Is Juicing Good for You? The Pros and Cons

Is juicing good for you? The jury is out! 

Green juices have been popular for a long time now. Green juice detox recipes have flooded the internet. More and more juice bars are popping up. You can even find cold-pressed green juice at your local grocery stores and online.

Reading about the benefits of this resetting drink, I bet you are considering joining the crowd of juicers. You may even be considering a green juice reset and wondering if juicing is good for you.

Consider all the pros and cons and learn how to juice the best way before you get on the juicing-wagon.

Is Juicing Good for you? The Pros and Cons

Generally speaking, juicing is good for you. There are so many pros that you will be happy to hear about. However, there are a few disadvantages to juicing as well that it is important to consider.

Check out the pros and cons of juicing, and make your own conclusion is juicing is good for you.

Pros Juicing: Why Juicing Is Good for You

1. Juicing is a fantastic way to meet your daily dose of veggies

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, only 1 out of 10 adults meet there vegetable and fruit requirements. Since vegetables and fruits are so important to keep your body strong, healthy, and energetic, and to keep disease away, these are some scary statistics.

The government recommends 2-3 cups of veggies and 1.5 - 2 cups of fruits a day. Many holistic health professionals believe that this is the bare minimum, yet most people are struggling to get even that much into their daily diet.

Adding a few extra veggies as a snack and fruits to your oatmeal are excellent options, however, juicing is one of the easiest ways to add in several cups of nutritious goodness to your diet without having to chew too much.

When you ask the question, “Is juicing good for you?”, just consider all the vitamins and minerals in each cup of green juice. Looking at all the nutrients, it is easy to see that juicing is good for you.

2. Juicing can add a variety to your diet

It is easy to get into a rut and to go for the same old foods and recipes every day. However, it is not only important to meet the recommended amounts of veggies and fruits a day, but it is also essential to consume a variety of them to give your body all the nutrients it needs from a variety of sources.

If it sounds overwhelming to you, juicing may be a good choice for you. Juicing can be a great way not only to add more greens, veggies, and fruits to your diet but to add more variety.

If you don’t like to taste of certain veggies, you may end up liking it in some green juice detox recipes. Juicing gives you a great opportunity to add produce to your diet that you normally wouldn’t consume or would eat little.

3. Juicing is highly concentrated


Juicing is good for you because of all the vitamins and minerals it provides in a highly concentrated form. For example, kale is abundant in vitamin K, potassium, and vitamin C. However, having to eat an entire bunch of kale just to receive all that goodness, may be difficult. It may even be more intimidating once you realize that you need other greens, veggies, and fruits in your diet along with kale.

Instead of having to choke down on a scary amount of produce in one sitting, you can simply make a juice. You can enjoy all the nutrients as a light and refreshing juice instead. You don’t have to worry about nutritional deficiencies because juicing is good for you by bringing you the vitamins and minerals you need in a concentrated form.

4. Juicing helps your body to absorb the nutrients easier

A glass of green juice is a shot of instant nutrition. No joke. Through juicing, all the insoluble fiber is removed, making digestion much quicker and easier. Its benefits for your digestion are one of the reasons a green juice reset may be beneficial for you.

When you are eating your veggies, not only that chewing takes time, your body has to deal with all the fiber too. Drinking a green juice allows your body to receive nutrient nearly instantly. Your body can also absorb all the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes quickly, providing you with instant energy. Green juicing is good for you as it is a natural, healthy multivitamin in a delicious cup.

5. Juicing is great for picky eaters

Children can be rather picky. They may turn their nose up when seeing broccoli and will likely refuse to eat kale orchards.

Even adults can be just as picky as children. If you are used to eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), some veggies may taste bitter or looks strange to you at first.

Juicing is good for you if you are a picky eater! It is a smart way to sneak in lots of greens in a delicious juice in a fun way.

Did you know that some green juices are not even green?

That’s right! Beet juices are delicious, nutritious, and have a deep reddish color. If you add blueberries to your green juice, you can enjoy a purple drink. Carrot juice may be orange, however, when you add some greens to it, it may turn darker in color. You can literally drink the rainbow when juicing.

See, juicing is good for you and it is so much colorful fun too.

6. Juicing can help with weight management 

If you need to lose weight to better your health, juicing is good for you because it can put you on a healthier path.

Going on a green juice reset can help you lose some unwanted pounds, but more importantly, it can kickstart healthier eating habits, re-set your taste buds, improve your digestion, and up your energy.

As you continue to incorporate green juicing into your daily diet, you may notice that you are craving healthier foods that are more nutritious and are lower in calories than processed food.

You may notice more energy that can help you to get more active again. All this can result in weight loss and better health.

7. Juicing can improve your health

When you are juicing, you are adding lots of nutrients to your body in just a cup of smooth green juice. If you are embarking on a green juice reset, you may really be upping your day and setting yourself up for health.

As you are juicing, your taste buds may change and you may be craving more healthy whole foods that fill you with even more nutrients. You may lose some unnecessary pounds.

You may become more energetic and start to move your body more which boosts your weight loss goals too. You may notice your digestion becoming more regular and healthier.

As a result, inflammation in your body may go down, you may notice fewer pains and aches. You may be catching fewer colds and bugs. You may notice a clearer skin.

Your body may be able to protect you better from serious illness and disease. You may notice a mood and mindset shift being more positive and ready for life.

You see, juicing is good for you because it creates a transformation in both your physical and mental health. Drinking a glass of green juice is such a simple act, yet it can have a true ripple effect leading to an enormous difference.

8. Juicing provides a convenient meal or snack to go

When you think about healthy and on-the-go snacks, you may think about carrot sticks, apples, bananas, dates, and trail mix. But what can be better than green juice?

Leafy greens and some veggies, such as beets are not exactly the easiest snacks, and salads can be inconvenient on the go.

However, green juices are easy to transport. They are quick to drink. They are refreshing and hydrating. They are simply perfect as a snack, drink, or even a meal replacement. You see, juicing is good for you even if you are busy.

9. Juicing is a smart way to reduce your produce waste

Green juicing is good for you, your household and our planet! In the United States alone over 30 percent of our food goes to waste. Every small act counts to reduce this number. Eliminating waste in your house is better for your budget and the environment as well.

Open your fridge and pantry. Can you see any veggies that are beyond their prime? A sad-looking cucumber or lettuce may not be the most appealing for a salad, especially if you are cooking for others, however, they can still be excellent for your green juice detox recipes.

Some veggies you simply may not want to serve because of their small size or odd shape. Guess what? They are great for juicing. Get your green juice reset recipes out and start juicing, it is good for you and our world.

Cons of Juicing: And What to Do About Them

1. Juicing alone may not help you to lose weight

I said before that juicing is good for you because it can help you lose weight. However, as mentioned earlier, it can help alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle. Going on a green juice detox for 3 days then returning to your SAD diet won’t have lasting results.

If you are mainly relying on juice for a long time, your body will start craving more calories which can lead to cravings, binges, and junk food.

To make juicing good for you, you can’t rely on juicing alone.

Green juices can help you reset your taste buds, kickstart a healthier diet, and improve your digestion. As you are getting into your juicing habits, start improving other areas of your diet, up your activity level, start to sleep more, and stress less. The combination of all this can help your weight loss goals.

2. Juicing can lead to blood sugar swings if you are juicing too many fruits

Fruit juices are extremely high in sugar. While fruits are healthy, when juiced, without all the fiber it gets absorbed too quickly leading to sugar spikes and blood sugar swings. To reduce your risk of blood sugar swings, be mindful of how many fruits you are juicing.

Avoid 100% fruit juices and don’t add too many fruits into one green juice. While most green juice detox recipes include some fruits, try to add only one piece of fruit total. Aim for fruits with a low glycemic index. Green apples are one of your best bets to add a little sweetness without too much sugar.

3. Juicing makes you lose out on the fiber

I told you earlier that juicing is good for you because it removes all the insoluble fiber. It is true. Removing the fiber makes your juices easier and quicker to digest so you can absorb lots of nutrients in no time.

However, fiber is also absolutely essential in your diet. It is important to scrub your digestive tract, get rid of plaque, help remove fiber, reduce the absorption of sugar in your blood, eliminate sugar spikes, keep you satiated longer, and keep your waistline at check.

This simply means that you can live on a green juice detox diet forever. Juicing is good for you. Keep at it.

However, make sure that along with drinking your veggies, you keep eating them as well. Drink delicious green smoothies with lots of fiber. Eat salads, fresh whole fruits, as well as baked and cooked high-fiber whole foods.

4. Juicing can get expensive

Juicing is good for you, however, it can also become a pricey adventure, especially when you are buying organic. However, there are some excellent tips you can follow to lower your costs.

To reduce your cost, consider the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 List. Always buy organic when shopping for anything on the Dirty Dozen list, otherwise, you may opt for non-organic produce if you have to. Make sure to peel anything non-organic before juicing.

Shop in-bulk or from wholesalers. Watch for sales are create a juicing menu based on what’s available.

Grow your own food if you can. Even a small herb garden in your home can help to add some basil, oregano, parsley, or cilantro to your green juice and meals.

Buying local and seasonal can also reduce your cost a great deal.

5. Juicing can be messy and time-consuming

Drinking a glass of green juice is possibly the fastest and easiest things you can you, not to mention how good juicing is for you.

However, the effort and time it takes to juice are not as quick as drinking it. Rinsing and cutting up your produce, juicing, and clean up can take some time, especially if you are juicing for your entire family.

One solution you can do is to juice ahead of time. If you are using a high-quality juicer and seal them properly in a mason jar, you can store your juices in your fridge for a few days. You can also freeze your juices and thaw them before drinking it.

Alternatively, you can also by pre-made green juices from juice bars and grocery stores, order them online or enjoy them at a juice-friendly restaurant.

However, buying pre-made juicing can get quite pricey.

If you are worried about time or clean-up or simply looking for another green juice option and more superfood goodness, Organifi Green Juice is your best bet.

Juicing Is Good for You with Organifi

Organifi Green Juice is a high-quality, organic superfood drink powered by spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, turmeric, moringa, beet, matcha green tea, ashwagandha, lemon, and coconut water.

Organifi Green Juice is absolutely delicious and so easy to use. Just mix it with one glass of water. It is ready in two seconds without mess or clean-up.

You can also add a scoop to any of your homemade green juices, green smoothies, dips, sauces, raw foods, and cooked meals.

If you want to up your juicing game with more superfood nutrition, you want to try Organifi Red Juice and Organifi Gold as well, all found in our Sunrise to Sunset Power Box.

Juicing Tips to Make Juicing Good for You

Reading through these list of pros and cons, I bet you are convinced that juicing is good for you. However, to make sure you get all the benefits and miss all the cons, you need to pay attention to a few things.

Follow these juicing tips to make juicing good for you:

  • Stick to mostly greens and vegetables when juicing.
  • Use only one fruit. Choose low GI varieties. Green apples are your best choice.
  • Use a variety of greens and veggies. Experiment. Get outside of your comfort zone. Try new green juice detox recipes.
  • Prepare your juices in batches. Keep them in the fridge for a few days or freeze them.
  • Buy local and in season, watch sales, and keep in mind the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 to reduce costs.
  • Don’t forget about fiber. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of whole food along with your green juices. Green smoothies, salads, whole fruits, and cooked veggies are a good way to increase your daily intake.
  • Drink Organifi Green Juice to add more superfoods to your diet. It is the perfect choice if you are in a hurry and want a green juice quickly without prep-time and clean-up. Mix it into your homemade green juices, smoothies, and other recipes for even more nutrients.

Juicing is good for you. In fact, it is one of the best things you can do for your health. It is simple, easy, nutritious, and delicious. It is no secret that we love juicing and we want the best for you. This is why we designed Organifi Green Juice to help you boost your health in a simple way one juice at a time.

Do you think that juicing is good for you? Do you juice regularly? What is your favorite green juice detox recipe? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments. Tag us on social media with your favorite green juice detox drink. We would love to hear from you and your smiles with that green juice mustache.

And remember, we are in this together.

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