Conscious Contribution - The Art Of Focusing OUT

Pillar #2 LEARN | Season 4 - Jenna Phillips Ballard

Giving and receiving - it's a beautifully POWERFUL cycle. And also one that takes some practice in order to balance.

When you focus outward and give to others and the world, you will begin receiving back all that you give. Your heart is powerful and your mind is brilliant, this life is definitely not the time to shy back - use your VOICE!

Focusing OUT helps shift your overall perspective on life and helps you channel your own incredible energy into the world. Your impact on the world can start a ripple effect that could run through generations to come.

You have no idea how much of a difference YOU can make.

Jenna began her career in 2006 as a Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach for celebrities and has been featured on Dr. Phil and The Doctors. Halfway through her career, she realized that she had a bigger calling. She’s on a mission to motivate and inspire as many people as possible to become leaders and make this world a better place.

Jenna is passionate about helping others fall in love with themselves, something she discovered for herself when she made a full recovery from brain damage after waking up from a coma in 2000. Her commitment to her recovery depended solely on how she thought of herself, and she realized that her purpose on this planet is to empower others to break through their limiting beliefs and create an unforgettable life.

In 2016, she co-founded Ascension Leadership Academy with her husband and together they have coached hundreds of people into their greatness. She is also the founder of Unicorn University - an online membership community where women never spend another day being beige, broke, or behaved.


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