Organifi and Vitamin Angels Partner to Bring the Gift of Sight to Children in Need with Red Juice

Joyti lost her sight at four

It could have been prevented.

Beautiful, bright, and lively, Joyti still smiles when you play with her. It’s hard sometimes for her to focus, but she tries anyway. She lost her sight completely in one eye due to a chain of events that could have been avoided:

She got stomach flu that turned into month-long diarrhea, that led to typhoid, and then to measles, ultimately taking her sight.

Her limited diet had debilitated her immune system.

She didn’t stand a chance against the illnesses that depleted her body of the vitamin A needed for her eyes to properly function. Her parents tried to get her help, but in the slums surrounding tourist-favorite Agra (where the Taj Mahal is), it’s not always easy to gain access to clean water, safe foods, and healthcare.

Vitamin A deficiency can lead to blindness

Vitamin A is one of the most critical nutrients for vision health, in fact, Vitamin A Deficiency is the world’s #1 cause of preventable child blindness, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), it affects an estimated 250 million children worldwide.

Furthermore, an estimated 250,000 to 500,000 children with Vitamin A deficiency become blind every year, with half of them dying within twelve months of losing their sight. Micronutrient deficiencies are severe and are the cause of many terrible -yet preventable- conditions for impoverished populations globally.

Joyti is just one of the many wonderful children whose opportunities were cut short due to poor nutrition. And sadly, over 800 million people suffer from malnutrition.

The good news is that we have the power to change that!

Better Nutrition for a Brighter Future


Imagine a world where we could bring nutrition-based health to everyone - even to the most remote locations- and prevent children like Joyti from losing their sight.

That’s the world we want to live in.

That’s the world we know you want to help us build.

We are incredibly proud to announce that Organifi and Vitamin Angels, have partnered to bring healthcare, nutrition literacy and crucial vitamins to impoverished children around the world, thanks to one of our very own team members.

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to have good health, not just those that can afford it." Nolan Tatro, Account Executive at Organifi

When Nolan first heard of Vitamin Angels, he was shopping at Whole Foods, for the very vitamin-rich foods that power our superfood drinks and nutrition-based-healthcare revolution.

“I remember seeing their logo in places that I would shop like Whole Foods and Sprouts, and on the containers of products I would buy. It felt really great knowing that when I bought one of these products, I was literally saving the life of a child.”

Fortunately, Nolan knew there was more he could do, so he started looking into a potential partnership between Organifi and Vitamin Angels:

“Organifi’s mission statement is to ‘Unite the World Through Health and Happiness,’ and we do that through making quality nutrition convenient and accessible. Knowing this, I saw a huge opportunity to greatly increase our impact by helping those in developing countries who don’t have access to quality nutrition”

Vitamin Angels is a Charity and Nonprofit Organization dedicated to bringing vital Vitamins, nutrition education, and healthcare to at-risk populations around the world, with over 90% of their funds going to providing vitamins for malnourished children and mothers in need.

They have the highest rating (4-Stars) for transparency & financial efficiency from Charity Navigator, the 2018 Platinum Seal of Transparency by Guide Stars, and share their records and books publicly.

In short, Vitamin Angels is a legitimate charity, where donations are used effectively to eradicate preventable diseases, most notably, child blindness. This also makes it perfect for us to amplify our reach and mission.

We believe everyone deserves access to quality nutrition to support overall health.

So, for Every Bottle of Red Juice Sold, Organifi will donate a One-Year Dose of Vitamin A to help save a child’s life.

On a Mission to Unite the World Through Health and Happiness


We wanted to share a bit about our experience and journey when selecting Vitamin Angels as a partner. So, we asked Nolan a few questions:

  • What inspired you to present this partnership idea to Organifi?

  • I am a firm believer in corporate responsibility and that businesses should make an impact beyond just selling their products. When I joined Organifi, our impact that we were already making through our customers’ health transformations was remarkable.

    We’ve transformed millions of lives through quality nutrition. However, everyone deserves the opportunity to have good health, not just those that can afford it.

  • Organifi is constantly sharing knowledge on nutrition-based health. How does Vitamin Angel’s nutritional counseling help children and people in risk of, or suffering from, malnutrition?

  • Through local partners, Vitamin Angels provides nutritional counseling for parents as well as children. Although it’s extremely important, we know that it isn’t a sustainable solution to only be distributing vitamins to those in need. 

    To ensure future success, education is one of the most powerful tools we can offer.

    Whether it is educating children on the importance of eating a variety of foods rich in nutrients or setting up community gardens and encouraging information sharing amongst communities, getting people excited and empowered with the importance of nutrition is the only way to ensure success for years to come.

    Why is Vitamin A so important?

    Vitamin A is vital for vision health and the immune system. 

    It is mainly present in leafy green vegetables, orange, and yellow colored fruits and vegetables, as well as animal products.

    We are lucky enough to live where we have an abundance of Vitamin A, and where deficiencies are extremely rare. Unfortunately, many communities around the world solely survive on foods like potatoes or grains that lack Vitamin A.

    Why did you choose Red Juice for this project?

    When I pitched this partnership, I really wanted us to support Vitamin Angels through the purchase of all our products. As a rapidly growing startup, this just wasn’t feasible for now.

    But one of the concepts I was most excited about with this partnership was the 1:1 campaign, where the customer is empowered by their purchases to make a difference. Red Juice is a customer favorite and packed with those nutrient-dense superfoods, so it was a perfect fit.

    Can buyers see where their donations/funds/help went and who they helped?

    Since Vitamin Angels has an extensive network of local partners that carry out their mission, information on exactly where the donations go isn’t available.

    However, given Vitamin Angels’ full transparency and highest ratings for a charity, we know that the funds that are donated are being used as efficiently and effectively as possible. They also do spotlights on their website about the people and the communities they are helping. 

    Where can people find more information on how to help?

    You can find more at

    How long will this Red Juice charity program run for?

    As of now, our partnership has no end date, as we know that in order to provide long-term solutions, we must commit to long-term support.

    Nolan Tatro started working at Organifi in April 2018.

    He is a personal trainer who found the healing powers of proper nutrition through his own health transformation. At Organifi he is an Account Executive and feels blessed to be able to speak with our customers first hand on a daily basis to help transform their lives.

    We feel equally blessed to have him on our team!

    Help us bring health and nutrition to at-risk children globally buying your bottle of Red Juice today!



    Totally like what you are doing here and although I’ve only tried the Gold product, I will purchase the Red today (and the chocolate that I’ve been wanting to try out). Thank you for your kindness for these children in need of good vitamins!

    Lisa Abrevaya

    Green Juice has changed my life. Down almost 100 lbs, no more acne, skin looks amazing, bladder issues went away!

    Amber Hines

    While reading this, it reminds me of where I come from, Nigeria(Africa), some people do not have access to the kind of life they need.
    It will be a good idea to partner with organifi and take it to Africa so that people can have access to these nutritious products.
    This article was quite touching, if you have never been there, you will not understand. I get it. Thanks for this. I personally love the Red Juice

    Gloria O Dunlap

    I LOVE organifi products!! The red gives me a great afternoon boost


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