with acne and skin infections.

Be sure to check out my face mask recipe below!

#7 Baking Soda

This simple ingredient you likely already have in your kitchen has some serious powers when it comes to being the jack-of-all-trades!

Sure, you typically use it in baking, but this multi-purpose powder (not to be confused with baking powder) is also fantastic for your skin (and your oral hygiene)!

Mix a small amount with lemon juice for blackhead removal. Just be sure to avoid sun exposure when you have lemon on your skin as it can cause sunburn.

Or, mix with coconut oil for a natural, fluoride-free whitening toothpaste. Add a little peppermint oil for a fresh and minty mouth.

It also makes a great chemical-free dry shampoo. Simply sprinkle a small amount at the roots of your hair and comb through.

#8 Tea Tree Oil 

I love tea tree oil! There are so many beneficial uses for this amazing oil, some of which include mixing it with shampoo to help dandruff; using a small amount on cotton ball to help with acne; putting it in a spray bottle with water and dish soap to kill aphids (you know those pesky critters that find their home of your beloved plants!); or use as a natural household cleaner.

#9 Turmeric

Literally one of my favorite things… ask anyone who knows me!

This is a super skincare spice! Because of its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, turmeric is effective in helping get rid of acne, eczema and other infections on the skin. It also helps with wrinkles and stretch marks.

If you want to make a good night cream, simply mix turmeric powder with milk and/or organic plain yogurt and leave it on your face overnight. This can be a little messy so if you’re an active sleeper, you may want to use this as a before-bed mask and leave it on for 10-20 minutes, rinsing with warm water.

It’s also an amazing anti-inflammatory and tastes so great juiced!

Keep in mind that turmeric can stain clothing and surfaces so be sure to apply carefully.

#10 Watermelon 

Did you know that the watermelon can be classified as both a fruit AND a vegetable?

It is a fruit because it grows from a seed, has a sweet refreshing flavor, and is loosely considered a type of melon (although it is actually a type of berry called a pepo).

It is a vegetable because it is a member of the same family as the cucumber, pumpkin and squash. It is also harvested and cleared from fields like other vine growing vegetables.

There are more than 1,200 varieties of watermelon that come in various weights, shapes, sizes and red, orange, yellow or white in color. And because watermelon is 90% water, it’s great for hydration. It also has amino acids, the antioxidant lycopene, carotenoids and vitamin C.

This sweet treat is good for wrinkles and dry skin. So eat up! Especially during the warm months when it is in season and at it’s peak ripeness!  

#11 Wheatgrass 

Referred to as “plasma of youth,” wheatgrass contains vitamins A, C, B and E, as well as  chlorophyll, amino acids and enzymes, which are vital to keeping the body beautiful inside and out.

Wheatgrass is so amazing, that we made sure to add it to our famous Green Juice powder.

Many don’t realize this, but it can actually be used as natural skin ointment for acne and eczema! And whatever is leftover, drink it!

Plus, wheatgrass has been shown to prevent hair loss and acts as a nutrient-dense conditioner for your hair.

Juicing wheatgrass is great too as it’s loaded with some many goodies to fuel your cells and your body from within. For some, wheatgrass is an acquired taste as it’s pretty strong. But once you feel the energy boost you get from it, you won’t care about the taste. And chances are, after a while you will begin to love it! Or at least find it easier to swallow.

As promised, here is my favorite – super easy – face mask recipe for you to try today!

Super Easy Face Mask



  1. Mix together until well blended.

  2. Slather on your face.

  3. Leave on for 10-20 minutes.

  4. Rinse with warm water.

  5. Bonus: Moisturize with virgin coconut oil.

I could go on and on as to the many ancient natural remedies available to all of us to keep our skin youthful and vibrant. But these are 11 of my personal favorites, many of which I use daily for a variety of purposes.

Another tip I want to mention is the importance of your gut. We talk about this a lot here at FitLife and for good reason. It’s home to 70-80% of your immune system and roughly 95% of your serotonin. If you commit to focusing on your gut health, your skin will look more vibrant and glowing and your overall health and well-being will improve.

I know that it can be challenging to eliminate all of the chemicals and toxins in your life, but just remember… one small step in the right direction leads to big rewards over time. Start by incorporating one thing at a time and as that becomes a habit for you, add in another. Continue doing this until you are in the place you want to be in – mind, body and soul.

I know you can get there, my friend. And I am here with you, every step of the way.

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