Easy Vegan Gluten-Free Protein Filled Biscuits

Columbus Day is here!

This holiday is a national day in many countries in the Americas (North- and Central-America), celebrating the day when Christopher Columbus first arrived to the continent on October 12, 1492. It has been celebrated in the United States since 1905 with Colorado being the first state to remember the event and became a federal holiday in 1937.

But how do you celebrate Columbus Day? Whether your town or state is throwing a parade or any event to observe it, you can always take a moment to remember and be grateful for Columbus for making his courageous journey over here. Think about all the amazing things that have happened in history since.

Columbus was an explorer and with his discovery he changed history. But you don’t have to be an explorer or sail across the ocean to change the world. You can be part of a positive change on our planet through simple actions. By changing your diet and lifestyle, creating health in your body and happiness in your life and by inspiring, supporting and teaching others to do the same, you can make a powerful difference in your life, in the life of others and in the world.

Remember, we're in this together. Each step, each smile and each bite of nutritious food counts.

On Columbus day, try these easy vegan, gluten-free and protein-filled biscuits. These biscuits are proof that comfort food doesn’t have to be unhealthy, but can fuel your body while also making your heart smile.

The magic touch in the recipe comes from our Organifi Protein Powder made with the highest quality, organic, plant-based proteins and superfoods. It can satisfy your hunger, indulge your tastebuds, help you lose weight, support your immune system and aid your digestion. It is perfect mixed with water, in smoothies, shakes, dips and baked goods like these biscuits.

Try them. Snap a photo and tag us on social media. Share your experiences and spread the word of health and happiness.

Easy Vegan Gluten-Free Protein Filled Biscuits


Vegan buttermilk:

  • ¾ cup of unsweetened plain almond milk, rice milk or cashew milk
  • 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar

Dry ingredients:

  • 1 cup of GF flour blend
  • ¾ cup of almond flour
  • ¼ cup Organifi Vanilla Protein Powder
  • 2 tbsp cornstarch
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • 2 tbsp baking powder
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil


  1. Preheat your oven at 400F.
  2. Combine your dairy-free milk with the ACV then set aside.
  3. Combine your GF flour blend, almond flour, protein powder, salt, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon and cornstarch in a large bowl.
  4. Add your coconut oil and mix it well into your flour mix.
  5. Add ¾ of the vegan buttermilk and combine well. Add more buttermilk if it feels too dry. If it seems too wet, add 1 or 2 more tablespoons of almond flour.
  6. Forming 1-inch-thick biscuits, add your mix onto a greased baking sheet without touching. The recipe makes 6 - 8 medium or 10 - 12 smaller biscuits.
  7. Brush them with a little almond milk, then bake them for 15 - 20 minutes.
  8. Increase the heat to 450F and bake them for another 2 - 5 minutes, watching not to burn them.
  9. Take them out of the oven and let them rest for 5 minutes before removing them from the tray.
  10. Let them cool completely before serving.


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It would be very helpful if you would include macros with your recipes for the Keto folks


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