This Fall's Must Have Essentials For Skin

This Fall's Must Have Essentials For Skin

We're excited to be teaming up with Annmarie Skin Care and sharing what amazing products they have to offer, support us in giving them a warm welcome:

With a seemingly endless supply of skin care brands on the market, all boasting claims like ‘natural’ or promising to reverse aging, how do you know what you can trust?

Annmarie Skin Care breaks through all the noise with radically honest and sustainably made products. One of the best ways to begin to transform your skin’s health is through switching to natural, clean products. The line at Annmarie Skin Care features plant-based, organic and wildcrafted ingredients that feed your skin and nourish your glow.

Annmarie Skin Care’s Story

Annmarie Skin Care was founded by healthy lifestyle bloggers Annmarie and Kevin Gianni in 2009.

Annmarie and Kevin were on a mission to find the cleanest and most effective skin care brand to recommend to their followers. They started researching the beauty industry, and began to realize how misleading and chemical laden it was.

They sought out to find a clean line to recommend to their followers, and came across an amazing brand that aligned with their values at a spa in Arizona. They got in contact and started collaborating with the formulator, Bunnie, an herbalist and a chemist who has been formulating organic skin care products for over 30 years, using herbs and extracts straight from nature—in their finest and purest form. Annmarie Skin Care was born.

Since then, their goal has been to provide the best, natural and most effective skin care products using wildcrafted and organic ingredients, herb infusions, CO2 extracts, and pure essential oils.

Each product is handcrafted using their proprietary Honest. Wild. Beautiful. process, where they select the highest quality ingredients, infuse them in skin nutritive oils and aloe, then additionally craft them with potent plant extracts and nutrients to make them the most effective for different skin types and concerns.

In addition to using the highest quality ingredients, Annmarie Skin Care places a huge emphasis on their sustainable and ethical values, and exemplifies this by being non-GMO, Made Safe Certified, and Leaping Bunny Certified.

The result is beautiful, glowing skin. We’re going to take a look at two of their powerhouse product, the Anti-Aging Facial Oil, and the Kaolin Micro Exfoliant.

Anti-Aging Facial Oil

Oils are the primary base ingredient for all of their facial moisturizers because oils are truly superior in delivering proper moisture to the skin. Due to their liquid nature, oils are welcomed by the skin much more easily than creams.

The Anti-Aging Facial Oil is a luxurious, herb-infused formula that delivers intense moisture to keep dry and mature skin supple and dewy.

Antioxidant-rich seed oils — chia, goji berry, and broccoli — firm and tighten, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Jojoba oil resembles your skin’s natural oil, softening and conditioning mature skin. Your skin vibrates in perfect harmony.

Kaolin Micro Exfoliant

The Kaolin Micro Exfoliant is a creamy exfoliating facial scrub formulated with hydrating aloe vera, gentle surfactants from saponified oils, detoxifying green kaolin clay, silica-rich diatomaceous earth crystals, antioxidant-rich green tea extract and a wonderful blend of invigorating essential oils.

Not only does this facial scrub cleanse and detoxify impurities from the skin, it creates a rich exfoliating experience that replenishes minerals, stimulates for a healthy glow, and instantly leaves skin feeling flawless and restored.

Try It!

Are you ready to make the switch to pure and natural skin care with organic ingredients? We’re sharing a coupon code for 20% off orders from Annmarie Skin Care. Just use code ASCLOVESORGANIFI20 at checkout!

~Courtesy of Annmarie Skin Care

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