Organifi® Celebrates 6th Anniversary with Announcement of Packaging Rebrand to Highlight Quality Ingredients

With a driving mission to positively impact not only the lives of its consumers but the world in which they live, Organifi’s rebrand reflects its commitment to USDA Organic, Non-GMO and Glyphosate Residue Free ingredients.

San Diego, Calif. October 14, 2020 -- To continue meeting the growing demand for its convenient, high-quality and great-tasting superfood blends and supplements, Organifi® ( unveils the launch of its new, premium packaging, in conjunction with the brand’s 6-year anniversary.

The new look, which will highlight the products’ Glyphosate Residue Free credential, is consistent with Organifi’s commitment to positively impacting the lives of its community members, starting with the foods they consume on a daily basis. Beginning with the company’s branding and its most popular product lines, the new packaging will begin rolling out in retail and e-commerce over the next several months and into 2021.

“When we launched Organifi in 2014 with our signature Green Juice, we did so with the simple desire to make a healthy lifestyle, convenient and more accessible for all,” said Djamel Bettahar, CEO and Co-Founder of Organifi. “Six years later, we not only have a community of engaged fans larger than we ever could have dreamed, but we now have a responsibility to those fans and their families to not only be good, but do good.”

Organifi’s decision to test and certify that its products are Glyphosate Residue Free is in line with its focus on ethical, sustainable and charitable business practices. Glyphosate, which is not measured in Organic nor Non-GMO tests, is a widely used and harmful herbicide sprayed on crops and other plants to kill weeds. 

In addition to the damaging effects it has on the human body, glyphosate residue negatively impacts the environment by contaminating the soil, water, and air it comes into contact with. Glyphosate is a water-soluble toxin that evaporates into the air/clouds, cycling back into the soil with each rainfall. Because of this cycle, glyphosate is unable to be removed from the ecosystem and, therefore, can even affect organic-certified crops.

As part of the October rebrand announcement and into the coming year, Organifi is committed to having its products bear the certification of Glyphosate Residue Free, from The Detox Project (, which launched in 2017 and has now certified more than 40+ food and beverage brands. 

“This rebrand is not only an aesthetic play to solidify Organifi’s presence on the store shelf and on the kitchen countertops of our customers, but it sets the standard for quality-ingredient credentials consumers should be expecting from products in the food and beverage space,” said Bettahar. “By highlighting the lesser-known certifications, such as Glyphosate Residue Free, we are also committing to the education and advocacy that surrounds them, promoting optimal health for both our customers and the environment.”

After four years as a mostly-D2C brand, Organifi experienced revenue growth of 55% YoY, on average, over the last two years, while also gaining distribution in nearly 2,000 Natural, Specialty, Conventional and Nutrition retail stores, holding the spot of #2-selling superfoods brand in Vitamin Shoppe (2020).

Organifi’s suite of products is now inclusive of more than 10 superfood blends, all with high-quality, plant-based ingredients and research-backed  formulations.

Top-selling SKUs include: 
  • Organifi Green Juice Essential superfoods that support healthy cortisol levels to reduce stress and reset your morning while aiding in weight management. 
  • Organifi Red Juice - A fruity blend of premium, organic superfoods that contains potent adaptogens, antioxidants and a clinical dose of Rhodiola, to help promote energy with zero caffeine and only 2 grams of sugar.
  • Organifi Gold - A soothing blend of superfoods, including turmeric, to reshape your evening ritual, supporting rest and relaxation.
  • Organifi Pure - A blend of superfoods designed to improve gut health, promote healthy BDNF levels and help support normal mental clarity.

All Organifi products are sold online at and in select retailers nationwide. 
About Organifi®

In 2014, the Organifi® brand was born out of a desire to make a healthy lifestyle, convenient and more accessible for all. From humble beginnings, three friends saw the opportunity to create a high-quality, great-tasting and convenient superfood solution, which quickly transpired into an international community of customers and fans, in just a few short years, generating more than $100M in revenue since inception. The Organifi mentality is brought together by the power of superfoods and the belief that empowering one another to lead a more meaningful and nutrition-focused life can make waves of change, far and wide.
Since day one, it has been about offering quality superfood products, intimately knowing the people whose lives are changing because of them, and sharing the journey together.

Organifi’s mission is to transform the world through community, nutrition and habit transformation. 

Now with millions of functional superfood blends shared and hundreds of thousands of lives changed, the Organifi team learned together, with its community, that change doesn’t have to be hard when you have the right tools to guide you. 

We’re in this together and we’re just getting started. Learn more at!

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