6 Impressive Benefits Of Acacia Fiber

If you care about your health and well-being, it is time for you to learn more about Acacia Fiber, a beneficial sap from the Acacia tree. Acacia fiber can help with digestion, aid weight management, balance gut flora and support healthy blood sugar levels. 

What Is Acacia Fiber?

Acacia fiber, or otherwise known as gum Arabic or acacia gum, comes from the sap of the Acacia Senegal tree that can be found in India, Pakistan and parts of Africa. It is rich in soluble fiber and offers many health benefits.

The most popular form of acacia is a powder that you can mix into water, smoothies, shakes and other drinks. With a mild taste, it is an excellent addition to your recipes. It is not gritty and doesn’t thicken your drinks either.

Why Should I Use Acacia Fiber?

There are various reasons you may want to include acacia fiber in your diet. Due to its high soluble fiber content, it can be beneficial for your body if you are dealing with digestion issues, including IBS. Thanks to its prebiotic properties, it can stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in your body, helping create a healthy and balanced gut flora. It can also suppress your appetite, aid your weight management efforts, keep your blood sugar in check, protect against diabetes and lower your cholesterol.

Benefits Of Acacia Fiber

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

If you are dealing with IBS symptoms, you may want to consider using acacia fiber in your diet. A 2012 study published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology discovered that yogurt enriched with acacia fiber can benefit those with IBS.


Whether it’s chronic, temporary or situational, constipation can be very uncomfortable. It also prevents the healthy elimination of toxins and waste that can lead to health issues in the long term. Thankfully, acacia fiber is here for your rescue. According to a 2012 study, acacia fiber, psyllium husk and fructose can help relieve your constipation.

High Cholesterol

If you are looking to keep your cholesterol levels in check, acacia fiber may be able to help you out. A 2009 report in the Food and Chemical Toxicology has found preliminary evidence that acacia fiber can reduce cholesterol levels in rats.


Dietary fiber can play a crucial role in regulating your blood sugar. Preliminary clinical research suggests that fiber may be able to protect your body against certain diabetes and its complications. According to a study in Kidney and Blood Pressure Research, acacia fiber can help in lowering blood pressure and renal function in diabetic mice.

Anti-bacterial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-microbial

Acacia fiber can do wonders for your health by fighting bad bugs and infections in your body. According to a 2015 review in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, acacia fiber can have antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial benefits in your body.


A diet rich in antioxidants is absolutely necessary for your health to fight free-radical damage and to keep disease away. According to the same review in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, acacia fiber is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids.

How Should I Use Acacia Fiber?

Acacia fiber is a potent superfood supplement that you can use in the form of a powder, superfood mix, gum or pill. 

    Acacia Fiber Powder 

    The most common form of acacia fiber you can find in health food stores, vitamin shops and online is a powder form. Acacia powder is super convenient. You can mix it with water and add it to your smoothies, shakes, green juices and even raw food or baked good recipes. Using acacia fiber powder in your recipes can not only enhance your health, but also allow for creative explorations in the kitchen.

    Acacia fiber powder is also commonly used in some superfood powders. You can find it in our Organifi Gold Juice as one of the ingredients. Buying superfood powders is one of the smartest and most cost-effective ways to enjoy the benefits of various forms of superfoods in a delicious format.

    Acacia Gum

    You can also find acacia fiber in the form of a gum. This still provides you with all the fiber and health benefits, but creates an excellent alternative to gums and candy through its gummy texture. Chewing it for about 10 minutes five times a day can help remove dental plaque and protect your teeth. You can see results within just 7 days.

      Acacia Fiber Pills/Supplements

      Taking acacia fiber in the form of a pill supplement may be the easiest and quickest way to receive all the benefits. It is especially convenient if you are traveling and on the go and don't have the opportunity to make a juice or smoothie. 

      Organifi Gold

      If you are not a fan of pills, Organifi Gold is also an easy way to get an effective dose of acacia fiber. All you have to do is mix a scoop with warm water. It's ready within a few seconds, can be consumed on the go and provides you with benefits of various other superfoods, along with acacia fiber.

      When mixing Organifi Gold with hot water, it creates a delicious, warming fall or winter drink, but if you prefer, you can drink it cold or add it to a smoothie or raw food recipe as well. Organifi Gold  can supports a better night’s rest so you wake up refreshed.


        Acacia fiber is a potent superfood that can benefit your gut health, relieve constipation and symptoms of IBS, lower your cholesterol, help with blood sugar issues, fill your body with soluable fiber and protect your overall health. 

        One of the smartest ways to consume acacia fiber is as part of a superfood complex like Organifi Gold . This will help you to receive the benefits of countless other superfoods, like turmeric, ginger, Reishi mushroom, cinnamon and more, along with acacia fiber.

        How will you use acacia fiber in your diet from now on? Share in the comments below, we would love to hear from you.

        And remember, we're in this together. 

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