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An Interview With Angie Afman of San Diego

An Interview With Angie Afman of San Diego

Today we are excited to introduce one of the best group fitness instructors we know, Angie Afman!

Angie has a diverse background in running collegiate track and field and performing musical theater, which all eventually formed her path to instructing group fitness. She is a Master Instructor for Rush Cycle, San Diego, Director of Instructors and Training for the Rush Cycle Franchise and an ambassador for Lululemon.



Though I didn’t get the opportunity to take her class, what I can say about meeting Angie in person is that she’s every bit as bubbly, inspiring and sweet as she appears to be online. She has a real sense of authenticity, joy and genuine excitement about what she gets to do on the daily! It's amazing witnessing someone live with such a passion for what they do.


Let's get to know this gifted fitness expert a little better!

1) Who’s your ideal client?

Rush Cycle generally looks for athletes, people who are super performance driven and have a no BS attitude, people who show up ready to work and respond to challenges really well. I personally have a passion for people who want to lose weight. My classes are challenging, but also approachable and not intimidating at all. My advice would be to do what works for you, do what you love! People find a home in my class for a kickoff to their fitness journey.

2) What’s your favorite Organifi product?

I am the most excited about the Green Juice*. I eat really well, but am a terrible cook. Getting greens in a convenient way is super rad! And I LOVE the Red Juice!

3)  How’d you figure out your unique training style?

I used to work for Lululemon – I'd go take classes in the fitness world and take classes with groups. My style is very rhythmic and musical. Combining music + fitness + people (3 of my favorite things!) creates an experience through routines that are expertly paired with music. It is a very mindful workout, but more intensive than a reflective yoga. If your mind’s not there, your body’s not gonna do it!

4)  What “catch phrases" do you say a lot during your class?

  • “Excellence doesn’t come by asking nicely.” It’s not overnight. There’s an action element. You have to demand it!
  • “Resistance is greatest on the verge of a breakthrough.”
  • “You can either be comfortable or courageous. You can’t be both.”

5)  What is one thing people wouldn't guess about you?

I’m an introvert.

6)  What would you say people in the industry best know you for?

My classes are known for being challenging. I take a very mindful approach to my classes. “Your class is so inspirational” is feedback I get a lot – very particular and intentional about speaking things that are true and not run-of-the-mill clichés.

7) Where can people follow you online?

Instagram: @angiejoy07

Website: (Spotify, Facebook, Email)


8) Is there anything else you want us to know?

I’m an ambassador for Lululemon. I’m extremely obsessed with dogs! I love anything outdoors. A huge element of what I do is actually instructor training. We have 4 locations in San Diego and Houston and are opening in Colorado Springs this fall… and other markets coming soon.

Be sure to check out Angie's website and social pages and reach out if you think her challenging, yet fun and rewarding method of group training could be a good fit for you!

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