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An Interview With Stephen Steigler of San Diego

An Interview With Stephen Steigler of San Diego

Today's post features one of the best personal trainers in San Diego, Stephen Steigler!

Stephen is friendly, knowledgeable and truly cares about his clients on a personal level. It’s clear, based on his clients’ results, that his approach is extremely effective. When you’re done with a workout with Stephen, you not only feel stronger physically, but mentally as well and, as a bonus, your sense of humor gets a chance to “flex" its muscles, too!

Not only is Stephen a remarkable coach and trainer, but he also happens to be a wizard at meal prep and nutrition. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State University studying fitness, nutrition and health. He has obtained NASM, ACE and NESTA personal training certifications as well as Precision Nutrition Level 1.



Friendly welcome, fully equipped gym, with the option to workout both indoors AND outdoors and a wide variety of equipment to get in just about any type of workout you want!


Let's get to know this gifted fitness expert a little better!

1) Who’s your ideal client?

Male or female between the ages of 30-50 that is motivated, with the desire to learn and execute.

2) What’s your favorite Organifi product?

I take every single product every single day. Organifi really has enhanced the quality of my life. I get to wake up and take probiotics and turmeric in the morning, then I have protein mid-morning and mid-afternoon and combine with green juice (vanilla protein with red juice, or chocolate with green juice) and it works well for day.

Right now, my diet and nutrition looks like freshly made breakfast, a mid-morning complete protein shake with greens, meal prepped lunch and then a workout mid afternoon, post workout favorite thing is rice cakes and “protein mud”- gives me crunch and salt - and then freshly prepared dinner. It’s so easy. My FAVORITE is the chocolate protein.

3)  How’d you figure out your unique training style?

It’s customized for everyone. I care too much and am so detail oriented and try to educate people because I’m so obsessed with these things that I can’t help but try to push that and customize everything. I love working with people individually.

4)  What’s your “catch phrase" that you say a lot during your class?

“Let’s crush it!”

5)  Is there anything else you want us to know? Or what’s one takeaway you want people to have?

  1. Don’t overthink it and simply act on it/execute/take action/experiment.
  2. You can do anything for two weeks. Try it and be as objective as possible once you’re done and then see if it works for you!

6)  What is one thing people wouldn't guess about you?

Open book. That’s hard. People are surprised to know that I work with people remotely. They know I do meal prep and am a personal trainer, but they don’t usually know that about me. Another thing is that people don’t assume that I also enjoy unhealthy food. It’s a balance. :)

7)  What would you say people in the industry best know you for?

For having an intense passion for nutrition and applying it to individuals. It’s such a huge cornerstone to any transformation people want to achieve.


I can’t express enough praise for Stephen. He took my husband and I both into his world of training and trains us at the same time on the same training days. He has taught us the importance of food and how to love what we eat. He has also taught us to harness that good “hurt” after an amazing workout. I used to run from that feeling and give up - but he taught me that it’s me changing my body.

I am down a total of 139 lbs. My husband is down a total of 84 lbs. Each day we work out with Stephen is a blast. He works us hard and motivates us harder - and he ALWAYS checks in on us to see how we are doing through the week.

We are super blessed to have Stephen as a trainer -  I have 60 lbs. to go and with him by my side - I KNOW I will get there.


  • Water bottle or blender bottle
  • Files and folders/laptop
  • T-shirt
  • Organifi
  • Jump rope
  • Resistance band
  • Deodorant
  • Extra bar and pack of protein powder
  • Snack
  • Wallet
  • Headphone
  • Gum (minty and fruity)
  • Space for prep meals (cup of veggies, 1/3 cup carbs/ 4 ounces protein)



To learn more about Stephen and what he offers, you can connect with him in the following ways:





Remember, we're in this together.

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