How Organifi Is Changing Lives

Organifi Success Stories

Our community may be in different stages of their lives, but the simplicity and quality of our products work for all of them. That’s the beauty of Organifi!

Ever since we released our first product several years ago, we have been hearing stories from people all around the nation who have chosen to live healthier lives and are using Organifi to help them get there. 

We admire their commitment to themselves and how hard they are working to make an impact not only in their life but in the lives of those they love. 

Let’s take a look into the lives of some of our users: 

Family Man Discovers Energy & Confidence With Green Juice

"When I look in the mirror, I like what I see... as opposed to trying to hide away [and] get baggy clothes, I feel better about myself." 

When Ryan hit his mid-forty's, he began realizing that his body was not the same as it used to be. When he would get sick or injured, his recovery time was much longer than it was when he was in his twenties or even thirties. When he was running around with his three children, there were times he couldn't keep up. This was a big deal to Ryan as he loves being an active "hands on" kind of dad.

Ryan's biggest health goal became to stay fit and to maintain his strength and stamina as he got older. He also wanted to improve his recovery time, lose weight and feel more healthy and energetic. 

"There was one time when I was at the park with my son. I was just kind of sitting on the bench and he wanted to play with me... I just couldn't do it... there was really nothing I could do. All the other kids were playing and he could have been having a good time. He decided that he wanted to just sit beside me and said '...I'm just going to keep you company.'

"And at that point I realized that my health and my sedentary behavior is not only affecting me, but now I have a son who's making a decision to just sit on the bench with me instead of playing... with all of his friends." 

Because Ryan had a little extra weight, he was experiencing a lot of lower back pain and fatigue. He wasn't the only one in his life that noticed his health wasn't optimal, so he decided to make a change. 

He was excited to see the Organifi Green Juice to-go packets, because it meant he could get some basic juicing benefits without all the time and hassle of actually juicing.

Ryan's Results

Luckily when Ryan first tried green juice, he thought it tasted good and was something he could easily make a daily habit. He began drinking it every day and eventually added in the Complete Protein, too. 

Benefits Ryan Experienced:

  • Clearer skin
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Weight loss
  • More confidence 

"When I look in the mirror, I like what I see... as opposed to trying to hide away [and] get baggy clothes, I feel better about myself." 

In Ryan's career it is important that he is able to confidently interact with people and be outgoing. He feels that because of the benefits he's experienced since starting his transformation journey and drinking Organifi, he feels better about himself and it reflects in his work. 

Ryan's biggest advice to those thinking about changing their life? Just do it! Start a little at a time. Add one or two healthy habits every day and watch how they change your life. You don't have to make enormous changes all at once, think of it like building a wall one brick at a time. Eventually you will have a sturdy wall or even a castle.

Thanks for the advice, Ryan!

Pharmacy Worker Changed Her Life With One Protein Shake A Day!


“[Losing weight] is the [change] that you can see, but more importantly, the biggest change has been my mind. I’m more awake! I feel like I’m awake. I don’t feel like I’m sleeping through every day.”

Melissa has a unique view of the American health crisis because she works as a pharmacist. Day in and day out she sees people with physical and mental ailments who are using drugs to help with their symptoms.

Sometimes Melissa sees people come in and get 10+ prescriptions and also buy soda, candy, processed foods and unhealthy choices in general. Many months ago she connected the dots and began to pay much closer attention to what she was putting into her own body. 

At first it was overwhelming - there was so much information about how to live healthy and it seemed impossible to make all the necessary changes overnight.

Luckily, Melissa didn’t give up. She read somewhere that drinking a simple high-quality protein shake every day could make a massive impact in her overall health and well being. She decided this would be her first step in changing her life and making better choices.

Instead of buying soda at the store, she began eating more vegetables and having one protein shake a day.

“I really love the Organifi products! The first one I tried was the chocolate one and that one was really good. Then I tried the vanilla and I absolutely loved the vanilla one. It helps to sustain... I’m not hungry and I don’t have junk food cravings.”

Melissa has done more than just protein shakes. She’s also made several different protein recipes with the Organifi Complete Protein powder.  

Melissa's Results

Melissa has also lost 52 pounds!

“[Losing weight] is the one that you can see, but more importantly, the biggest change has been my mind. I’m more awake! I feel like I’m awake. I don’t feel like I’m sleeping through every day.”

Other benefits Melissa has seen:

  • Less headaches
  • No more depression
  • Clearer skin
  • Healthier hair
  • Fewer mood swings
  • More present in life  
  • More confident
  • More easily connects with people

“Thank you Organifi... for your love, your support and your teachings.”

We love you, Melissa! We are so excited you have experienced these changes in your life and are empowering those around you to make healthier lifestyle choices. Thank YOU for your support and powerful impact!

By Dropping Energy Drinks And Switching To Organifi Peter Reached His Health Goals

"Two days after starting the Organifi I really noticed that I had a lot more energy, slept well, a lot of my joint pain went away and my mental clarity was really great." 

Peter's biggest goal when his started his transformation journey was to get in shape so he could spend time playing with his kids. A former member of the military, Peter had suffered several injuries that contributed to him gaining unwanted weight once his time serving was over. 

Peter also suffered from fatigue and joint pain and had picked up the habit of drinking energy drinks. It seemed to be the only thing that could temporarily boost his energy so he could get through the day. 

 "I received an email that said ' would you like to try this challenge?' from Organifi. And I was like, what the heck, I've got nothing to lose!"

Peter started by drinking an Organifi Complete shake every day in place of a meal, then eventually started drinking it twice a week in place of two meals. 

"The Organifi Complete Protein shake I got was vanilla. It tasted really good, nice and neutral so you can mix it with whatever you want. It wasn't overpowering. Really easy to drink. It dissolved really well. It wasn't really thick and just went down really great." 

Peter's Results

  • Down almost 10 pounds
  • More energy
  • Felt healthier
  • Fat loss around waist  
  • Slept better
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Less joint pain 

Because Peter was working out 6 days a week and also fathering his 3 boys, he needed healthy food options that were quick to make without a lot of effort and prep. Organifi Complete Protein worked well since all he needed to do was mix it with water or a milk alternative and it was good to go. 

"Two days after starting the Organifi Red Juice I really noticed that I had a lot more energy, slept well, a lot of my joint pain went away and my mental clarity was really great." 

Peter's family also began to notice a difference. They were impressed by his new energy levels and improved physique. His wife in particular often asks how he is able to keep going all day long.

He answers, "Hey, I'm just drinking Organifi!" 

Peter thinks that anyone can see the same results he did. Making a simple adjustment in your life can lead to real changes. Starting a healthier life doesn't have to be complicated. 

"I'm 40 years old and look at me! Look at what great shape I'm in, my energy... you're getting a great value for the price. It tastes great. It's easy to mix up and have whenever you want." 

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, Peter! We are so excited to see your results and hear your feedback. 

Tragedy Turns To Opportunity, Weight Loss And Holistic Health

"You change one thing and other things will start to follow. That's... what happened with me. I love this stuff. I literally tell everyone I know who takes nutritional products... about Organifi." 

Glenn is a hockey player who had an unfortunate accident. During a game one day a hockey puck collided with his face, leaving his jaw broken and badly damaged. 

Glenn was soon picked up by an ambulance and raced to the ER, where he was put under anesthesia so they could try and repair his jaw. He ended up needing his jaw wired shut for 6 weeks to heal, leaving him unable to chew or eat regular food. 

By happenstance, before the day he was hit by the hockey puck, Glen had ordered a canister of Organifi Complete Protein. An avid protein shake drinker, he had been searching for something made with clean ingredients and high quality superfoods.  

"Drew Canole's Organifi had it all... Drew and his team had traveled the world to find sources for these superfoods. My first response to [Organifi] was '..this is really, really tasty.' I've taken a lot of different protein products and none of them came even close to the taste and texture that Organifi Complete Protein gave me."      

Glenn's Health Goals 

Glenn's health goal when he started drinking Organifi was to get all the nutrients he needed while drinking all his meals through a straw for several weeks. He also wanted to lose a little weight. 

"Losing weight can be tough when you can't eat properly. You do lose weight, but you also lose a lot of muscle mass too. So having a product that was able to sustain me and help me maintain that muscle mass was really important to me." 

Glenn's Results

Glenn has lost close to 50 pounds!

Other benefits Glenn gained: 

  • Able to start running again
  • Motivation to workout at the gym again
  • Elevated energy levels 

Besides losing his extra weight, Glenn found the biggest benefit of drinking Organifi every day was elevated energy levels and the ability to do more throughout the day. 

"You change one thing and other things will start to follow. That's... what happened with me. I love this stuff. I literally tell everyone I know who takes nutritional products... about Organifi." 

Glenn discovered that sometimes all it takes is one simple change to get the ball rolling in improving your health and well being. Starting a healthier lifestyle doesn't have to be complicated. 

"You only get one body. You only have one set of time. Every day that you wait is a day that you're not going to get back. When all those days are gone, you're gone...Treat your body well and give it the nutrition that it needs." 

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, Glenn! We love and appreciate you. We are thrilled that you've experienced these positive changes in your life and are impressed with how you came out of a tragedy better than you were before. 

 What's Your Organifi Story?

Now it's time for YOUR transformation story. You've already taken the first step by committing to your health and ordering Organifi products. 

How is choosing a life of better health going to change YOU?

We want to hear all about it. We are here to support you! Reach out anytime by visiting this page

Remember, we're in this together. 

Drew and the Organifi Team


I have been buying Organifi off of Amazon and didn’t realize I could save money buying on the actual sight. Drew suggested I share my story on here and I found savings as well. Gratitude Organifi team……here is my experience.

I decided to change careers and go back to school a few years ago while working full-time. A decision I am grateful I made at 38 years old (now 43). I am on the CPA path over at Rutgers in Camden, NJ at night and work as a staff accountant in Philadelphia during the day. Needless to say my days are hectic. I also started playing tennis again and working out but work and class were taking its toll mentally and physically and I struggled to get to the gum and the tennis court. I was drinking too much coffee and crashing. After last tax season I decided I needed to make a change in my life so I could find more energy and maximize my time.

That’s when I found Organifi……

I started taking one Green Juice a day. I found clarity of mind and I was more focused and more energy throughout the day. After a while I noticed I wasn’t drinking coffee like it was the last liquid on Earth and that in itself was a massive success. Now I have one cup of coffee in the morning and that’s it. I was making it to the gym and my workouts improved immensely. So grateful.

I added Red Juice to the mix and found my food cravings dissolve. My energy level improved even more and my focus was sharp. Still is to this day. My Organifi recipe for success is 1 Red Juice in the morning and 1 Green Juice in the afternoon around 2 or 3 p.m. My down time I am running around with my 13 year old daughter, at the gym, or on the tennis court. Gratitude.

I have a very healthy, productive, and full life today and with Organifi giving my body what it needs I look forward to more of the same in the future.

It is never to late to change no matter how old you are. Find what works for you. Organifi is a big part of what works for me.

Work Hard
Mind, Body, Spirit
Stay Grateful

Brad Wright

I am a 60 year old female that noticed after age forty my weight kept gradually going up. My husband and I would do the Atkins diet in the past, would lose 20 pounds or more and as soon as we stopped the weight would gradually come back. I hit a low point last fall, I was incredibly over weight, I was having more heart palpitations, more joint pain, shortness of breath, lack of energy. I said enough. In January my husband and I started the Nutrisystem plan and I added Organifi to my daily regimen. I have lost over thirty pounds and on my way to my goal of 20 to 30 more. I feel better, joint pain is gone most days, (I have a bad knee), I have more energy, heart arrhythmia are almost non existent and no more shortness of breath. Now I have a cardiologist and had extensive studies done before I even started a diet and as they found out, yes, I have an irregular heartbeat but my arteries were clear. I have seen an orthopedist who has determined that my knee has a problen with the ACL from an old injury that was missed. When they dais lets do a scope I thought long and hard about my weight. Do I want to go through a surgical procedure on my knee and deal with problems I could have from my weight on my mobility. That was my eye opener. I told myself, Kathy you have to fix this. While many of the co-workers I work with have gone through some type of stomach shrinking surgical procedure to loose weight, again I was like no, I can do this without a surgical intervention. I put it on I can loose it. As many aging men and women find, it is difficult to get results and since I have started on Organifi, red juice three times a day, green juice daily and Turmeric daily my energy level and weight loss has continued to go in the right direction. The Nutrisystem has guided me in portion control adding fiber and protein. I do a shake a day as well.
I look forward to the next chapter in my life with this amazing product.

Kathy Eaton

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