Juicing Their Way To Optimal Health – Kellan and Ali’s Organifi Story

Juicing Their Way To Optimal Health – Kellan and Ali’s Organifi Story

Kellan and Ali are busy parents to a couple adorable kids. They’ve committed to living a healthy, organic lifestyle and strive to educate and encourage their kids on the importance of doing so.

Before adopting a healthy diet and exercise routine, Kellan and Ali were like many typical American families.

They were sick and tired and they lacked mental focus and stamina.

All of that changed when they discovered the power of real, whole foods and how juicing could impact their overall state of health – both mentally and physically.

And guess what?

They’re no longer sick!

Their mental clarity and focus are through the roof.

Their libido is soaring (which makes them both happy).

By improving the food they were eating and getting in more physical activity each day, they are now able to be more present for their children, which has made all the difference.

When they don’t have time to juice with their son (who loves to help!), using Organifi has been a great option. They love the way it tastes, but more importantly, how it makes them feel. With Organifi, there’s none of the mess or prep that comes with juicing, but all of the nutritious ingredients (plus some amazing additions).

Kellan – who LOVES coffee – even traded in his morning cuppa joe for greens! (High five, Kellan!)

“We don’t have a television… we cook, we play, we live and we love.”

Sounds like they’ve got it figured out, which I love to see!

For a quick, easy and powerful concoction that can help you reach your health goals, PLEASE check out our Organifi Green Juice.

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