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Easy Whole Foods Cleanse

Easy Whole Foods Cleanse

When you think about a cleanse, you probably think: "Great… it’s going to be all juice… no food. I’ll be starving… but it’s totally worth it...?" Cleansing your body on a regular basis *is totally worth it, BUT… you can do it with real food.

Today I’m sharing a whole foods cleanse that I like to do pretty much once a week. This is especially great during any holiday season or bikini season... or if you live here in San Diego, it’s called Monday.

How To Do An Easy Whole Foods Cleanse


Before Breakfast

A good start begins in the morning; the choices you make when you very first wake up can literally set you up for the rest of the day. 

Right when you wake up, you’ll kick everything off by whipping up a morning detox elixir and taking an Organifi Biotic Balance probiotic.

This apple cider vinegar drink (shown in video) wakes you up and flushes your system while revving up your metabolism for the day and the probiotics help balance your gut and make sure it's prepared to properly get you through the rest of your day. 


Moving on to breakfast - the most important meal of the day! Breakfast is what fuels your body with the energy it needs to wake up, focus and function. You’ll be making double of this because it will also serve as your lunch. The stars of the breakfast show are Organifi Vanilla Complete Protein powder and Organifi Green Juice powder.

This smoothie (shown in video) doesn't take long to throw together and is powered by other super ingredients, along with our superfood enhanced Organifi products.

Cucumbers and romaine lettuce are very hydrating for your skin, can help your system digest food better and act as diuretics. All of that equals a happy tummy. Parsley is a fantastic detoxifier and a little bit of mango adds a sweet kick, but not too much sugar and it helps to make this smoothie more creamy, which I love! 

Feel free to add extra greens to your smoothie as well. I like to add spinach, cucumber, parsley, romaine lettuce, mango chunks, unsweetened almond milk and ice. 


For your first snack, you get more greens. Yay! Have an Organifi Green Juice drink and a medium sized apple. The fiber and carbs will keep your digestion regular and help you feel fuller for longer.


Whip up another smoothie like the one you did for breakfast. Feel free to shake it up a little with some additional greens, superfoods, etc.

Snack 2:

Eat 1 cup of steamed broccoli + 1 cup of sauteed Swiss chard.

Steaming or sauteing is super important, especially for these vegetables. So many people can’t properly digest raw veggies. It’s tough even for me. When veggies get steamed, it breaks the food down one step and makes it much easier for your stomach to work with and absorb.

If your stomach is having trouble with digestion (especially if you neglect to saute or steam your raw veggies), it will definitely let you know, usually with gas and bloating, which would defeat the purpose of the cleanse.


By dinner time you’re ready for some good fats, like wild caught salmon on salad. Only have 3 ounces, which basically looks like the size of your cell phone. Salmon is packed with omegas, which are great for your hair, skin and nails.

For this recipe, you'll be roasting your veggies. Roasting your veggies is similar to steaming, in that it’s just easier for your digestive system to absorb all the nutrients. 

The beets in this recipe work as great liver detoxifiers, which is something we all could use. Add in a few more shredded carrots for a ton of vitamin A and just a few pumpkin seeds, both of which are great for your skin. Pumpkin seeds also have these things called phytosterols, which are free-radical scavenging antioxidants (a big sentence which means they help boost your immune system and fight wrinkles).

The dressing? 1 teaspoon EVOO lemon juice. Boom, easy (and delicious). 


Who doesn't love a nice, warming cup of tea at the end of a long day?

Dandelion tea has a natural diuretic effect, allowing your liver to more quickly eliminate toxins. It also helps strengthen the immune system, balance blood sugar levels, relieve heartburn and soothe digestive issues.

And just like that, you’ve done it! You've accomplished a delicious, refreshing whole foods cleanse. Have any additional questions? Reach out and let us know, we would love to help support you however we can!

Abbey Gibb is a multimedia entrepreneur on a mission to empower a billion women around the world. She creates content and stories for her personal brand and for other impact entrepreneurs. Her focus is on helping women define success in health, hustle, and happiness.

She’s also an Emmy-winning TV journalist who over the past decade has traveled the country covering some of America’s biggest stories and a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Her passion project is supporting education for orphans in Mexico through a non-profit called, Corazon de Vida.


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EASIER THAN YOU THINK! Enjoy the full benefits of an organic juicing lifestyle without all the shopping, chopping, and clean-up. Our premium superfood blends deliver powerful nutrition with perfect flavor - every time.

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