5 Ways To Reduce Stress Naturally + A SUPERFOOD RECIPE

Does it sometimes feel impossible to control your stress levels? Are you constantly on high-alert and don’t feel like you can’t regain control? That might be because stress isn’t avoidable & in our modern times, can feel constant.

Read on for easy to implement tips on how to adapt to stress & be more present, without having to meditate for hours or rely on an elaborate morning routine.

Stress is an automatic response to triggers in our environment, many of them happen on a subconscious level. It’s important to learn how to adapt to stress instead of always trying to avoid it entirely. When you surrender your control over this physiological response and focus on ways to counteract its effects in healthy ways instead, it opens up a world of opportunities for bullet-proofing your stress levels & finding more calm.

First things first, our basic physiology plays a huge role in how our bodies adapt to stress. Covering your health “bases” is a great place to start. Thirst, hunger, and even sitting for too long can send signals to your brain that something is off or “unsafe”, causing unexplained anxiety. When you’re constantly experiencing unexplained anxiety, your body starts to think you’re constantly unsafe — this keeps the switch “on” for your stress response. 

Our gut is a main culprit of health unrest, and healing it is crucial to our well-being. When you have inflammation in your gut from processed foods, it can send signals to your brain that something is seriously wrong, which can cause a stress response. For many, this means unexplained anxiety throughout the day with no rational explanation.

Here are some ways to lay down a strong foundation for your health, and in the process experience less stress and anxiety:

  1. Get 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night. Sleep is important for restoration and healing. Getting enough sleep helps to reduce inflammation, curbs cravings for simple sugars and refined carbs, and helps you think more clearly & creatively.
  2. Drink 12-16 ounces of water upon waking (and plenty throughout the day). We are very dehydrated when we wake up in the morning - having gone 8 hours without any water! Drinking warm lemon water (with just a pinch of sea salt) before your coffee can help replenish lost electrolytes and stimulate your digestive system (it also sets you up for remembering to drink more water throughout your day!).
  3. Spending time outside first thing in the morning helps to reset your circadian rhythm naturally. If you’re someone who has trouble falling asleep at night, this is an amazing tool to get better sleep! In the AM, head outside with your Organifi Chocolate Gold coffee (no phone) and take some deep breaths in the sunshine (3-5 minutes is all you need!).
  4. Taking a break for each hour of work to stretch or move your body (walks are my favorite). Breaks are essential for our minds to work optimally. Breaks are often seen as disruptors to our productivity, but quite the opposite is true. Research shows that we need to take a break at least every 60 minutes of working on something, and should never multi-task.
  5. Incorporate Organifi Pure into your daily routine to help heal your gut! As mentioned above, our digestive tract is the source of most of our inflammation and mood issues. By healing this powerhouse, you set yourself up for being able to adapt to your stress response with ease. My favorite recipe is below! It also includes fresh ginger to boost your immune system and Organifi Glow, which is an incredible product to help your skin stay hydrated, supple, and fight oxidation from daily exposure to pollutants and toxins. 

Immunity Boosting, Gut Healing, Skin Glowing Elixir:

1/2 ounce ginger juice (fresh)

Juice from 1/2 lemon (fresh)

18 ounces of filtered water

1 scoop Organifi Glow

1 packet Organifi Pure

Shake and serve in Organifi glass water bottle, drink daily

Optional: serve over crushed ice with a sprig of fresh mint


In my experience with my clients, simple always wins. We live in a world that over-complicates health which can be discouraging. Try your best to cover these simple health bases, and you’ll see a major difference in your stress levels from day to day. Remember, your gut is the golden door of opportunity to your health, and healthy skin is an amazing indicator that everything on the inside is working properly. That’s why these two products, Pure & Glow by Organifi are staples in my daily self-care for stress relief.


By Courtney Peacock, Life Coach | Stress Expert for Mompreneurs

Courtney Peacock is a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, & health coach residing in Austin, TX. She loves reading in her outdoor hammock, gardening, and distance running. You can find her on Instagram @courtney_peacock_ for more stress relief tips and healthy ways to manage anxiety.


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