Goodbye PMS! How To Achieve Hormone Balance with Organifi Harmony

Goodbye PMS! How To Achieve Hormone Balance with Organifi Harmony

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That’s the word we use when we talk about our commitments to you: Organifi’s goal is to empower people to live happier, healthier, more comfortable lives.

And that’s exactly what we had in mind when we created our newest superfood blend, Harmony.

But this time, we focused on empowering a specific set of individuals: strong. fearless females.

The Celestial Cycle Explained

Spoiler alert: men and women are not the same. 

It probably comes as a shock to no one that, while women and men are similar in many ways, the hormones that govern them are markedly different.

The real explanation is incredibly complicated - and who has that kind of time? - but the simplest one comes from the sun and the moon.

Men mirror the sun. Their hormones reset overnight, and therefore each day is like starting on a blank slate (hormonally-speaking). 

Women, on the other hand, mirror the moon. Women go through a series of hormonal changes over a 30-day span and each day is different, just like the various phases of the moon. When the span ends, women go through a resetting process, essentially shed everything that just happened over the last month in order to start the cycle all over again...kind of like the new moon. 

And that brings us to the dreaded menstrual cycle.

With more nicknames than any bad boss on earth, the period that punctuates the end of the female cycle brings a load of fun baggage in the form of PMS.

Bloating, moodiness, severe cramping, and extreme fatigue are among the lesser of the symptoms? (Say whaaat?) That’s right - some women experience even worse than that, especially if their cycle isn’t regular or their hormones are really out of whack. 

If it all sounds familiar - and a bit depressing - don’t fret! 

We’ve got some good news:

Women CAN experience a cycle reset without PMS.

Here’s how..

Enjoy Hormonal Peace, with HARMONY

Organifi created Harmony with the hormonal health of women in mind.

Since period woes plague so many fearless femmes, we wanted to find a deeper way to support them. And what better way than to target the source?!

Harmony combines powerful superfoods and adaptogens that have been used for centuries to support inner balance and bliss. 

This deliciously smooth blend nourishes the body to support a woman’s natural cycle,  alleviates symptoms of PMS to give females freedom from fatigue and feeling bad, and utilizes the balancing power of adaptogens to energize and synchronize. 

For Optimal Support

Since a woman’s cycle is much like that of the moon - ongoing phases for approximately 30 days - we strongly recommend drinking Harmony daily.

Which isn’t that hard to do, considering it tastes like decadent hot chocolate!

(No, it’s not an accident that we took everyone’s favorite craving during “that time of the month” and turned it into the exact thing to help women during that time of the month.) 

In every container, we’ve included 12 superfood ingredients that make Harmony the only hormonal support of its kind.

The Harmonious Lineup includes:

  • Criollo Cacao
  • Maca
  • Chaste Tree Berry
  • Shatavari
  • Stinging Nettle Leaf
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Cacao
  • Acacia Powder

Pairing Superfoods for Even MORE Support

By bundling Harmony with other blends, you’re not only ensuring better support for your cycle, but you’re also giving your body the things it needs to thrive in ALL areas of your life!

Pairing Harmony with: Organifi Green

PMS can make women feel more stressed than they already are! Organifi Green Juice is an incredible counterpart to Harmony, because this unique superfood blend can actually aid in healthier responses to stress - and it can support weight management as well. (The perfect one-two punch against period symptoms.) 

Organifi Green Juice combines a clinical dose of cortisol-lowering Ashwagandha with 10 other superfood ingredients that are uniquely formulated to enhance the benefits. Sipped first thing in the morning, it’s a rejuvenating, alkalizing, refreshing reset your body’s been waiting for!

Pairing Harmony with: Organifi Gold

Good rest is worth its weight in gold. Especially during that time of the month, when the body is busy resetting itself, shedding off what it doesn’t need, and making women feel all kinds of fatigued.

Organifi Gold is the PMS soother, with powerful superfoods to help you relax, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and energized (in time to drink your Green Juice and keep going!). With proven ingredients like turmeric, reishi mushrooms, and calming lemon balm, Organifi Gold is the evening sipper to give you that much-needed rest, plus a healthy kick to the immune system too!

Grab all three of these hormone-balancing superfood blends when you build your own superfood bundle.

Want more Cycle Syncing Education? 

Check out our "Hormones 101" playlist on Youtube for a four-part Cycle Syncing education series from Holistic Health Coach and Hormone Expert, Nia Carrilo. PLUS a bonus four-part guided workout series from Organifi Fitness Coaches for each phase of your cycle.

Remember, we're in this together!

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