Creating Your Own Self-Love Practice

It's time to love your body by treating it right.

We love our kids, but often reward them with sugar and crappy treats. We tend to do the same for our bodies, even though in the long run, those sort of rewards can have a damaging effect on our overall health.

We can show love to our bodies by giving them good nutrients, water, getting a massage, indulging in some healthy cheats once a week, taking care of our teeth, etc. There's so many ways to show your body some good loving and I'm here to help you determine what sort of self love tactics work best for you!

Learn more in the video below.


Shanna Mota

Shanna Mota is a Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Yoga Teacher and an Empowerment Coach and the founder of Live Love Detox. She has worked in the holistic health space for over 7 years and believes wholeheartedly in the power we have as humans to create an extraordinary life.

Shanna’s mission on this planet is to empower others to fall in love with themselves and their lives, and this all begins on the inside. She runs yearly wellness retreats where she incorporates yoga, meditation, healing foods and deep human connection. She also supports other brands in sharing their message with the world as a Content Creator and Event Coordinator - all in the health, wellness & mindset space.

She is currently working on her first book.

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