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We’ve been blessed with thousands of stories from our community over the years. Inspiration is flooding in from all over the world.

Take for instance our friend, “G”, who has lost over a 150 pounds. We met with “G” in person on a trip to Costa Rica. He just lights up the room with his new found enthusiasm and his energy.

And Stacy Cooper who said, “Organifi has helped me get my life back”.

That’s what it’s all about! THAT is why we make these products - for YOU and the millions of people around the world looking to live their best life in a body they feel incredible in!

Maybe you are just starting out. You’ve started watching our videos recently. Or maybe you’ve been watching our videos for years, which is absolutely amazing too!

Over the past 6.5 years, we’ve made over a 1000 videos centered around health, nutrition, and mindset.

It’s the givers who receive the most in this world. Receiving literally dozens of emails and messages a week has changed my life, so thank you for being such a huge part of our WHY - the reason we do what we do. It’s all for you, truly. And we are so honored to walk alongside you on your personal journey to freedom, health and happiness.

I want you to know…

We are listening to you! By you sharing with us, we are able to develop products that you really want! That will make massive IMPACT and provide easy solutions to some of those nagging questions/concerns about HOW to get the best quality nutrition, etc. So please, keep those communication lines open!

I understand it can be frustrating at times. Despite all the hard work, the truth is, we are being bombarded with toxins every single day - 42,000 new toxins enter the environment every single year. That’s insane!

To set up the best defense we know possible, we need to flood ourselves with copious amounts of antioxidants.

To be honest with you, people are not getting enough antioxidants nowadays. Our soil is void of a lot of the minerals, the enzymes, all the stuff that you really need to fuel yourself for optimal health. So in order to get the antioxidants your body needs, you would have to eat ten times as much. Nobody has time for that. Not to mention the cost to actually buy each ingredient - at the highest quality.

You’re a busy person - maybe you have kids, maybe you have a job, and you are doing the best you know how to do, but there is something still missing.

Your energy is starting to decline. Maybe it already has and you are downright exhausted! Those aches and those pains in your joints are starting to set in. YOU ARE SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED.

At the end of the day, what truly matters to me is that YOU truly live a life of purpose, a life of passion, a life that you’ve dreamed of. In order to the that, you need to feel good. I want that for you.

You deserve to have the very best nutrition in your life. And I’m going to help you with that.

What I started researching when I was developing this is the foods that are the highest in antioxidants.

I started looking at medicinal mushrooms from Chinese medicine, like cordyceps. Cordyceps is an amazing mushroom. What cordyceps do is to stimulate the ATP, which the internal energetic system of the body.

And there are beets. Beets are loaded with antioxidants. Once you are over the age of 30, your nitric oxide levels don’t recharge as quick as possible. Beets are actually loaded with nitric oxide.

We also focused on ingredients that boost metabolism, like acai and rhodiola.

We also looked for ingredients that were anti-aging, that would help your vision, that would clear your skin, that would help to get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles, that would give you that youthful glow that you’ve been looking for.

Which brings me to what I am so excited to announce today: the introduction of our very own, ORGANIFI RED JUICE.

This juice is absolutely amazing. No joke. We’ve put double the amount of superfoods, adaptogenic herbs, mushrooms, like cordyceps, of any red juice on the market today has.

It tastes absolutely incredible. It actually tastes like fruit punch. It’s made with acai, cordyceps, beet juice, rhodiola, pomegranate juice, blueberry powder, raspberry powder. It also has cranberry powder that’s great for your urinary tract. It’s going help your digestion.

The best part about is that it has less than one gram of sugar. LESS THAN ONE GRAM! 

It is great for:

  • anybody who is looking to increase their antioxidant level in their body
  • anybody who is looking to increase their metabolism
  • anybody who is looking for help with those fine lines and wrinkles in their skin using anti-aging principles
  • anybody who is looking for more energy and kick during their day

Six and a half years ago we set out to create the best education on the planet for people that allowed them that to make the better decisions, impact their overall health, live a life of purpose and to have the energy to do what they wants.

Now we are creating the very best products, the very best superfoods on the planet to help people with just that.

It’s all about changing yourself and transforming you in the inside out so you can transform the world as well.

That’s why we do what we do every single day. That’s why I am so inspired and so blessed to be part of this mission and this movement together with you.

To get your hands and your tastebuds on some delicious tasting and hugely beneficial Organifi Red Juice, click this link or click on the video to order yours today.

And remember, we’re in this together.


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