Organifi's Commitment to Our Planet

At Organifi, we aim to make a positive impact - not just you, but also the world around you! OUR world! We are committed to transforming the world through health and happiness. This means working hard to make sure every ingredient we use is cleaner, safer, and life-changing. How?

From seed to your shaker, every ingredient in our products has the potential to be medicine. We promise to continue choosing the highest-quality plant-based ingredients so you can live your healthiest life. 

We choose plant-based, whole food blends that are carefully combined to offer your body nourishment to create optimal health.

The hard-to-find ingredients we use are always either certified organic or glyphosate residue-free certified. These quality standards help us ensure not only the quality of the ingredients but also the sustainable practices to support a healthy planet.


USDA Certified Organic

By choosing organic products and processes we create a positive ripple effect to shift the conventional food system.

When the organic food system becomes the dominant food system, this will improve the health of our people and the planet for future generations.

Non-GMO Project Verified

We partner with the Non-GMO Project Verification Program, North America’s most rigorous third-party verification, to ensure that the ingredients used in our products have not been genetically engineered, altered or manipulated in any way.

This certification not only guarantees quality standards to our community, but it impacts small farmers positively as well by supporting ethical, organic farming practices.

Glyphosate-Residue Free

Glyphosate is the World’s most used non-selective herbicide. It is often used as a weed killer that also kills most other plants and our soil.  Glyphosate may be sprayed anywhere there are unwanted plants (from commercial farms to parks, to your neighbor’s private back yard).

The Glyphosate Residue-Free certification verifies that products do not contain Glyphosate. This certification is important to our people and planet because Glyphosate destroys our environment by contaminating our soil, water, and air and has been identified as a “probable carcinogen” by the World Health Organization.

Organifi proudly partners with The Detox Project, a third-party lab that tests specifically for Glyphosate Residue to ensure all Organifi products are 3rd party tested for glyphosate residue.

By taking the initiative to certify that our products are glyphosate residue free, we are taking the extra step to advocate and support farmers that are not utilizing destructive farming practices by applying glyphosate.

Sustainable Packaging

Depending on demand during our product production time, we use three different types of eco-friendly materials to ensure we are doing our part to take care of our planet. Each is consciously sourced from either Ocean Bound Plastic, HDPE Food Grade PCR or Sugarcane to help reduce our carbon footprint!

Below are a few more details on each of the materials we use.

Ocean Bound Plastic (Company Source: Envision Plastics): Envision Plastics commits to removing 10 million pounds of plastic at risk of polluting our oceans over the next 2 years. OceanBound Plastic is a versatile resin that we use to house your favorite superfoods in a sustainable canister!

Envision has combined supply chain experience with technical expertise and patented processes to transform plastic at risk of polluting our oceans into a reliable resin, OceanBound Plastic.

EcoPrime Resin (Company Source: Envision Plastics): Based upon producing 12MM pounds of EcoPrime annually (the output of only one production line) and supplying those pounds to food-grade applications where recycled resins have not been used before, the use of EcoPrime will:

  • Use 91.6% less energy to produce than virgin HDPE -Reduce carbon emissions by over 3,000 metric tons
  • Reduce carbon dioxide equivalents emissions by over 12,475 metric tons
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing 2,700 cars from the roads for one year
  • Reduce energy consumption required to produce new resins by 385,938MM Btu’s
  • Save the equivalent of 3,111,209 gallons of gasoline annually

Sugarcane Resin (Company Source: J.D Landworth): Sugarcane is 100% recyclable and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Why sugar cane canisters?

Sugarcane captures CO2 in the growing process. Green Polyethylene helps reduce greenhouse gases and is 100% recyclable. Per 20,000 canisters, we are extracting 2.59 metric tons of Co2 out of the atmosphere.

  • They have a negative carbon footprint. -Sugarcane captures CO2 in the growing process.
  • Green Polyethylene helps reduce greenhouse gases and is 100% recyclable.
  • Per 20,000 canisters, we are extracting 2.59 metric tons of Co2 out of the atmosphere.

We also use tru-IMPACT® labels which use a minimum of 20% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) for our canister labels as well as our Travel Pack film.


  • They have a negative carbon footprint
  • Sugar Cane captures CO2 in the growing process
  • Green Polyethylene helps REDUCE greenhouse gases and is 100% recyclable
  • Per 20,000 canisters, we are extracting 2.59 metric tons of Co2 out of the atmosphere


  • Eco-friendly food packaging using film with post-consumer recycled plastic.  
  • The more widely used PCR becomes, the more we can keep products like soda bottles, water bottles and milk jugs out of the landfill

Organic, regenerative farming and manufacturing practices = Healthier people, healthier planet and a healthier future.

Check out this quick interview with Organifi’s Supply Chain Director to learn more about our commitment to sustainability:

By partnering with sustainable packaging manufacturers, we are committed to keeping both your body and Mother Earth healthy.

Remember, we're in this together!

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