Power Up Gold Overnight Oats

One Of The Easiest Breakfasts You Can Make - Power Up Gold Overnight Oats

I know, with life getting so busy with school, work, social commitments, family obligations, avoiding seasonal flus, etc., it can be hard to even consider making a good, substantial breakfast in the morning for yourself, much less your whole family.

So why don’t you just throw something together the night before?

Not only can this recipe be whipped up in just a matter of minutes, but it is also nutrient-packed, healthy, satiating, gluten free, dairy free, satisfying and delicious. Check out more about the wonders of Power Up Gold Overnight Oats!  

What Gives These Overnight Oats Their Edge?

Organifi Vanilla Protein Powder

Most people have been raised eating mainly carbs and sugar for breakfast. While such options can seem satisfactory in the moment, it won’t take long until your stomach starts demanding something more nutrient-dense and energy-packed. That’s when protein comes into play.

Instead of sabotaging yourself with empty carbs and sugar in the morning, fuel your body with a substantial meal packed with protein. These overnight oats have a great dose of protein that will have you energized and satisfied until your next meal of the day.

Consuming protein in the morning has shown to not only help boost energy levels and keep you satiated, but also balance hormone levels, enhance brain power and strengthen your immune system’s defenses against illnesses.

Organifi Complete Protein

To make these overnight oats even better, the protein is sourced from our very own Organifi Complete Protein Powder. This powder doubles as a multivitamin and is made with only the best organic, plant-based ingredients out there, such as quinoa, pea and pumpkin seed protein. It has been designed specifically to help support weight loss and muscle tone, improve immunity and boost energy. Just two scoops of this stuff can provide you with 20 grams of protein, along with a number of other essential nutrients.

No way can that mid-morning sleepiness get to you when you’ve got this stuff fueling your system.

Organifi Gold Juice

What makes these overnight oats even more special and unique is the addition of our brand new Organifi Gold Juice Powder. Organifi Gold has also been specially crafted with the best organic, plant-based ingredients, including turmeric, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, Reishi, turkey tail, lemon balm, coconut milk, acacia fiber, monk fruit and vanilla. It is a very warming mixture meant to boost your immune system, relax your muscles, enhance your brainpower, aid your digestion and more.

Including this powder in these overnight oats really does make this a golden recipe. You won’t find anything else quite like it!

Along with the maple syrup and extra cinnamon to both sweeten and spice this recipe up, you’ll be obsessed with this incredibly easy, yet health infusing breakfast option in no time. Give it a try!

Power Up Gold Overnight Oats

Power Up Gold Overnight Oats

Makes: approx 3/4 cup of cereal


  • ½ cup gluten free rolled oats
  • ½ cup unsweetened coconut milk (almond or rice can also be used)
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • 1 heaping tsp flax seed meal
  • 1 scoop Organifi GOLD Powder
  • ½ scoop Organifi Vanilla Protein Powder
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • Optional toppings: nuts, unsweetened coconut flakes, flax seed meal, berries, raisins, etc.


Instructions: Combine all ingredients in a bowl & store overnight in the refrigerator. When ready to eat, top with your favorite toppings and enjoy!

Organifi GOLD Powder

What’s your favorite breakfast to whip up in the morning (or the night before)? Share with us in the comments below, we would love to hear from you! Also don’t forget to let us know what you think of this recipe!

Remember, we’re in this together.

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