Family Man Discovers Energy And Confidence With Green Juice

Ryan's Organifi Story

When Ryan hit his mid-forty's, he began realizing that his body was not the same as it used to be. When he would get sick or injured, his recovery time was much longer than it was when he was in his twenties or even thirties. When he was running around with his three children, there were times he couldn't keep up. This was a big deal to Ryan as he loves being an active "hands on" kind of dad. 

Ryan's biggest health goal became to stay fit and to maintain his strength and stamina as he got older. He also wanted to improve his recovery time, lose weight and feel more healthy and energetic. 

"There was one time when I was at the park with my son. I was just kind of sitting on the bench and he wanted to play with me... I just couldn't do it... there was really nothing I could do. All the other kids were playing and he could have been having a good time. He decided that he wanted to just sit beside me and said '...I'm just going to keep you company.'

"And at that point I realized that my health and my sedentary behavior is not only affecting me, but now I have a son who's making a decision to just sit on the bench with me instead of playing... with all of his friends." 

Because Ryan had a little extra weight, he was experiencing a lot of lower back pain and fatigue. He wasn't the only one in his life that noticed his health wasn't optimal, so he decided to make a change. 

He was excited to see the Organifi Green Juice to-go packets, because it meant he could get some basic juicing benefits without all the time and hassle of actually juicing. 

Ryan's Results

Luckily when Ryan first tried green juice, he thought it tasted good and was something he could easily make a daily habit. He began drinking it every day and eventually added in the Complete Protein, too. 

Benefits Ryan Experienced:

  • Clearer skin
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Weight loss
  • More confidence 

"When I look in the mirror, I like what I see... as opposed to trying to hide away [and] get baggy clothes, I feel better about myself." 

In Ryan's career it is important that he is able to confidently interact with people and be outgoing. He feels that because of the benefits he's experienced since starting his transformation journey and drinking Organifi, he feels better about himself and it reflects in his work. 

Ryan's biggest advice to those thinking about changing their life? Just do it! Start a little at a time. Add one or two healthy habits every day and watch how they change your life. You don't have to make enormous changes all at once, think of it like building a wall one brick at a time. Eventually you will have a sturdy wall or even a castle. 

Thanks for the advice, Ryan! And for sharing your experience with us. We love hearing about the results you are seeing in your life and can't wait to hear more from you down the road. 

Remember, we're in this together. 

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