5 Reasons You Need A Post Memorial Day Detox

Written by: Drew Canole

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You ate.

You drank.

And were OH, so merry!

But now you have the post Memorial Day blues, because (perhaps) you indulged a bit TOO much.

The party may be over… but it’s not time to relax just yet.

It’s time to DETOX and give your body the T.L.C. it’s craving!

Why You Need A Post Memorial Day Detox

Great health starts from the inside and in order to get a healthy glow, it is necessary to detox your body from time to time. This is especially true if you have “treated yourself” to too many processed foods, desserts or alcohol (ahem… I’m referring to the Memorial Day BBQ extravaganza!).

5 Reasons You Need A Post Memorial Day Detox

Removes Toxins

  • Toxins are metabolism killers and also negatively impact your mood and immune system
  • A detox flushes the toxins that are stored in your tissues and cells
  • Too many toxins leads to disease - which is WHY you must get rid of them!

Restore Your Body

  • Your body’s systems NEED a break
    • Nervous, digestive and hormonal
  • For optimum health, toxins must be removed to allow your systems to work effectively and efficiently
  • Improves the quality of your life
  • Enhances immune system function
  • Prevents premature aging

Get An Energy BOOST

  • Detoxing toxins gives your more ENERGY:
    • Mentally
    • Physically
    • Emotionally
  • Detoxing promotes better quality sleep too!

Clear Your Mind

  • When you detox, you will improve your mental and emotional clarity
  • Make better decisions and see things clearly

Lose Weight

  • Too many toxins make it difficult for your body to burn fat
  • Detoxing gets rid of toxins stored in your fat cells
  • Leads to increased metabolism

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How To Do A Post Memorial Day Detox

  • Eat Raw Fruits: Eating raw (uncooked) fruits on an empty stomach will allow the enzymes and acids in the fruit to have a detoxifying effect on your system.
  • Skin Brushing: This can be easily done before a shower by taking a dry brush and gently massaging your entire body (massage towards your heart).
  • Hot And Cold Showers: While showering, switch from using hot water to cold water. The frequent change in temperature will stimulate your body’s detox systems.
  • Exercise: By walking briskly or engaging in intense exercise every day, you will encourage circulation to your kidneys and liver so that toxins can be filtered and released from your body.
  • Drink Water: Drinking water throughout the day will ensure that your body is not only hydrated, but also detoxifying the elements that can make you feel lousy.
  • Rebounding: This is the simple act of jumping up and down on a trampoline (or just the floor if you don’t have a trampoline). This will allow your heart rate and breath to increase and the gravity of bouncing up and down will encourage your lymphatic system to detoxify cells.
  • Massage: Works to move the lymphatic tissue to drain. It basically “squeezes” the lymph system to release impurities and make room for healthy nutrients to come in and keep your system healthy and functioning properly.
  • Laughter: Getting the giggles causes you to take deeper breathes. As a result, this stimulates your lungs and circulation to work together to detox your body!
  • You will be sure to have a summertime pep in your step after detoxing with the methods listed above.

    Do you have a fresh body detox tip that you can SHARE with others? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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