Regenerating the Soil for Earth Day - Organifi Partners with Farmer’s Footprint

THE GIST: For every purchase of Green Juice on Earth Day (April 22nd), Organifi is donating $1 to Farmers Footprint. 

Why Is This Partnership Important?

In the spirit of Earth Day and the start to spring, we’re excited to finally announce our partnership with Farmer’s Footprint, combining forces to maximize our conscious contributions to the collective health of our communities and our shared planet.

Part of our mission to unite the world through health and happiness is ensuring that the purchases you make with Organifi not only transform your life, but improve the lives of your community and leave the planet better than we found it.  

It’s called The Ripple Effect.

Here at Organifi, we seek to transform lives while also transforming - and protecting - the planet. In our quest for a more sustainable world and brighter future, our commitment to Mother Earth has never been stronger. 

What is Farmer’s Footprint? 

Farmer’s Footprint is an organization dedicated to improving the nutritional health of our nation’s soil. The increase in pesticide use over the past several decades has damaged America’s once-fertile lands and has significantly affected the health of people living on them.

By supporting farmers who implement regenerative agricultural practices (to rebuild organic matter and living biodiversity in soil), Farmer’s Footprint is helping to support a more sustainable future for our planet and the health of Americans across the country. When our soil is healthy, our food is more nutrient dense. 

Want to learn more about Regenerative Agriculture practices? Check out the resources from Farmer’s Footprint

Let’s Leave the Earth Better Than We Found It

By choosing organic ingredients, sustainable systems, and earth-conscious partners we create a ripple effect that slowly heals instead of destroys. 

When we do all of this, we’re creating a better food system to  improve the health of our people and planet for future generations. From our partners to our products, we are committed to working with those that have the same vision. 

Mother Earth (and you) are worth it! 

That’s why we are taking steps towards aligning with farmers who implement regenerative agriculture practices and Farmer’s Footprint is helping us do just that. 

How is Organifi Supporting Farmer’s Footprint? 

For every purchase of Green Juice on Earth Day (April 22nd), Organifi is donating $1 to Farmers Footprint! Are you ready to join us on our mission? 

We’re in this Together! 

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