6 Ways To Feel and Look Your Best This Summer

What’s the difference between a few warm months and your healthiest, most vibrant Summer yet? A handful of simple choices you can make on a daily basis.

Feeling and looking your best this Summer is within your reach. We’re here to clarify which activities will make the biggest impact.

1.) Harness Your Inner Sunshine

True beauty starts within. Every human being has a natural glow that lights them up from the inside out. We see it in babies. We’re all born with undeniable beauty. At some point we are taught to question our innate glow, but we can just as easily learn how to bring that soulful shine to the surface once again.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful practices to unleash the warmth within you. You can start by keeping a gratitude journal and challenging yourself to list five things you are grateful for each morning.

Not a fan of journaling? You can speak your gratitude list out loud as you drive. Instead of being bothered by traffic, use it as an opportunity to verbally thank the universe for the gifts that fill your life.

The more you challenge yourself to look for the gold, the more you will find it.

2.) Lower Those Cortisol Levels

If you’re not familiar with cortisol, it’s one of the core stress hormones in your body. Our bodies naturally produce a quick jolt of it early in the day to help us get moving. But chronically elevated cortisol levels can lead to excess weight gain, brain fog, and fatigue later in the day.

That’s why the Organifi community raves about Green Juice. The key ingredient known as ashwagandha is clinically shown to lower cortisol levels into a healthy range.

Another great protocol to manage stress is deep breathing. Sure, we all breathe on a daily basis, but few of us do it consciously. It turns out, slowed intentional breathing is one of the most effective tools for regulating stress.

Many folks have found box breathing to be a useful technique. Start by breathing in for four seconds, holding for four seconds, breathing out for four seconds, holding again for four seconds, and repeating the process 5-10 times.

There are many other breathing techniques you can try, but this is a great place to start.

3.) Find Joy in Movement

Your brain and body thrive on movement. The unrealistic expectations of the fitness industry have turned many people away from a personalized exercise routine, but we believe in a much healthier approach to movement.

We recommend viewing exercise as a supplement. Imagine if you could take a pill that fortified your bones, improved your mood and memory, boosted your metabolism, balanced your hormone levels, and strengthened your heart. Well, instead of purchasing a supplement, you can enjoy all of those benefits for free simply by exercising.

The key is to find a form of movement that you enjoy. If you don’t love running on a treadmill or lifting weights, then don’t punish yourself for it. Find the physical hobby that’s right for you. You might prefer hiking, paddle boarding, pickleball, gardening, frisbee golf, dancing, or dozens of other hobbies that get you outside the house and inside your body.

And whenever you need to refuel, Red Juice is there to recharge your batteries and give you that second wind.

4.) Create a Morning Routine

How you start your day is how you start your life. If you can create momentum with healthy habits early in the day, it creates a tidal wave of positive choices.

Here are a few of our favorite uplifting morning activities:

  • Practice gratitude (harness that inner sunshine)
  • Declare your empowering affirmations
  • Read 15 minutes of an inspiring book
  • Go for a morning walk while listening to an audiobook or podcast
  • Send an appreciation text to someone you love
  • Engage in light stretching or a quick yoga routine
  • Fuel your body with delicious superfood blends

5.) Create an Evening Routine

The best days start the night before. Most Americans struggle to achieve deep, restorative sleep. This is often caused by their busy days and active nights.

If you want to start the following day fully rested and recharged, here are some of our recommended night time rituals:

  • Reduce bright lights and screens an hour before bedtime (this supports your brain to produce healthy levels of melatonin on time)
  • Listen to a guided meditation track (HeadSpace and Insight Timer are great apps to get started with)
  • Enjoy a warm cup of tea, especially with a scoop of Gold
  • Spend 10 minutes visualizing your ideal tomorrow
  • Journal about the pleasant surprises from your day and the lessons you gained
  • Practice the deep breathing technique mentioned above

6.) Amp Up the Micronutrients

Micronutrients make a macro difference. These tiny vitamins and minerals govern so many aspects of our life, from the quality of our mood to regulation of our hormones. Being deficient in micronutrients like vitamins B, D, A, C, and E or minerals like zinc, copper, and magnesium can put us into a mental funk and even stall our weight loss progress.

Fortunately, combining the three blends in the Summer Reset Kit - especially the Complete Protein - should cover a good portion of your daily micronutrient needs, but everybody is unique.

Beyond taking your favorite daily Organifi blends, adding nutrient dense foods like vegetables, fruits, and pasture raised eggs can go a long way in nourishing your body from head to toe.

We believe in simple choices with big impacts. That’s why we designed the Summer Reset Kit to help you get started on your goals quickly and easily.

This limited time kit comes with a 30-day supply of Green Juice, Red Juice, and Complete Protein, along with a free glass water bottle and a PDF guide to help you kick off your Summer goals. Plus, taking home the kit will save you at least 25% off the cost of ordering these potent blends on their own.

Despite the uncertainty of 2021, you have the power to make this your best Summer yet.

We believe in you. And we’re here to help.

Following the six strategies in this post and filling your cabinet with the Summer Reset Kit are two great ways to look and feel your best this Summer.

As always, we’re in this together!

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Great read! I’ve been on a binge to find a simple but effective morning and night routine to improve my mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional performance throughout the day. This blog contains several great insights to do so!

Loren Townes

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