30 Day Green Juice Challenge to Reset Your Mind and Body

Starting a healthier lifestyle can be intimidating. Especially if you've already tried and tried again.

That's why we created a simple 30-Day Green Juice Challenge.

We’re confident you’ll find drinking Green Juice is as easy as it is nourishing. If you play your cards right (and we'll show you how here), you're going to end this month feeling refreshed, renewed, rebalanced, and ready to take your next healthy step.

Discovering what “healthy” means to you might not be as daunting as you think. Sometimes, we just need a little reset to get back on track.

Here’s what this challenge will cover:

Week 1: Building Healthy Habits

Week 2: Getting Your Body Going

Week 3: Motivating Your Mind

Week 4: Making Mindful Change

Remember: You have the power to achieve your goals – and it all starts with making a choice that works for you.

How does Organifi Green Juice help reset your body?

While we sleep, our bodies go to work getting rid of toxins, repairing damage from the stress of the day, and releasing hormones to help us recover and repair. Throughout the night, melatonin lowers as cortisol slowly rises, reaching its peak in the morning to wake us up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. To keep that system running smoothly, it helps to do three things in the morning…

  • Hydrate
  • Balance cortisol levels
  • Load up on essential micronutrients for the day (commonly missing from diets and food)

Spoiler alert: Green Juice supports all three of these!

What are the benefits of a Green Juice Challenge?

  • Learning healthy new habits
  • Resetting and renewing the body from within
  • Lowering stress levels
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Promoting a healthier lifestyle overall


Let’s get into what the next 30 days look like. Bookmark this page to come back to each week throughout the Green Juice Challenge.

For the next month, drink Organifi Green Juice every day for 30 days. Optional: track your progress by posting to your Instagram Story with #GreenJuiceChallenge and #Organifi.

Save the tracker below, and let’s get started!

Follow the following week-by-week action items to get the most benefits from this challenge. Good luck, and cheers!

Week 1: Building Healthy Habits

Start simple. This week is all about building the first new habit of drinking Organifi Green Juice each and every morning. Think about “habit stacking” along the way. Where can you store your Green Juice to make it easier for you to build this habit? Some Organifi lovers keep the canister next to their toothbrush or coffee pot, so they’re reminded to take their Green Juice before starting the day.

Action item: Drink 1 scoop of Organifi Green Juice with water each morning.

Week 2: Getting Your Body Going

How did week 1 feel? Are you ready to take on the rest of the challenge?

In week two, we’re adding MOTION.

Moving your body every day is vital to creating a healthier lifestyle. Some of our favorite ways to get active include morning walks while sipping on Green Juice, taking hikes outside with a friend, virtual yoga classes, or even just a few mindful minutes of stretching at the desk.

How are you going to incorporate movement into your days this week?

Action item: Drink 1 scoop of Organifi Green Juice with water each morning and add in 30 minutes of mindful movement.

Week 3: Motivating Your Mind

We’re halfway through the challenge now! In week one, we focused on building the habit of fueling the body with refreshing superfoods. In week two, we encouraged you to move your body daily. In week three, we’re going to connect the body to the mind by adding daily affirmations.

At Organifi, we believe that what we put in our minds is just as important as what we put in our bodies.

Here are some of our favorite affirmations to say while we’re sippin’ Green Juice in the morning. Save or screenshot this image for whenever you need a mental pick-me-up.

Action item: Drink 1 scoop of Organifi Green Juice with water each morning; 30 minutes of mindful movement; and 2 minutes of affirmations.

Week 4: Making Mindful Change

It’s the final stretch of the challenge! During week four, we’re connecting the body, the mind, and the soul by incorporating daily meditation. Research shows that adding in just 5 minutes of meditation each day can reduce anxiety, support stress management, clear the mind of intrusive thoughts, and even help renew the overall nervous system.

Action item: Drink 1 scoop of Organifi Green Juice with water each morning; 30 minutes of mindful movement; 2 minutes of affirmations; and 5 minutes of mindful meditation.


Congratulations! You have completed 30 days of prioritizing YOU and your health. So what’s next?

Just keep it going. You’ve built a strong foundation here, and you can keep building upon it.

Here are a few more lifestyle shifts you can incorporate into your healthier new routine:

  • Include daily detoxifying herbs (like those found in Liver Reset)
  • Reduce chemical exposure by:
    • Drinking filtered water
    • Using cleaner body care products
    • Using safer cleaning products
    • If you live in the city, get out in nature as often as possible
    • Eating organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible
    • Eliminating processed foods
    • Reducing herbicide and pesticide exposure

Finally, if you want to add some accountability to your mission, you can join a community of thousands of like-minded people ready to support one another: The Organifi Insiders Facebook group. There, you’ll find Organifi health coaches for 1:1 support, superfood recipes to get creative with Organifi superfood blends, and so much more to help you achieve your goals.

Remember: We’re in this together!

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