Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mind, Body, & Soul

Our 2021 Mom's Day Gift Guide

This Mother’s Day, we’re prioritizing peace over presents.

Don’t get us wrong though, we still love gifts. Gifts are great!

But in a world where pre-written cards are cranked out by corporations and cellophane-wrapped baskets-of-whatevers are conveniently placed right near the register…

The art of picking out that perfect something has lost its luster.

And while the whole thing has been dumbed down to whatever we can grab on the go…

Moms deserve MORE!

When it comes to celebrating the hard-working women in our lives - the ones who juggle so much and take care of everyone but themselves - 

We’d prefer to shower them with things and experiences that really make a difference! 

So whether you’re celebrating a certain mom, or you’re enjoying being one, or expecting to become one, or just want to remember one today...

Treat yourself and the other women in your life to gifts that really give back.

Gifts From Us

We put together the perfect trio to say “Thanks, Mom!” You can snag all three of them when you build a custom bundle!

MIND: Organifi Green Juice

When you start your day on GREEN, everything else is a GO! 

They say women are more likely than men to get stressed - and we can see why with the demands of our daily lives - especially for moms -  it would take a medicinal miracle to help us all mellow out.

Thankfully, Organifi Green Juice is the only superfood blend of its kind that has a clinical serving of Ashwagandha; a potent plant that works to reduce stress responses by lowering cortisol.

The gift of calm in a refreshing, slightly sweet drink?

Now THAT’S a token of gratitude if we’ve ever seen one!

BODY: Organifi Harmony

The best way to achieve peace is with a little HARMONY!

Moms carry the world on their shoulders already - so it seems truly unfair that they also deal with hormonal imbalances, cycle changes and week-ruining PMS symptoms.

But now, women can have their chocolate and feel good too!

Organifi Harmony is a hot chocolate superfood blend designed by women to naturally help with everything from fatigue to feeling in a funk during that time of the month.

Not only that, it’s deliciously indulgent so you’ll forget you’re drinking it for your health!

SOUL: Organifi Gold

Good rest is worth its weight in GOLD. 

Raise your hand if you’re getting the recommended amount of sleep every single night & feeling like a million bucks every morning?!

Great, now raise your hand if you fell asleep at your desk, forgot where you put your glasses (which were on your head the whole time), or did any number of embarrassing things because you’re overtired.

If anyone understands this, it’s moms.

Which is why we want all of them to know about Organifi Gold; a creamy, soothing superfood “tea” with incredible ingredients for immunity support and restful rejuvenation.

Take your nighttime routine to the next level - and give yourself the relaxation you deserve! 

Gifts We Love

For the mom with a sweet tooth: JOJO’s

These sweet snacks are a great go-to to satisfy a chocolate craving without wreaking havoc on your health goals. From their original bars - with dark chocolate, pistachios, almonds, and cranberries - to other flavors like Hawaiian or Peanut Butter Delight, they’re sure to be the perfect pick-me-up in every snackable bite. 

For the mom who does it all: Kion

From clean coffee to fueled-up food bars...Kion has everything a mom needs to stay on-the-go...without coming to a crashing halt. Kion does all of their homework, researching every formula they use for each of their benefit-specific products. And they don’t cut any corners when it comes to quality or taste. For moms who don’t have time to slow down - or don’t want to - Kion is the perfect thing to keep a steady pace. 

For the mom who cares about safety: Branch Basics

Buying cleaning products for a mom might seem like a bad move, but not when you consider the bold stance that Branch Basics takes: if it ain’t ours, it ain’t safe. Okay, those aren’t their exact words, but they do make nontoxic cleaning products with the goal of helping you remove harmful chemicals from our homes and our lives. Oh, and their Concentrate model makes it so simple to ditch unnecessary cleaners! Give the gift of a better clean with Branch Basics - and maybe help your mom do the chores while you’re at it!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mother figures out there.

Remember, we're in this together!


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