Taking Back Her Health – Karen Shares All!

by Andrew Canole December 30, 2015

“When you get sick, life doesn’t stop!”

Every single day is an opportunity for Karen to heal from breast cancer. As she shares her own Organifi story, she points out the importance of clean eating and active lifestyle in achieving an optimum health. 




Before her transformation, she was 30 lbs heavier. And her hips, back, and ankles are suffering from chronic inflammation. She was fighting breast cancer on top of all that. 

Then, a realization came into her, and she committed herself to a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. By combining the great nutrients and a great exercise plan, the chronic inflammation was gone. It takes a right frame of mind to be able to achieve a health goal, and Karen was determined to make a change to be in control of her health. 




She incorporated Organifi into her healthy diet. Since taking Organifi, she noticed a dramatic change in her sleep patterns, digestive patterns, stress patterns and overall health. She is more positive about life, especially in acknowledging that health is a key element of life. 

Karen notes that with Organifi, she can save a lot of time. Instead of preparing for a juice during the morning, she only has to grab her Organifi powder and prepare her ready-to-go health drink! 

Karen loves Organifi. It has changed her life in a way and it has made healthy lifestyle more accessible and easier for her. A healthy life doesn’t have to be time-consuming and expensive. Organifi is an excellent partner for your health!

Andrew Canole
Andrew Canole




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